Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Activities during the Christmas period...

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine

[CuRRent Song:] Duno

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Hacks Sweet

Ehm, this period of time has been quite a buzz of time past, so I'll try and see what I can recall from my memory-incompetent brain... :P

Before XMas thing, I shall present to you the Emil Chau IMM pics :)

Emil comes on stage

An Introduction?

Something laughable, always part of Emil

His trademark laughter


Preparing his "Lee Guitar"

Tuning his "Lee Guitar"

Looking at his audience on the upper floors

In thought?

Another of his laughter

The autograph session

Oh, in case you think that's the end of pictures...no, I guess this gonna be my longest photo post yet! Next should be the pre-XMas pics at Orchard Road with my dear!

Sakae goodness!

Why the secrecy sia...

Smile appears while I wipe my hands...haha

What message am I conveying?

My dear love sweets...:P

Expanding and expanding...

Can't wait to get my hands...no I mean my mouth on the dessert!

What's left...

It was a nice night out with my dear, and after this thing...ehm, was the chalet outing on dear's side at Changi! I didn't really have the pics to do with the chalet outing, but instead pics of our short stint to Pulau Ubin, which I can't even recall when was the last time I've been there! It's a nice good short trip by the way.

On the way to Ubin...

Really a rare scene nowadays

My dear being taken a pic

The walkway for us to gaze at the sea, have a look at the shore, etc.

Where are we now?

Supposedly mudskippers, but sorry my pictures are lousy :P

Nice gentle waves hitting the shores, isn't it?

Low tide!

Supposedly some small orange crabs...

Mangrove Trees...very important plants!!!

An old...well?

A nice sweet picture of my dear and I

The getaway was fine, got my memory refreshed of her many cousins (which I hope I can still remember on the next time I see them) and had quite a bit of BBQ food...hahaha...

Next to come, a visit to Lunar! Just in case for my readers who do not know, Lunar is a relatively new Chinese-que live band nightspot (think DragonFly), it's relatively not bad and I greatly prefer it to Dragonfly (the latter has too much pple it's intoxicating).

A vile attempt of trying to beat the sexiness of the lady in the picture...

A group picture of us in Lunar...

...and a less serious version of us...(what's with Rykiel only adding that additional V sign?)

Well, just about 2+ nearing 3, seems that much of us are lil tired here and there, but well those lil Vodka can't kill me, was wide awake during the makan session at MacDonalds...

Dear's a lil tired, and I'm still munching away my 20 piece nugget...

I wonder what's Xing gawding about?

Why am I looking at his nugget when I have one my own?

Xing has that narcissist streak...but the camera refuses to fulfill his fantasy...

Instead fulfilling mine!!!

Okay ppl, that's the end of the pictures! Happy new year!


The super long-awaited KL post

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine

[CuRRent Song:] Duno

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Lexus Chocolate Cream Crackers

Since it's so long ago, not too sure what to say...stick with the pics will you?


P/S: Yeah it's messy but what to do!