Monday, February 28, 2005


[CuRRent MooD:] Energized? Maybe. -.-

[CuRRent Song:] Nuage - Sunday

I noticed a stupid mistake from my previous post - I should be writing "I left my phone on" instead of "I left my comp on"...

Gonna start doing stuff later...

Today's an important day - release of 'O' Level results! Let's see who I'll need to be concerned for my circle...

- Joanna(cousin)
- Chocobits(Jeannie)
- Yuting
- Desy
- Hikki

This list might not be the end since, well for weird reasons, there might actually be more if not for the restriction of my memory processing prowess -.-

Choco mentioned on my tag she saw Joanna :) lolx...Yuting haven't even slpt when the match between Chelsea and Liverpool ended 3-2 after Extra Time...Desy doesn't wan me to noe her results...HIkki? DUnno her la...jus hope all of you get good results lor...oh yea, Joanna actually said she's prepared to retake 'O's...-.-

Let's see...backtrack in PROCESS...

Friday (250205)

Went to PS, went to Zone-X to play DDR MAX 2 and saw Kenji. Den watched him play, den I rushed to PS to meet Sylvia :P I'm like ehm, late. Sorry ~ den pei her ard den went to Promenade park dunno for wat, jus stare at water and stuff...den Kaiwei called me den I toked wif her...den abt 2 something near 3am den reach home...

Saturday (260205)

Woke up at 11am to go market wif mum, checked ATM and realised pay not out -.- den makan and buy stuff, den went home. Went up Mad's house to check her comp, tried repair, reinstall, reformat - all same results. Suspected her motherboard dying already, but her financial not very gd also so dunno how to help her too. She came down my house use my comp to blog and stuff (and complain abt me) den 6 plus I went out to Sim Lim first to check out prices for hardware, said hi to Dave (Bell Systems guy) then went down Far East Plaza to meet Benjamin. This one is infuriating.

At 6+ I took bus 7. While on bus Kaiwei called me and mentioned she just knocked off. Since she's going chionging wif me, I told her to take her time at home to prepare herself. Den msged Ben and he said he just took bus 167 and at Thompson. I reached Sim Lim, rushed myself a bit, at 730pm I called Ben and he said he's still on the bus cos he alighted to purchase something (duh) den he said meet at Far East Plaza. I took 65 down, waited a while till 810pm and msged him. He said he dunno at where and will be reaching soon. I asked how soon (glad I did) and he said 20 mins. OMG 20mins call reaching??? Nvm...from that time I went to makan at BK, came out wait for him, had a stomachache and went toilet, came out and realised its nearly 9pm and yea, he has not arrived. Msged him, den he say meet at lift area. By the time he arrived it's like 9pm -.- and he still can say how come Kaiwei late blablabla...oh man you're late, and for Kaiwei she finished her work and I told her to take her time cos she at night going chiong can't expect her to be rushing here there everywhere...

Nvm, he started talking stupid stuff again, dis time round abt Kaiwei late and that "Amy" thingie...ard 10+ Kaiwei not arrived den we went Cineleisure and I had 3 games of PPP (first failed cos I didn't noe the difficulty so hard) den by the time Kaiwei arrived it was 11pm -.- talking abt taking her time...

PPle, I have a thing abt gals and guys being late. For guys they late, they must give me a good reason (jus as I do try to reason when I'm late :P). For gals, I do not mind them late cos 1) it's a natural thing 2) they take twice as long or more to prepare. With those 2 pts in mind, I have to say that I do not mind gals late provided 1) they apologised 2) they better look good. If a gal can be late, it is probably cos she is dolling herself up for the occasion, so if she's going out wif me and dolling up cos of that, why would I be minding that? Alas, when I saw Kaiwei I was -.- awww. Disappointed. But never mind, expectations and reality is often a mile or more of distance away. Turned out she did household chores and stuff b4 she came out. Fine, it's a reasonable one compared to Ben still having the time to "alight and purchase something" and have me waiting 50 mins. Oh yea, when he arrived at Orchard area he alighted at Wisma area INSTEAD of Far East Plaza. LAME.

Ben left after Kaiwei arrived, den we went Music Underground. I dun mind saying this but it's the first time I effectively am chionging. I heard some sounds. Louder. LOUDER! YEA I knoe...I'm nearly 24 and my first time? Dun believe me? Fine. Kaiwei didn't either. But I am speaking the truth! Everytime my frens say chiong, the end also dunno why didn't go, one way or another. Ok nvm...I would say I wun mind too much being Kaiwei's advisor for chionging, but it's my first time so I shouldn't be saying too much. I had to mention a pt or two eventually. MU sure is crowded the time I went in (1130+) and they were blasting techno. Went in to get myself accustomed to the atmosphere (smoke + noise = half madness) and danced for the first hour till they changed to R n B which I have nuts idea of dancing. Went out MU and went makan at Glutton Sq, 2+ went back into MU and oh man, it is PACKED! They started playing techno den changed to dance, den switched here there for the next 2 hours (including a lil of trance maybe, since I couldn't make out the genre) before they went back techno mainstream at the last hour. There was a lil fight but that's all. The bartop dancers (pole dancers) sucked, or should I say not up to my expectation. Pui.

Walked wif Kaiwei to Orchard MRT and waited for first train (which arrived abt 640am) before I went back home wif bus 7. Tired. -.-

Sunday (270205)

woke up 3+ den passed my mom money cos my pay out le. Went market wif bro makan, bought Winning Eleven 8 International Version PC version, went home play a while den went up Mad's place to see if I can do anythin to her comp which of cos, as usual, all PCs either hide or bulge under my care. Den she came down my hse at 8+ to blog n stuff, den went downstairs chatted. Corrie borrowed my digital cam den...yea, dat's abt it. Oh yea, I went upstairs to watch Carling Cup Final wif Chelsea winning Liverpool 3-2, and wif Yuting worried abt her own results.

Monday (280205)

Hehe. Still early.

See ya, Sunshine waiting for my post here. Till later...oh ya, tonight going ORD Dinner. Morrow my Nokia 7270 is finally COMING!!! WAHAHAHA!!!


Friday, February 25, 2005

Finally, FRIDAY!

[CuRRent MooD:] Not really tired since it's Friday

[CuRRent Song:] Ayumi Hamasaki - Inspire

It's finally Friday. This week passed pretty fast but tiring since there were lots of patching to do. Miss Tang just updated me telling me to be free probably next Tues to help her out wif her comp. Oh well just keep myself free that day I guess.

The meeting yesterday was...ouch. So much things to do. After meeting went to PS wif Jack (one of my TA frens) den just hang ard till abt 930pm before I left for home. Was quite tired but I went up Yuting's place to see what their comp has in store for me (haha) and of cos, usual applies - all the ads, wateva shit stuff software spyware u can see. *shrugs*

Went back home, took dinner, took bath, sleep. Too tired to be using the comp. I left the comp on though cos Kaiwei did not call me (she still didn't) den I msged Erin goodnight and had Sher smsed me a goodnight too - which I think is ok since I msged her in the afternoon asking abt her day but she didn't make a reply.

Starhub bill for the month: $51.69 - not bad! I hope it will drop to $40 though - that'll be good.

Gonna meet up wif Sylvia later - she said her mood is not good. Oh well. *shrugs*

I gonna change a blogskin soon. Tipping you guys off, I should be using A3's wallpapers. A3 is a recent MMORPG that is converted from the Korean version to an English one, and hosted locally so that the gameplay will be fast. I have not tried the game, but I heard it's a slash-n-kill game like Diablo. Will wait and see.

If you all wanna noe the site, it's

Take care pple, and enjoy the weekend! When IS my PAY coming???


Thursday, February 24, 2005

Almost could get myself killed by more things coming

[CuRRent MooD:] Normal

[CuRRent Song:] Spring Break - Big Bad Love

Now is thursday, normally I'll have time to blog in school but no, ytd was a busy day.

Tues night I met up wif Carnage as he came over to HV to makan and drink stuff wif me, we caught up wif each other wif the proceedings.

Wednesday? Wow. It's patching day >.< it's freaking tiring, had to go thru so many notebooks at one time and I had not done much of the PC patching, furthermore I have a TA meeting tomorrow over at Toa Payoh. Sigh. Guess I need to rush everything in the morning and get myself pretty tired the moment I reach the place. Maybe I'll be dozing off in the meeting!

Anyway...nothing much for the day, cos really so much things to do. Ms Tang said maybe friday help her wif her comp -.- hope it's not too tough a problem. Over at night Mad called me, den I went up her house to do up her computer. Quite enjoyed her company at times - dun think too much, everything that had been, is well settled. =) I'm glad that issue has already been over and done with. Then Kaiwei called me later at night and chatted wif me, also talked about Saturday cos she say she wanna go chiong -.- never knew she's one who go chiong one...really dun look like one...hahaha~ Kaiwei's comp also got prob, say cannot go online but guess what, she's running on Win98 -.- omg...

Now downloading A3, the recent online game. I heard it's something like Diablo - slash and kill kinda game. Hope it's fun to play though. The download failed once just now for what reason I do not know, hopefully the second attempt will be successful. Later I should be watching one half of the match. =)

Hmmm...I'm supposed to write in response to Jamie's post on 22nd Feb abt guys not thinking abt the gals' feelings and just leave them cos it's for love they left. Hmmm. I would say she's probably like 75% there, but 25% lay in uncertainty. Sometimes we humans are really strange creatures, we can probably react in many ways for the same situation and yet claim we are holding onto a similar view, in this case either separation or being together can be persistently claimed for the sake of love. I guess it really totally depends on the situation. Of cos, I've seen examples, much of them in which they take love as an excuse to get themselves off the situation. The black sheep are often the ones who ruin much of what people view love as 'good'. One thing to mention - guys can probably try to understand girls IF they wanted to. It's something profound in it actually. =) completed. Hope the installation goes on fine. =)


Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Smoky smoky Singapore

[CuRRent MooD:] Smoke is irritating

[CuRRent Song:] Norma Sheffield - Look Me In The Eyes

The smoke sucks. Warm weather really sucks at times. Even Singapore has small patches of greens on fire, let alone other countries like the ever-famous Indonesia - always on fire. This time round the TV states it's past PSI 50 -.- I think it's more like a 100. You can even smell the smoke!

I'm supposed to blog abt ytd. Hmmm anything happened ytd? Not really, actually. I knoe Carnage tried asking me go Bedok have supper which was ehm, way too absurd. Then I met up wif Irene cos she needed some 'illegal stuff' haha =P

Nothing much really. In school, Ms Tang got back to me regarding her comp at home - made me so paiseh cos that's something she asked last month when I jus came into the school =P haha...was quite busy in school these days, there are more stuff for me to do but I kinda enjoyed it - better than having nothing to do since you can't learn much while doing nothing. I've ripped the Singles videos already, as for group it's pending cos dere are some interesting issues I need to find out from the CDs at home.

Papers start to cram up my comp desk already over in school. Hehe does that say that I'm busy? Yea. ;)

Intending to go for a jog, but upon realising the smoke -.- I wonder if I should change my intention. LOLx.

I think I should go. Nothing much to blog about today (^_^)


Monday, February 21, 2005

A Monday. Did they say Monday Blues?

[CuRRent MooD:] Normal, surprisingly not sleepy

[CuRRent Song:] Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix Non-Stop Megamix

Am doing video ripping right now, so just here blogging.

Nowadays I try not to blog in the weekends unless there's really some big stuff I really wanna write about, and so far this weekend has been ok if not boring. No, I'm trying to say it's better than being boring =)

One thing about blogging backwards - you may miss out on details.

Lemme tink...on saturday...oh yea, it was Chingay. I went to Apple Centre @ Wheelock Place to purchase my IPod Mini's Remote which cost $69 (nice number eh) - ted expensive for something that uses a chrome finishing, but on the other hand it would be better in the standard white plastic that it often found on the Apple series since chrome finishing traps dirt, thumbprints and scratches way too easily. Oh well -.- beggars are not choosers (I think I should use an alternative phrase cos I bought the item and not for free but that's the only one I can think of). After that I walked down to Heeren area to meet up wif Darkwolf (my forum webmaster) and we just hang ard a bit, went to Dhoby Ghaut area LJS, then went to Parklane LAN gaming centre and had some netting and gaming. We are still pretty confused why we lost in the countless games of LoTR: Battle For Middle Earth though.

After the gaming we went to grab some soya drinks over at the Selegie famous Soya shop, then walked up back to Dhoby Ghaut and took bus back home. That's probably how my Saturday is summarised.

Sunday. Kaiwei called me up and told me she struck some money in 4D -.- using the last four digits of my M1 handphone number. Hehe good, I expect a free treat. I was at Tampines Mall with Kim Meng (one of the TAs I got to know in my TA course) and he was intending to purchase the Nokia 6630 but he didn't in the end cos there was too much things abt Starhub he didn't like, so he asked his sister to help out getting a corporate plan. I wasted my trip down cos I heard from the counter that I need not even be present so long the voucher is signed. -.- idiot!!! It's not too bad actually since there's a Pasar Malam over there and I bought myself a pouch and bag. I know I should start saving, but these are things that I would require time to time. With the pouch I will have no hurry to change my jeans since the main problem was not only tightness but cos of the items I had to stuff in my pockets within the tightness. Now with the pouch, my jeans are more comfortable BUT I still need to plan for some new ones actually. =)

I went back home and reached abt 3pm, was idling at home when Ben called and asked if I'm free in the evening to makan wif Kaiwei cos she treat =) yea =) but I didn't expect it to be this fast. They arranged 6pm Bugis, but ended up we met 630pm (my fault) at Plaza Singapura (their suggestion). Sometimes looking at both of them, I can't help but think whether they are a couple =) well not to say they are VERY close but just that some gestures do make me think abt it...even though Ben is a bit ... =)

We were treated to Pizza Hut and I paid with my card. She wanted to pay me the full amount but I rounded it off in 10s. After that we went arcade to play photohunt (not exactly photohunt. The machine and software is new, we couldn't find the game, and we couldn't press in either -.-), ended up using 4 tokens, after that we went to Cuppage S11 to have a drink. It seems that Kaiwei is quite bored or something - I wonder if it's her or just that Ben often has those "very interesting topics" that even I couldn't be bothered with. You wanna know?

"Hey your lift is what brand ah?"

"Your upgrading is IUP or MUP ah?"

"You know how to make the lift go up straight to first floor without stopping anot?"

"You know ah, I take bus go anywhere is 80 cents one. You know why?"

So and so forth. Tell me, which girl won't be bored? Even I couldn't be bothered! Let me give the answers.

1) How in the world would I need to know that for???
2) I don't really bother so long my parents are paying, I am giving money to them, nothing is in arrears and that the ceiling doesn't come crashing down on me.
3) F**k it, why would I want to know that for? To cause inconvenience?
4) Anyone with a will to cheat, lie or deceive will know that by now.

Oh please. At least his "handphone topic" sounds a lil better. I pity Kaiwei for hanging out wif him for some time already - even I pity myself at times.

Went home after that. Sums up my Sunday I guess. Of course, with the touch of Berlinda every now and then with her powerful phonecalls.

Felt a lil peaceful now and then. That's good.


Saturday, February 19, 2005

Fast is good

[CuRRent MooD:] Puzzled. Settled?

[CuRRent Song:] Cherry - Take A Moment

Well, I guess there's nothing much to nudge about.


I should just let it rest now. -.- glad it ends so fast, or so I should assume. (^_^)

Gonna try write lyrics down for one of my fave Eurobeat, Norma Sheffield's Sweet Love.

Sweet Love
Norma Sheffield

Beautiful lover
I wanna bring you to count this night
Cos I want to lead you far
with your fascinating love

And if you turn away this time
I won't be able to survive
Whenever I wanna be close to you
And be your angel, for once again

Sweet Love
As soon as you can get away
This night
Wanna belong to you
Sweet LoveI
'm waiting for you everyday
I want
To love you baby

Even for longer
shall I see the future to join your life
Cos you make me feel your heart
And you look so good tonight

And if you turn away this time
I won't be able to survive
Whenever I wanna be close to you
And be your angel, for once again

Sweet Love
As soon as you can get away
This night
Wanna belong to you
Sweet Love
I'm waiting for you everyday
I want
To love you baby

Not 100% correct. I couldn't get a sentence correct. Duh. It's a good song though.

Just went to see my financial consultant. Quite a nice looking lady, a year older than me. Good enough to be my financial consultant I guess. (^_^)


Friday, February 18, 2005

Whoa. What a day.

[CuRRent MooD:] Resting mood

[CuRRent Song:] Misa - So So

Whew. Some things to do today, and strange findings abt the network too. Shalln't talk too much abt it. Go do some video ripping first.

*back* you know, I have this thinking because of the recent thing that happened to The DoTx...if it's more or less confirmed, I may wanna create another blogskin. It may seem silly, but I do have another reason to create since the words are a lil hard to read, but just by changing the colour of the font may jus defeat much of the theme...well, I've not decided abt it. What do you think of the current skin?

I guess not anyone is going to answer the above question anyway =) so how's my day? Busy I guess. Suddenly the PCs start to give me problems, and somewhere out there more problems seem to arise. 2 new notebooks in school, kinda cool - if only one of them is mine =D lolx...I think MOE really buy such stuff at a discount...I saw the price tag and I was O.O wow so cheap. I want one too!!!

It's not really that cheap anyway, but in the world of notebooks, that is rather affordable in accordance of its features.

Yesterday after reaching home, I went to rest on the bed till 8+ (this is calculated unlike the day before) den Mad called to "inform" me of her comp's weird misfortune. I went up to take a look - oh well - coolwebsearch's job again. I hate those popups really, they are really good at evasion. Jus made sure her IE went back to normal, and apart from the popups which thru incessant grilling of Ad-Aware and CWShredder, it still survives. I can't believe it. *shrugs* that's what I did to Mad. Nothing much I could've done anyway.

Nothing really much for yesterday. I'm going to look for Qiuyan, my financial consultant later in town. Till now Irene still has not replied whether she's grabbing the WinXP from me.

Wonder what the weekend has in store for me. Hope it's good. =) eventful I won't mind, but hope it's not as eventful as last week though. That was BAD.

Hehe Joanna's sister just added me to friendster. Now what's HER NAME!!! OH MY GOD! I noe all the sisters have names starting wif "J", so what's hers??? Oh man...I'll have to thicken my face and ask Joanna the next time round. I mentioned I will visit her when I can...after all, I wanna take a look at my niece! I hope they don't live that far...but I knoe Joanna lives in Balestier area I think...oh man. Ouch.

Think I gonna stop here. Irene said she's gonna meet me morrow noon at my MRT station. Oh well. -.-

*small nudge*

Haha. Surprisingly, maybe things might turn simpler than I thought. Cool.

*small nudge nudge*



Thursday, February 17, 2005

Whew. And I was saying...

[CuRRent MooD:] Jus made myself busy.

[CuRRent Song:] Kylie Minogue - On A Night Like This

I was saying today should be a normal day. Well I made myself busy by downloading patches for the school. Mind me saying, but Microsoft is creating a lot of work for his programming and patch team by making Windows XP so infinitely vulnerable. Just for this month they posted like 8 vulnerabilities, 6 or 7 of which is directed at WinXP SP1/2. -.- oh well got to do work finally -.- lolx...

Gonna start patching soon, there's a deadline to follow. Think I should start following up what Microsoft is doing, so I can plan better for my school stuff.

Yea anyway you guys wanna noe how Chocobits look like? Yea here it is...

You may not see the word Chocobits cos it is printed on the white pic, and the whiteness reflected the flashlight generated by the camera so it appears pitch white. You can see the letters "ch" though, which is where it is.

It's not a bad drink, but as per warned by Chocobits in person, PLEASE purchase it at Rocky Master, Orchard Cineleisure. The one at PS sucks.

It's 1635 already. But I think I'll just be back home early today (early as in not going out after being back home) and slack I guess. I guess.

Let's go do some video. :)


Is it me or...?

[CuRRent MooD:] Worried a lil. Thinking a lil. Pondering a lil.

[CuRRent Song:] 刘若英 - 一辈子的孤单 it that I'm protective of my godsiblings? I do feel that what they said of Vivi might be biased cos of their own personal feelings and defenses. True, perhaps Vivi might've appeared to be bla bla bla...but I guess everyone should try to get into one another's shoes before they can start comprehending. No, not "if I'm her I'll do this" but "what is she feeling when this happened to her"...people often like to put themselves in role 1 (the former) and ended up blaming the person more than anything else. Oh man.

I think there's nothing much to update abt yesterday to say the least. It just passed normally without too much glitches. Went home after work becos mom wanted me to help her out in prep for her praying to heaven. Ended up slping 4 hours away, woke up at 10pm -.- tried calling Sher to check up on her progress but she was busy to answer it. Wow -.- so committed ;)

Did household chores, took a bath and went down wif mum to burn incense paper. After that went back home and turned on the computer to check out blogs and online stuff.

Saddened upon reading Huilun's blog. Haix. Didn't even have the mood to check out Jiahui's and Julien's. Checked out Vivi's, but wasn't anything much.

Saw Sher online and she was quite busy doing her project. Hope she gets it done soon (^_^)

Nothing too much really. Oh yea, Kaiwei called me earlier on and chatted abt the dinner we went together. O.o

Chocobits' grandpa just went to hospital. Hope everything's ok.

Nothing much for the day. I think today's gonna be normal as well.


Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Any idea what am I thinking?

[CuRRent MooD:] Calm, but a thinking mind. A bit tired.

[CuRRent Song:] Masterboy - I Need A Lover Tonight

My brain was going through some thoughts before something came along.


Yea, that's the one -.-

Let's see...yesterday was an ok day in school, apart from the noon starting in a bit of gan chiong mood as I was needed in one of the labs for some thingie...

Thought of going off early, ended up going off late due to some last minute stuff from my engineer and had to reach Chinatown 10 minutes later and meeting up Kaiwei. Met her friend which I forgot the name again, and we went to Furama Hotel for the dinner.

"Hey I tell you hor, today dinner will end 12mn."

I was like -.- why didn't you tell me earlier???

"I scared I tell you earlier you wouldn't come."

DuH. Am I that unfeeling? But she does have a point there, since she'd already had for the seats she does undertake a risk of wasting money.

It's not really that easy to chat up with Kaiwei I think. Both of us are from a slightly different world, but I tried anyway. This is the first kind of dinner I had in relevance to corporate, and though I did expect a bit of what is to come, but not this much.

I see malaysians form like more than half, or at least half of the function. The dinner, the games, the entertainment...*yawnx* getting slpy. Actually I went out of the ballroom and dozed for half an hour before Kaiwei and her fren came out to look for me. Her fren left first and I'm left with the task of sending her back, or at least to entertain her.

Things ended at ard 0020, and instead of me sending her back I had her sending me back cos the driver thinks that coming to my place first would be much more convenient (which is true). It was kinda dumb we debated over where to go first upon entering the cab cos Kaiwei just told the driver my location first before hers! I was caught off guard in that sense -.- but oh well I concede this time round. We were like constantly talking crap (actually it's me) so the driver commented I had a good sense of humour. EHm...I knoe what you're driving at (pun intended), but you needn't have to elaborate that much.

Reach home already near 1am -.-

Took bath, switched on the comp to check out the blogs. OMG. I think I saw something. Bad. Very Bad.

Huilun, you can just tell me direct instead of just disappearing into the darkness yesterday while I asked you that question. I don't like people to avoid it just this way. It could be that you really tio DC can't come back, but that's certainly a convenient way of avoiding matters.

You can misunderstand me, so can I. The situation of The DoTx is like this. If you can catch my current nick "-= Kids may develop fast physically, but their emotions really needs some acceleration. =-" I am actually directly relating to the entire DoTx. I know it's unfair and biased of me to make a statement like this, but those that had been thru matters will know that what The DoTx had faced these days is just part and parcel of relationship building. All of you will meet different kinds of people; if you can't handle such simple stuff, constantly being affected by the people ard you, you are going to get a very hard time in your life.

Oh well, in the previous part I dun really mean to offend Huilun, but hope she got what I meant.

Really saddens me. Especially I am one who got betrayed by people whom they themselves think are the rightful people ard. Come on, no one is right forever. A majority isn't always right. You can't think you're right simply because you say you're right.

Hope everything turns out well.


The nudge reminds me of something. It also reminded me to be patient, letting go of many things before getting myself to start off again. I started a wrong note, again.



Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Finally this screen comes out

[CuRRent MooD:] A lil 0.1% perked up

[CuRRent Song:] Virginelle - Fantasy

I replayed a song 3 times just to make it "Current Song". The damn page wouldn't load. Bo Bian.

Gonna post Judy Crystal - God of Romance lyrics here. Kinda cute.

I run to you
You run to me
I run to you
You run to me

I run to you (I run to you)
You run to me
I run to you (I run to you)
You run to me

What good's sitting at home
All alone on the shelf?
If you want to find romance
You've got to find it yourself
The someone I'm waiting for
Is somewhere waiting for me
So somewhere is the place I've really got to be

Lots of fish in the sea
But you need the right bait
To hook a tall, and tan, and, young and handsome
Saturday mate
I'll go pick out a dress
Something sexy, but smart
Gotta catch his eye to capture his heart

Gotta make it easier to notice me there
You may not get a second try
Mr. Right may be passing you by
Don't you sit there, get him
While the getting is good!

Boy meets girl
It happens all the time
Suddenly it hits you, with no reason or rhyme
Fall in love
Do you believe in miracles?
Listen to the god of romance

Take this sexy young me
Into a trendy new club
Where the young and rich and famous
bring their elbows to rub
But in the elegant throngs,
I feel my confidence sink
I think I need a very alcoholic drink

So then I pour down a gin
And ask for more of the same
I hear a gentle voice say,
"Thank you, madam, what is your name?"
I pick my head off the bar
And see him smiling at me
And all at once, I feel I own the earth and sea

Do you see the way that he looks into my eyes?
My heart is beating wild
Says, "Here's your change," and touches my hand
And I'm reeling, reeling
Feelings I've never known

Boy meets girl
Could happen anywhere
And before you know it, you are walking on air
Fall in love
It's happy even after
Listen to the god of romance

I wandered out and checked my horoscope today
It said my lucky stars were out toni-ight
And that a person's gonna come into my life
And love me, and be with me now
Tomorrow, and then forever more...Oh yeah!!

Boy meets girl...
Fall in love...

Boy meets girl
It happens all the time
Suddenly it hits you, with no reason or rhyme
Fall in love
Do you believe in miracles?
Listen to the god of romance!

Very cute song. (^_^)


*nudge nudge*

[CuRRent MooD:] A lil moody. In thoughts.

[CuRRent Song:] Jolin Tsai - 倒带

I do not listen to this song in normal circumstances. I dunno why I did.


My mind's disturbing me.

*nudge nudge*

Although yesterday's Valentine Day, but it's just like a normal day for me since I do not have a date, neither do I have a gf. For some it's some sort of Appreciation of Love day, but for me V-Day's always for lovers, though I know it's not true.


In the afternoon, Alynna Jie arranged for both of us to meet in town (actually is City Hall) at ard 9pm latest, since she said she needed to go home and take dinner at 7pm. I was fine wif it, went home and do household chores. Then she called me at 8, and told me her mom just got home and fixing the dinner. OMG. Which means we will only meet later. F it. However, at least Sher made my day a lil better by calling me out of the blue and wishing me a Happy Valentine Day (which I wasn't particularly happy about).

I took a bus down to Plaza, thinking that she will probably meet at City Hall, worst case scenario. Went up Arcade to play game, when it was my turn - tossed a token into the machine, pressed start button, selected hard mode, while I was selecting the character Jie called.

"Huat ah, can meet at Orchard anot?"

-.- my bus past Orchard, ask me go Orchard. My mood dampened, since I was so sian 1/2 I had to meet her so late, den still make it later by making me go backwards to Orchard. Game just anyhow play, chose the easiest character so I could complete the game faster, was more ruthless and impatient towards the computer players and almost thrashed every of them in half an hour. Took train down to Orchard and had Vivi wanting me to call her wif regards to her prob.

Called Vivi wif my m1 line, den after like 10 or 15mins before I caught a glimpse of Jie. Vivi was talking to me so I had to move ard without tokin to Jie too much (well I was a lil pissed off by Jie anyway, so it suits me fine), we ended up at Far East Plaza area before I managed to hang up the phone and complained to Jie abt the night.

I get to meet her in Dec 2003, ended up waiting for her for more than a year before I can meet her, and now we only met up at 10pm and left each other ard 1130pm. What is that man. Does she noe that I gave her a place in my heart?

I guess a lot of people doesn't know anyway. My heart isn't anything worth much anyway.


Shut Up. That feeling is irritating me. A familiar feeling that I do not want to encounter now, not at this point of time. I've not recovered enough to do anything about it.

*nudge nudge*

Maybe I should really wait for 3 years to pass. There's a time for everyone I suppose.

See ya guyx -.-


Monday, February 14, 2005

Stepping backwards

[CuRRent MooD:] Thinking backwards, weird

[CuRRent Song:] DJ Jason Chow - Techno Trance Peak Non-Stop Mix

Isn't really into the mix but oh well, it's the "current song" so...


Yea, I'll have to ignore those nudges for now. Getting irritating.

*nudge nudge*

Yesterday was ok, Sher managed to get something out of whatever I've found out for her, she managed to summarise a little and I helped her to proofread the summary. Hope she will be able to get it thru though. Initially I thought it'll be another boring day until my brother answered a call from my paternal aunt saying they'll be coming. WHAT! Woo hoo my ang bao!!!~!~!

=P Well, didn't really get bothered by that too much. Continued staying on the comp, then they arrived, had the usual greetings but this time round my eldest paternal aunt came wif her son n daughter-in-law along a nephew of mine (^_^) babies are always cute ain't they?

I was on sms mode with Joanna and she was comtemplating on coming my hse or not. She did come in the end, after we "lao yu shen", and yea as per expected, she has turned prettier by the year. The red hair suits her to say the least. I was given the task (well, more like I gave myself the task) of "entertaining" her, so I tried my best. Through her Nokia 7610 (DUH! AGAIN!) I saw some pics of another baby - this time being my paternal 3rd aunt's 2nd daughter's daughter aka my niece. Niece? I think so. =P

Later on Sharon called me and asked if I'm free and yea I was. Prepared myself a little and escorted Joanna downstairs (ehm or issit she escort me) and saw two of her guy friends waiting for her (well those guys accompanied her to my area, waited for her to come out - hmmmx...the advantages of a pretty girl eh???), and off I go to Orchard to meet Sharon.

OMG. One of the worst nights just fell on me.

She was upset. Abyssmal. Mad. About her bf of course. But she really went frantic. Cried from Orchard till her house, and all the way crying, screaming, scolding, walking the way back to her place. I didn't really know what to do, so I tried watever I could including scolding her. I know that wasn't a good way but I said something which I think I'm still pretty right.

She asked me "why all of you say I'm at fault? why don't any of you go and scold him?"

My answer? "If he had listened, would you be like this? I would rather be talking to someone who can listen (her) rather than someone who can't (him)!"

I know my timing was bad as she was too emotional to be listening to me, I got screamed back instead. My method is not the best, I agree. My method is insensitive to her views, yes I agree. I knew what she's going through, but she has to learn from her view, her side and not from that guy. She cannot think of a solution, which is normal cos she has never got such a situation. What I want her to do is to step out of it, but she can't cos she thinks she can't get a solution since similar happenings may occur again. Well, let it decide by then! You don't have a solution now, it does not mean you won't have it later!

It has been hard on her, yes. It had been hard on me too -.- who am I to her? Friend? Yea. Can she think properly? I'm her ex for God's Sake! I do not owe her anything, she has much to owe me for! She deserted me that time! And what am I doing here, getting to be the good guy by listening to her complaints and stuff??? What do I get in return? Nothing!

I hope she understands that I have my own views to help her too. I know it's her emotions playing tricks so she scolded me...but oh well. What can I say. I can't just desert anyone in need. As what my mom said, "The person go eat shit, you go follow him eat issit?"

I tell ya, my mom may not have education, but she has very interesting and powerful views.

It's already near 1am when I reached home. -.- late.

Patricia called and asked me out when I was with Sharon. Turned out it was cancelled partly cos I am unable to meet up wif her, and that by me being late she told me that she's too tired to go out. DuH. See? I forsake one for another - how am I to forgive myself for that? Pat's my good o' sister ya noe???

Vivi's another. *headache* seems she's preparing herself to face another ordeal. Oh man. I guess I'm getting to chew more than I can swallow. It happens. I can be so busy at a time and so free in another.

Oh yea, today's St Valentine's Day. Let us wish all lovers Forever Bliss. May all admiration and affection be reciprocated. Singles soon find their love.


Shut up.

*nudge nudge*

Don't disturb me. I do not want to think of it for the moment.

*nudge nudge nudge*

. . .



[CuRRent MooD:] Thinking. A bit. Tired.

[CuRRent Song:] Claudia VIP - White is for you, Black is for me


*nudge nudge*

*nudge nudge nudge*


I felt a disturbance. A familiar reminder in my mind.

Decided against thinking abt it too much.

Will update again in school.


Sunday, February 13, 2005

Sunday early morning.

[CuRRent MooD:] Tired, a lil slpy, a lil hungry

[CuRRent Song:] Virginelle - Fantasy

Yea, why am I still here at this time (well not to say it's unusual)? Just finished helping Sher wif her DNET project - oh man, I've certainly left Poly a long time! My network sucks, and after looking at her project I felt even worse -.- but I still tried my best anyway. Hope the info helped, Sher.

I stopped at the point Ben came over my place. Nothing much really, both of them (Ben and "Monica" - her real name is Kaiwei) ate dinner at my place, chatted a lil b4 we proceeded to Clementi to lim kopi (me tea, they kopi). Bought my final 2 issues of Chobits (I should've gotten the Taiwan versions - regret), sent them to MRT and off I went home with a promise to help Sher out wif her dreaded DNET project.

Dreadful to say the least, but well hope the info helped. =P

Anyway, I've tentatively agreed to a dinner sorta wif Kaiwei on Tues over at Outram. $30 flew off the window -.- well, just treat it as something good for my stomach (hopefully).

Will I visit my paternal relatives? Will I get more ang bao? LOLx hope? LOLx. I sound money-minded eh? Not much a choice - cash strapped.

Think I will turn in soon. Hehe till next time I update =)

Oh yea. No date for V-Day so far. *shrugs*


Saturday, February 12, 2005

2nd post of the day

[CuRRent MooD:] -.- a lil impatient -.-

[CuRRent Song:] Dave Rodgers - Sun City

Come to think, I think much of my readers may not know what kind of music I listen at times. I listen English, Chinese, Japanese, Techno, Eurobeat, Trance - that will probably be why the kind of artists and songs may seem foreign at times. To say foreign, yea even Russian and Ukrainian at one time.

Just read Vivi's blog (well it was interrupted by Sharon ytd) and I guess it really will take quite some time for her to get over matters and to look beyond the horizon. It's coming mid-Feb, I wonder how's her singing practice been going? I think I gonna start to push her a lil to work harder for it. To work hard for your interest and dream - isn't that part of how life motivates oneself?

I checked out her links and noticed a certain thing that made my heart warm a lil I guess. =) I knoe it seems stupid, but at least she regards me as someone special? Maybe? =)

KKx my visitor has arrived. Gonna go~


Saturday, Lunar New Year day 4

[CuRRent MooD:] Sleepy

[CuRRent Song:] Matt Land - A Chance To Love You

Just got myself Sher as a new friend =) she's a cool girl

Today's saturday...well...wat's on eh...

Come to think, nothing much eh? Think I updated in school already.

Oh yea, went to PS at night and "bumped" onto Hikki. Hikki must be the blurrest gal I've ever known. Once she's wif her frens, it seems everything ard her is oblivious. Went to PS Rocky Master and guess what, I drank *her* up! Yea!!!! Finally I know how Chocobits taste like! LOLx...-.- it's nothing special Chocobits, why will that be your fave drink? Well to your own preference, it's an ok drink to me. I wanted to take a pic and place it in my blog, but oh well I do not have a camera phone and that those frens of mine, for some unknown reason, had ALL their networks screwed up. How's that for coincidence?

*I drank Chocobits~ I drank Chocobits~ I drank Chocobits~*

LOLx. =P

After that went arcade slack the whole time. Went home and had Sharon talking to me on phone till 3am. Tired -.-

Woke up at 0630 by mosquitoes. Den went to bed again.

Woke up 1000 and went market wif mum. Am back ard 1130 and saw Sher n Sunshine online. And a few others too.

Yea that's all. Ben n "Monica" coming today. Why the inverts? Cos that's not her real name.


Friday, February 11, 2005

Wah...shit sia...

[CuRRent MooD:] Headache...but still ok mood...

[CuRRent Song:] Kylie Minogue - Love At First Sight

Current song should have been S.H.E.'s 对号入座 but the page took a super long time to load, by the time this page actually appeared it jumped to Miss sexy Kylie already.

Jus went toilet and bombarded some continents...and had a headache as a result. Probably ate a bit more junk than usual in CNY, that's why I'm experiencing such symptoms. Well I'll be ok soon I guess.

Yesterday...nothing much, Isabelle came to visit my family (well the time she came only my mom and I were ard) and my mum chatted wif her for like over an hour -.- it does seem that my mom quite liked her to a certain extend. Nonono...dun think of it that way - I know Erin's gonna be thinking of stupid ideas but no, no no. Haha~ she's a good friend to have, and I believe good friends we shall remain to be. In life, there are just such people in which you feel comfortable with, but they don't have to be your love partner because it might be too much a risk to do so, don't you think so?

Belle left my house ard 530pm and after I sent her downstairs to catch a cab, I went back home to change and got myself and my mom to go over to my maternal 3rd aunt's place. I've heard from Joanna the paternal side will be gathering at my paternal 2nd uncle's place on either sat or sun...I get a real bad feeling I gonna miss those ang baos again...and of course also missing the chance to see cute Joanna too...lolx...

Now chatting wif Sunshine and also doing video editing/ripping again...

School CA gonna start soon...I think I will start to have more stuff to do...

Anyway, I went to 3rd Aunt place and after that went over Bugis to meet up wif Isabelle again to watch Howl's Moving Castle. Went TB (again) and caught the 0025 show and again, the show lasted 2 hours and almost got my bladder bursting. Ouch.

Yea, nothing too much I guess. Hehe still hope to get more ang bao. Current amount not enough to cover expenses...I haven't even reach the 100 mark...not even to survive...lolx...not like Sunshine so good can get her Nokia 7610...

Maybe later going PS. Walk walk? Lolx. Dunno. Nothing to do. I know tonight Belle going out chiong, so I'll perhaps ask someone else out since Alynna jie has a dinner tonight wif her granny. Wish me luck in not having a boring night =P


Thursday, February 10, 2005

Tired...but finishing my supper at 0537 in the morning...

[CuRRent MooD:] Peaceful, smiling, happy

[CuRRent Song:] Tips & Tricks VS Wisdome - Let's Groove

Hmmmx...was the above song one of my previous "Current Song"? *ponders*

It's so early now. LOLx just update a bit b4 i finish my stuff n go to bed.

Ehm, afternoon got my ex-neighbours came visiting me...I didn't mention in the previous post I think. After that prepared to go my maternal uncle's place. When we saw him, it was like wow...he look much weaker from my impression. As you see, he suffered from nasal cancer and its at the 4th stage where the cancerous cells actually got near the brain already. It's still not fatal yet though - the doc says he still has a chance. The various treatments can probably kill 35% of the cells, the remainder is up to him - diet, watever - if he does not have a recurrence in 5 years' time, he is considered stable. *Pray for him*

After that went wif my bro to meet up wif his friendster fren who lives close to my uncle's place. Met up, talk cock, took a drink at BK then arranged to meet Isabelle at Bugis. Actually I could've been there earlier but she needed a jacket so I made the trip back home to grab mine. It took 20mins for the bus to come, so by the time I reach Bugis it was like 2315 -.- initially thought she wanted to watch ard the area, turned out we took 851 and went to TB instead to watch Million Dollar Baby. Wanted watch Constantine but was selling fast at 0020. Wanted to watch Seoul Raiders but was at 0130. Wanted watch Howl's Moving Castle but it started already at 0005. Racing Stripes at 0120. She wasn't into I Do I Do, so we decided on Million Dollar Baby which started at 0030. The show lasted 2 hours, a show wif story, then I sent her home by walking and waited for my NR5 which never came, tio pang seh by cabs which doesn't want to stop, so I ended back home at 0455. -.- OMG.

AT LEAST I SAVED MONEY ON RETURN TRIP TRANSPORT. "CNY Income" so far is minimal, so by judging on my current stuff I needed to pay, I really need to shrimp and save whatever I can. Ouch.

Hmmm my dad woke up to visit the toilet.

I've always enjoyed Isabelle's company in a way or another. I guess she's really a friend that somehow came into my life. My mom enjoys her presence too.

Today is CNY Day 2. Going to visit maternal 3rd Aunt at night, dunno if visiting my paternal relatives anot. BETTER DO. I kinda miss Joanna since she's probably the only paternal cousin that I talk to. She's a cute girl actually, well what can you expect since her sister once looked like Ruby Lin??? I kept telling myself I'll write her a testimonial once I see her this CNY - but will I get to see her? *ponders* anyway FYI, Joanna's my paternal 3rd Aunt's youngest daughter...think she's turning 15 or 16 this year. Think it's the latter.

DO NOT ASK ME WHY AM I ALWAYS "SURROUNDED" BY GIRLS THIS YOUNG. I've already got enough people asking me that. Recent was Kaiwei. Weiteck asked, Derrick asked, Daniel, Yishan, ... countless I guess.

It's just Fate. Ok?


P/S In your most revered opinion to suggest "why don't you go for any of them" as per enquired by Kaiwei + some others...I guess you can use some common sense to answer that for me. If that's not enough, let me just mention it here: They are nowhere near my age, if I go for it I'll have some people saying I 骗小妹妹 again. Come on, some of them are really cute - but that doesn't mean I have to go for them. If that is an equation, then I'll be too busy. -.-

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Happy Lunar New Year!!!

[CuRRent MooD:] Normal, a bit emotions after MV?

[CuRRent Song:] Ayumi Hamasaki - Liar

Lemme wish all of you Happy Lunar New Year!!! How's ang bao so far? I only received my parents' and my ex-neighbour one lolx...keke...haven't bothered to go open it up...only do so at end of the day...think later in evening will be visiting my maternal uncle...wonder when will I see my paternal relatives? I missed their ang baos last yr lor...if dis yr still no get I tink I might just miss it...haha...I noe got one yr didn't get...haha~ I noe I sound money-minded but bo bian strapped u noe...Sunshine can still tell me she getting Nokia 7610 wif her ang bao money...-.-

My bro's complaining abt himself not feeling the New Year spirit -.- oh well, it jus depends on how u look at it. If u go relative place dun tok so much, visitors come also dun tok so much go use comp or slp, den of cos wun feel the New Year spirit la...I made an effort to not use the comp till the visitors left my house...I think of my family, I'm going to hold on to the task of maintaining the ties in the future years...I wun noe how it goes, but let it be la~ as if I can tell what the future holds for me...

Just watched S.H.E.'s Encore MV makings and MVs for the past hour...quite interesting, but I think 我爱你's MV is quite meaningful cos it has a story behind it. It's a story of love isn't it? 对号入座's MV got me laughing cos of the choreo and the Retro taste of the MV, the rest is ok since I've watched 候鸟's MV already and 痛快 is ok as well.

Come to think, my new year resolution should be "Get myself financially sound" - yeap, that should be it. As for relationship stuff...I think I'll just let it be. I know such things the more I try to have, the more I won't have it. *shrugs* lolx...


Hehe thinking mood?

[CuRRent MooD:] Thinking mood

[CuRRent Song:] Groove Coverage - Runaway (Axel Konrad Mix)

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

*lolx* lame hor? =P now talking to Sunshine =)

She like very long didn't come online liao, she said "MIA MA" so...*shrugs*

What to do? LOLx...

A silent CNY Day 1 morning, brother not ard...a bit funny. Kinda used to having him ard on CNY morning. I know he's having a terrible patch recently, but I guess things gonna change if you allow it to change.

Nothing much today at school, doing video editing and ripping and burning (OMG I gonna hate the school for not having Nero)...then back home to help out stuff. Today seems pretty non-interesting, but there is a few things, one or two or three, to be noted.

It seems rather queer Monica (opps its Kaiwei) called me in the evening to chat with me. Kaiwei is Benjamin's friend, and it's really out of the blue. She claimed she's too bored and wanted a chat, oh well I was abt to finish my Reunion Dinner so she called later on.

After finishing up most other stuff, I went up to my neighbour's house as planned. Saw a face I've not seen before, then realised it's one of the gals they often mentioned in conversations but I've not seen in person. She's kinda cute though, reminds me of Tomoe (the gal in the game I'm playing) and Xiaoyan (the sister of my ex's good fren), but I know it's just a common feeling that I felt much towards some other girls. It's normal -.- I must grow to accept such stuff already, else I will fall pretty easily without having a chance to pick myself up.

While playing cards, Kaiwei called me again. We chatted for like 2 hours plus wif my other neighbour getting my phone to chat wif her, I lost track of the exact time. I've many times not really talking to her, but she really seemed so bored she can bear with the many times in which I'm not concentrating on the conversation. And to think I still have a simple n pure thinking gal in my ranks -.- nah, not to say that my circle is dat bad...-.-

They talked abt ghosts and such -.- good grief, but I was pretty amused by the 2 gals who are so afraid of the stories and such...oh well, girls are girls. It made them cute anyway. -.-;;;

Ok enough of day(night?)dreaming. I had Berlinda calling me and after hearing that I'm fan4 tai4 sui4 this year, she seems so HAPPY! OMG -.- sadistic leh...

I should end here I think. Sunshine's getting bored of me blogging almost everyday -.- haha~ =P hey...I'm a guy ok? Let me daydream a bit. I'm unattached ya noe? V-Day's coming. -.- haha~


Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Mmmm...I LovE ChoCoLates! =P

[CuRRent MooD:] Jovial, smiling, peaceful

[CuRRent Song:] Wait a while...mp3 loading...AM PM feat. A7 - Piece of Heaven

Today is CNY eve! Let me hereby wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year!

Hmmmx...Chocobits says she look like this...

but wait! Chocobits, I saw you online!!!

Then again, she should look a little better than those average on-the-shelf stuff, so I went on a search...

...and found ChocoBits!

She DOES have a brand! Wooo~

Now I know her real identity...I shall uncover it...NOW!

Does she look like...this?

YUmmy. But she seems like a hoppy poppy jumpy person.

In any case Valentine's coming, I'm sure she doesn't want to be left on the shelf. Look, she has something for everyone!


wow ChocoBits, YOU ARE SOMETHING! *marvels*

If Chocobits is a big human sized chocolate, I'll take it and eat it into bits!!! Yum YUM!!! But oh man...*argh*!!! *sees chocobits' bf and gang taking parang and chases me*

Hey meant to be a joke ok? I'm sure Chocobits didn't take it seriously! Chocobo, explain to them~~~

*chocobits stared at me wif a demeanour of anger, I think I knew the answer...*

No, I mean chocobits, I mean Ms Jean, or Princess Jeannie, get me out of this~~~

*running for my life*

Ok, I'm being over-imaginative. Why can't I use my brains for something better? =)

Yesterday was a normal day, went back home to help my mom out wif stuff - the preps for CNY, do dis and dat...but did have time to play my games =P completed an ending, many more to go (don't ask me what I'm playing, unless you are asking me privately and prepared for an answer).

Nowadays when I'm online at night, I dun see much of the chatters ard. Is it my timing, or theirs? Well, due to my time in school, I do not need to access the net much at home and thus saved some time to gaming (my good old C&C: Zero Hour) or slping, but I can't help to think my 1.5mbps subscription is wasted apart from the IPod Mini that I'm using now...come to think, it's ex at $70 a mth - but bo bian, I'm in the pirate ship.

Anyway, I just rebuilt my system because I installed my RMA'ed 80gig WD HDD. I chose not to clone due to the excessive trash in my previous XP system, and that the drive letters really got to me (I had my WinME HDD as C:\, and WinXP as H:\) I decided to change. Darn, I took another 2 hours to figure my 80GB WinXP installation back to C:\ instead of some G:\. Some might be thinking I'm doing a dumb thing, or I'm stubborn, or some experts might find it queer I took a long time. Hey, I'm not the expert, and my new installation happened to be the System Drive and I can't change the letter through Disk Admin! I took a super big round (I reinstalled the WinXP twice or thrice) before everything is back to "normality".

My System is now...

AMD XP 2800 (abt 2.0GHz, if I didn't remember wrongly)
ECS MainBoard (forgot the model)
512 MB RAM (forgot the ulu brand)
Eagle GeForce FX 5500 256MB (some China or Taiwan brand, but serving me fine so far)
80GB Western Digital HDD (scary. Downed me only in my 3rd month of purchase, but I chose to take it as an accident.)
30GB Maxtor HDD (it used to be 40GB when it crashed, but after RMA it became 30GB...-.-, but wasn't me who RMA it so I can't say anything...)
20GB Seagate HDD (tell ya what, this baby have lasted almost 4 - 5 years already. Not bad I should say!)
LiteOn CD-RW 40x10x24x(R,RW,W)
5.1 Onboard sound (using Realtek)
Firewire Card (for video and IPod Mini)
2.1 Altec Speakers (the white ones)
420W Power
1x Aux Fan

I was comtemplating to adding on SATA HDDs, but maybe on my new system in the future?

I finally knew what's RAID anyway, abt the features of RAID 0 and 1. 0 is for performance, 1 is for data redundancy backup.

Intel and AMD really is fighting hard, AMD can really compete with Intel now for price and speed. I start to wonder whether I should go on wif my Intel plan instead of the AMD which I supported for years (due to budget constraints).

Now system's running fine...more to come!

Hopefully my Nokia 7270 will come and I will not get cheated on my first online transaction. LOLx.

Next month's target should be a DVD-RW/CD-RW which costs abt $120. My CD-RW seems to be failing me soon as it starts to scratch my discs. And yea, maybe a monitor - probably a Flat CRT instead of LCD, since I heard of the lifespan and maintenance involved with an LCD. Any experts kindly enlighten me on this?

I can still be on LCD if I want - I don't play FPSes (hence no CS and other stuff) so max fps (frames per sec) should not be a prob. I play mainly RTSes, if you wanna know the graphic intensive ones.

Wow, I am so OUT OF POINT.

Actually I don't have much to update already. I hope everyone gets a good laugh out of the Chocobits issue, but yea Jean, I'm just making a joke out of it - hope you don't mind.

Cheers everyone, Happy Lunar New Year! Hope your ang baos FAT FAT!!!


Current post has pictures from the Chocobits website. If need be, I'll remove when they ask me to. Thanks for the pictures! =P

Monday, February 07, 2005

A normal Monday

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine, at peace

[CuRRent Song:] Judy Crystal - God of Romance

Chocobits does not know what a Chocobo is - let me show her what's a Chocobo.

Here is one

And another

And another

See, ain't they cuteee???

I wonder if she's gonna pick up the chopper and kill me...

Or maybe this is how Chocobits look like...

Or this...

Lolx...I know I'm being bored =P

Back to normal post, this weekend has been the Spring Cleaning weekend...there are people who tried asking me out but due to my filial nature (go vomit ba) I had to help out the household this time round. Clean windows, toilet, bathroom...whatever...did eventually finish them somehow though.

On saturday after all the stuff, had no one to go out wif at 9+pm, so went to watch football at Blk 10 wif my bro. Man U won over Birmingham 2-0 with goals scored by Roy Keane and Wayne Rooney. The first goal was nicely crafted by Ronaldo as he diverted 3 defenders away before releasing a backheel straight into the path of Keane which all he had to do was to control the ball for 2 metres or so before he unleashed a shot that went past the keeper (I forgot his name, but it's a familiar one). The second goal was a freakish defensive error as Rooney was somewhere near the defender, the defender backpassed to the keeper only to realise Ronaldo's behind him and Ronaldo challenged the keeper. The ball jus rolled away into the path of Rooney which he just gleefully chipped the keeper for an easy goal (and easy money). Went home after the match only to hear my mom saying she's worried abt me cos I said "for a while" - opps =P sorry mom =P

Not really an eventful weekend, but everything's still stable. Sharon actually asked me to go Sentosa on Sunday but due to my duties I can't. Didn't hear her talking abt it much anyway after dat. Hope everything's ok on her side. I'm really broke now -.-;;;

Oh well. *shrugs* CNY's coming soon. I believe this CNY will be the last time I'm collecting AngBao (I'm a working adult now, so...), so I hope it will be a comfortable amt. I heard of pple who can collect $500 and more (wow) but I'm happy with just $150. My angbao-giving relatives are getting lesser (not more, for unknown reasons), so I guess even $100 is good. Oh yea, I included my parents' amt. My family is not that rich, but I guess everything's a balance. When you have a lack of something, there is something else to make up for it.

Life's not fair, but life's a balance.


Saturday, February 05, 2005

Nothing Much =)

[CuRRent MooD:] Ok, thinking, pondering, relaxed

[CuRRent Song:] Jeff Chang - 难以抗拒你容颜

Hehe at least now I c my tag apart erin got Chocobit (chocobo) aka Jean aka Jeannie and Cloud, whom I do not knoe her real name. Getting a bit livelier perhaps? At least got chocobo make up my day a lil, days are getting better by that lil bit. =) thx everyone =)

It seems that Fate must be playing a fool of people. I have my bro's ex facing pregnancy problems (not his), and I have ex also in similar situation (also not mine), but hers is worse cos she might have not got pregnant but some other dire situations. *shrugs*

Just pondering why things are in this has to turn, yes I know. I know what goes round comes round, the bad wun go unpunished but someone has to be the victim and the other the executor, so wun it jus go on and on? Going thru such cycles, one has to identify it and be the sacrificial lamb, not allowing him/herself to be the continuation of the vicious cycle and let life be worse off from what it already is.

I'm kinda relaxed a lil after wat happened 2 days ago. Well, I have to be, isn't it?

Nothing much for the past day, just finished school stuff, then went home to clean up the house and stuff before leaving at night to Bugis and meet Sylvia. After dat went to Chinatown, den back home. Pretty eventless day, that's the reason why Sylvia isn't for me - our communication level and interest level does have some vast empty holes in between, causing a kind of emptiness somewhere.

In me, perhaps I know looks play a part in finding my ideal gal. I'm not looking for supermodels, in fact I'm pretty ok wif ok-looking gals, even gers who may be a lil on the chubby side (go figure my list of ex-es...and interests, you'll find that more than 50% does belong to the slightly chubby side), so long there is a certain level of interest and trust. Ok I knoe saying all these is simply crap, so I shalln't say too much abt it.

I seriously think I'm an ok guy, I'm ok wif humour, I can be serious when I want to, but yea I'm strapped of cash -.- I'm still not that ideal yet isn't it? Give me a few years? LOLx...

** You lost the very chance you once had to last a lifetime **


Friday, February 04, 2005


[CuRRent MooD:] Thinking, tired

[CuRRent Song:] Groove Coverage - 7 Years and 50 Days

Actually I'm getting tired, but just pondering a lil abt stuff.

Really nothing much, I have Vivi worrying abt her results and maths, and thinking of her V-day, and worried abt herself being fat and not fitting into her dress. Vivian, let me assure you, you are what you think you are. If you give yourself a boost of confidence, telling yourself that the dress fits you and not you fitting into the dress, then it makes a whole lot of difference. If you keep telling yourself you're 'fat' and blablabla...den it's not going to help. Remember what I said? It's abt yur confidence.

Sharon has recently not on good timings and everything is not falling in place on her side. Oh well, let Fate decide for her.

I just have to let everything be. Jus now at night went to watch Flight of The Phoenix wif Sylvia and the show is not bad. Here's something from the show:

"What people need is love. When they don't have love, give them something to hope for. When they don't have that, give them something to do!

Very true indeed. =)

Another time pple =)


Thursday, February 03, 2005


[CuRRent MooD:] Neutralised, a lil sedated

[CuRRent Song:] Aaron Kwok and Faye Wong - Pepsi Commercial Song (issit Ask For More)

Ok, I noe the song has a chinese name somewhere, just that I've forgotten ok?

The night was just an onrush of emotions. I'll be ok (^_^)

Sorry abt it Sunshine, but unfortunately I will be back =P can't expect me to give up on my own emotions isn't it? I am a Piscean, and a good and pure one at that =) I live in the sea of emotions, often trying to get in-tuned wif others. I can't 101% understand Sunshine, but somehow deep in me I know what's going on. It's just whether I can live wif realism that's all. But I will live on.

Come earlier posts, I've expressed the SSSes....(Sylvia, Sunshine and Sharon)...although Sunshine is only a nickname, but it seems I have to be somehow related to pple names related to 'S'...even my longest gf also has 'S' - Shan. O.o peculiar.

I don't think life is of such coincidence. Shld be no more 'S'es (asses?) already, or are dere more? Who cares -.- just wanna find the one for me, and of course hoping I'm the one for her la. Not like dat time *that* ger jus tried me out but find that cannot, end up now she screwed herself up big time. *shrugs* I guess being a nice guy is not so bad - at least you are not the first to be pointed as *evil*. Just to say though, everyone has *evil* in them, but it's a matter of control.

Any of you heard "The Power of Banghra" by Snack vs Motival? I got it from Retro Countdown and it's like so interesting listening to the tamil things. =P

CSS is really awesome. Check out my html and you'll notice there's something not seen. I hid it. Cool! I just needed the functionality, not the looks of it. It'll probably spoil the outlook if I display it, so I had to hide it.

Calling my engineer. Will update when I can.


Heavy Heart

[CuRRent MooD:] Pain, heavy, moody

[CuRRent Song:] Go Go Girls - Go Godzilla Go

So painful. THe heart feels heavy. The 2 gals whom I've liked b4 started to give me deeper cuts. Blood starts to spill. Slowly leaking, dissipating in each second. Tell me when I am going to leave my eyes closed and never open again.

I can't. I just can't. But how is Fate to do anything in this case? It's an inadequency of Faith - I can't see light at the end of the tunnel.

Pressing my hand hard on my chest to stop the bleeding. It trickles...

Sunshine, you can't kill my heart this way, unfortunately. I know myself enough to know that. It will come back in time, unless you chose the absolute tough way out of matters. By then, life will make a turn perhaps. Whatever we do, I guess there should be zero regrets.


Wednesday, February 02, 2005


[CuRRent MooD:] Happy, smiling

[CuRRent Song:] Dave and Domino - Click Your Heart

Guess what? Well if you can read my post, you'll probably know what I gonna say - my blogskin is complete!!! :)

Truly a nice experience since it improved my web creation skills wif a new weapon in my arsenal - CSS! ;)

Nothing much today, just helping out here there for the teachers and staff, and completing my blogskin. Will do other more impt stuff soon :) taking a rest :) hehe


My Personalised Blogskin?

[CuRRent MooD:] Hyped, but getting slpy

[CuRRent Song:] Lolita - Think Of You

Hehe nothing much, just busy the past 1 hour getting up my own blogskin. As a Programmer, I follow the convention set by the "forefathers" years ago - 80% copy, 20% original. Well I do wat I often do, not sure of CSS but picking up along the way by recalling my basic knowledge of HTML.

Hehe...but I know I gonna put a disclaimer cos I'm not using my own stuff.

Shld get it up soon if I'm not lazy, and I'm free. :)

I think I shld start writing down the tasks for my "schoolwork".


P/S Oh ya, the DoTx is back from what I read the blogs of the DoTx. (^_^) a less worry.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

~Take control and fly~

[CuRRent MooD:] Stable for now, though mind is pondering

[CuRRent Song:] Hillary Duff - Fly

Now doing tape recording from my old Para tapes to Windows Video...probably doing in mpeg1 though. :) come to think...time really's already 2005 upon thinking that the PPSDC (Para Para Singles Dance Comp) was on 2001! Also doing some clearing up on my Friendster list...will delete those that are not closely related to me and not contacting me...

Still doing the same things...haha...cos of all the nicks they keep changing...the pics does not reflect got to look carefully...haha...

Hmmm Sunshine is online...lolx...

Back from doing some stuff...hmmm think the teacher who wanted me to help him wif some stuff had left for home already, oh well if it's impt he'll probably get to me sooner than enough. Gonna wait for morrow!

And yea, the vids are still running -.-

Ytd was nothing much, after school jus went to JP wif Sylvia, nothing much apart from her mood to play like 4 games of DDR at one go...ouch. But otherwise I was there looking for my belt which I did so unsuccessfully. Den she went off wif a sms dat's all. *shrugs* oh well...

Adobe Premiere 6.5 is irritating me. Few mins to 5, abt to knock off soon!

Ok guess I'm hopping off le...hehe...will update blog lor if got is rather a normal day, some tasks done and abt all lor...hehe...den sent my WD HDD for RMA le...PLEASE COME BACK TO ME SOON~~~