Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lethagic Tuesday

[CuRRent MooD:] Lethagic, a lil sick but ok

[CuRRent Song:] 周杰伦 & 费玉清 - 千里之外

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Egg + Chicken + Rice / Plain Water

So 'heng' today I woke up with lethagia and headache...so after thinking a while, I decided to report sick. Rested till 3pm, went to see doctor and checked about my insomnia situation...he gave me some advice on "sleep hygiene", gave me slping meds, den me back home lor. Rested a while...then pulled myself out of house to meet up with Malcolm, Janet and Pui Fun.

Met them up at Esprit @ Meritus Mandarin Orchard, then went to Cineleisure and went to the HK cafe and took black pepper chicken chop...a bit weird rite, go such place eat western...but bo bian, home got rice, took laksa for lunch, what else can I take left? Haha...den chatted quite a lot (oh ya, ex-GSK Lixin joined us) then went to Sembawang Music Centre...den walk n walk to Heeren...den walk walk...den went home lo.

Actually nothing much for me to blog, till Janet asked me something on my way back home via cab: "Luke ah, you depression issit?" I was like no, why would I be depressed when I have so much behind me? Then she said, "Some things need time to settle down, not say settle le then not depressed."

So, am I depressed? LOL...


Monday, February 26, 2007

It's a smokey night....

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine

[CuRRent Song:] 89ers - Higher Love (Classic Radio Cut)

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Beef Lasagne / Plain Water

Seems like I left off with the drama on the CNY days...so what's it for me the past few days?

Wednesday was nothing much, Thursday after work I went out with one of my workplace "users" ad-hoc - meaning we only arranged it last minute. Went down Outram to check out handphone prices, only to find out that O2 Zinc has not been out to the "Outram" sellers...haiz. Walked over the hawker to makan, ended up waiting for a 三捞河粉 for like 20 mins or so? After that we just went on walking till Bugis, then while we were at Mos Burger, Sharon called and she came down to have dinner. It ended up wif her talking about her work stuff and me sending her back home before going back.

Friday...went to dental, den Isabelle came my place to visit. Mum enjoys her presence, then I ordered pizza for everyone's consumption. Isabelle played Gunbound till her fren dropped by my place via cab and fetched her for movies. Nothing too much really...

Saturday...woke up a lil later than expected, got myself asap down to MRT den to Eunos, den to cab (which driver took a big round or so to charge me extra) to reach my manager's place. Spent a few hours dere eating and drinking (had some nice german beer) before we left which Kamisah sent us to Kembagan MRT, den I took train to Paya Lebar to Guoyan (bro's godsis) place to fix up the PC. Let's just say it took some understanding and quite some work to do...esp. they dun have broadband, it gets pretty tough a lil to say the least...so fixed up everything (which was abt 7:15pm) and rushed down to Pat's mum's place to fix another PC. The other PC was in WinME, really something that I can't do much about, but did whatever I can...the network connection however remains a puzzle but some calling just needs to be done. Did some Lou Hei at her place, then after hanging ard a bit we went back via cab.

Sunday...slpt till 3pm and Berlinda called...den makan...den arranged to meet up with Sunshine...I think this is the first time we went out after what had happened...den went town to go parfum searching! Guess what, I bought a bottle!

Yeah! That's Armani Black Code, the scent is okay but I did not try on my skin which was a mistake...I wonder how it would fare? Opps! Hhahahaha~ my first parfum hor...dun anyhow make fun of me ok...

Den walk the walk and walk...hahaha...so the end we took dinner at Cafe Cartel, walk a bit, den went home. I really thank her for her invaluable experience in parfum's'...hehe

It's Monday...working week comes again! It's pay week, and every day closer to my birthday and my O2 Zinc! Am I going to buy it? Well...we shall see!


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Day back to work after CNY holidays

[CuRRent MooD:] A bit tired

[CuRRent Song:] None - in Fanout Remix Room

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Chicken Noodles / Plain Water

Nothing too much for the past 2 days of CNY, this year ang pow lesser, but it's as expected. Hehe...well, on the 2nd night of CNY I met up wif Virneige to sing KTV...wow, for 2 persons it went up to $75! WOW...hahaha...

Day 3...slept till nearly 5pm, den mum reminded me about going to my eldest maternal aunt's place but I didn't feel like going...so I told them...and mum said she's not cooking. Ok, so happen to bump onto Sharon online, and ta da! It's a dinner with Sharon @ Suntec City.

Spent quite a bit on transport in CNY, went down to Suntec City...waited for Sharon a while before she arrives. She didn't change a lot, and her noticable assets still remain. Nevertheless I'm quite immune to it...hahaha...so we walked a little down to the fast food area and had Mac for dinner. Chatted quite a bit, then she said another friend will be down, and later will be meeting up wif her bf. Okay...

...but there's more.

The friend...nothing to say sia...already married, wife pregnant, still wanna 喊砍喊杀, say what must help Sharon seek justice...argh, another self-proclaimed who thinks talking loud "with reasoning" will solve matters - if it did, then we wouldn't be there anyway. Anyway...after chatting a bit (seriously speaking I'm a lil pissed with his existence) we went to the arcade, sat a bit played some games...then saw the bf.

Drama #1: Talk like wanna gang fight (2 men gang fight), see eye to eye, stare stare, say wan fight come fight la, wan punch come punch la, or what "i endure u very long already" those stupid words...plus dunno what backstab here dere...in the end? No conclusion, both parties fedup...and Sharon haven't even started with anything. LOL.

So later, after everything, cannot find the bf, we went downstairs. Then Sharon started calling her bf, den talk talk talk again...the friend extra pattern here dere...SIAN 1/2...den I heard we going Bugis to find her bf...ok fine...guess what? The friend bringing his WIFE along....KAM LAN!!!

Ok, we met the wife @ City Link, then we went down Bugis...walked to the coffeeshop, saw the bf, then drama again he walked away (as though he so scared to see us)...den Sharon chased after him, managed to get him to sit down. Den me, her friend and the wife sat in coffeeshop makan. Friend makan finish, say wanna settle talk with the bf cos the bf "scold his mother"...haiz. Then later he went to confront him a bit...I ate my murtabak halfway, walked there to see how it went. Then talk a bit, the usual loud voice stare stare stand up very big shot kinda situation....den the friend walked back the coffeeshop. I also walked back...sat down eat murtabak...

Drama #2: BF walks to coffeeshop with some stupid glass bottle, talk loud loud....friend tries not to make it big, walks away with his wife...den guess what, BF walks to the friend with bottle like wanna smash bottle at the friend, den the wife walked in front of the husband "YOU WANNA HIT HIM NOW YOU HIT ME FIRST!!!" - pure Channel 8 stuff oozing out 'live'. Then bf say wat give the wife face, den friend and wife disappear, den Sharon took leave from the place with the bf, leaving me with my murtabak. At least my murtabak's not wasted.

Go home, clean up, "sleep".

I could not sleep. DUH.

How's that for pre-work drama? HAHA! Life is so full of drama for me!!!


Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Lunar New Year 2007!

[CuRRent MooD:] Tired but fine

[CuRRent Song:] Madonna - Into The Groove

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Steamboat / Iced Chocolate Float

Actually I'm rather tired but I'm waiting for stuff to finish on my PC so just blogged a little...

I guess I stopped my blogging near CNY eve. Nothing much about the days before CNY, do the usual cleanup and stuff just that I have my bro to help out in the household...if only he had done that eons ago, things might be so much better now. Anyway, on the night I went up my neighbour's place and as per yearly ritual, they were playing Blackjack. This year has been good, but talking about patience and changing of luck, it really happens. For the first 20 mins I lost 10 bucks, only by that moment one of my neighbours noted that I did not let anyone "cut" (split) the shuffled cards...so I did, and guess my luck changed drastically.

At the end of the 1 hour session, I won over $20. Haha!!

Come to CNY, I managed to make myself last till 6+am before I turn in (for the CNY thingie about staying awake so your parents could gain longevity), woke up in the afternoon...to eat my Mee Goreng, and only to realise I got my night plans of a movie with Orange toasted as she planned for other stuff. Oh well, talking about planning early, it just doesn't work somehow. Anyway, by the time I reached my relative's place I did manage to get someone out...

...and she is...


Virneige! It's great to have such a friend of 19 years! LOL...

We agreed to meet at 10pm at the Heeren bus stop...Berlinda called and talked about her work and tooth problem...by the time I reached my area's bus stop it's already 9:50pm...from far I saw a cab...Mercs cab...FLAG AH!!! Haha...so I ended up taking a cab to town. Managed to meet Virneige, den we walked to Cineleisure. While walking to the cinema, I saw Orange's friend Joy so I msged her...ended up she was with her!!! GRRR!!! Okay never mind, so went to check the movies....omg. All slots are so packed...no choice, we got out and walked down to Hotel Rendenvous as I planned to chill at the Coffee Club...closed. Never mind, walked downwards to Bugis...on the way see all the TCCs and stuff all closed -.- so we walk n walk...den I thought of one place we could chill.

CAN Cafe!

To think it's open, we made our entrance at ard 2315 hours and we left about 0110 hours...we spent almost 2 hours chatting, laughing and small talk, also some heart stuff...it's a nice night, maybe not that happening but nevertheless when you can find someone you can be comfortable with, who cares?

So...off I go to bed. I am so freakin' unlucky something went wrong with the thing I'm waiting for.

Anyway, I must constantly warn myself not to be overly sensitive and emotional at times. I have to say that I'm trying to keep tabs on "that particular person that she wants me to get her out of her weird and hopeless situation even though she is enjoying every minute of it", but it seems not easy. I tried, isn't it? Oh well, it's up to her to update me somehow, not only from her regular blog.


Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's about 24 hours away from CNY 2007...

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine, lil tired

[CuRRent Song:] None

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] 三捞河粉 / Canned herbal tea

These 2 days been helping out at home clearing up the stuff and clearing up. Seriously speaking this year is a lil less stringent to my mum's standards and it seems somehow in my mind I still have loads to do...even though I would say the most impt and obvious ones have been settled.

I've been mapling a bit, even though I haven't reached level 62..oh well who cares. I'm just taking it into my stride nowadays...

For the past weeks I seemed to be living a less-than-normal life...I've never mentioned in this blog and probably never will, I would say that even though it's not right in many pple's eyes, I've not regretted a single bit. Sure, maybe one day things will be uncovered...but maybe till then, some things will come a hard knock and simply push me by...but till then, I just wanna take every moment as my own, my best to my capability...somehow at these weirdest of times...

...I felt a sense of responsibility to protect. To protect what I feel is important to me. At least while I can still do something.

No one can tell the future, but at least I feel that I'm doing every single bit to help, to make sure I'm around and to make my existence felt. Logic just doesn't work on me this time, and I know I'm following my heart.

True, I'm still recovering from my previous hurt...but while in this hurt I really found something else in me that perhaps, I should've just tend to it and see through it...at least till a time I feel I can no longer support, or is not required to support.

I believe the person whom I wanted to protect certainly does not want my life to be tied up in any way - don't worry, it's my life and I decide on how I manage it. Decisions change over time, let's just say that this is my decision at this current moment...something I just want to do.

If only I could turn back time, if I made that decision...what would things have been?

Hahaha...there are no "if"s in history.

I dunno when is my next entry, so a Happy Lunar New Year for all of you! =)


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The V Day 2007

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine

[CuRRent Song:] The Pussycat Dolls feat. Snoop Dogg - Buttons

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Beef Prosperity Meal / Mandarin Orange Green Tea

Everyone's talking about it, blogging about it...actually seriously said, I don't have much to mention. The only thing I did was to make something for a good friend to commemorate our friendship...took me a while but at least I got it done, it looks good. She seems pretty happy that I made it just for her =)

These few days just passed by like this, nothing too fanciful, and my coming off days will be used to help out the house - exciting eh? You know sometimes people just ask if I have so much to do and it gets on me at times...just because they have done their houses don't mean that I can do it the same way...I still have the floor to scrub, washrooms to clean, probably 3 cupboards to clear and clean. There might still be more for all I know!

As days gone by I realised I built my 1k+ rig (PC) almost all for nothing - so far it's just sitting by doing odd jobs. The only thing I liked it is cos I saved time on multitasks like burning CDs - last time when I start burning the whole system will half-freeze (almost total), forcing me to stop other tasks - even winamp was a problem!

Oh well, I often spend money on unnecessary stuff. I hope my upcoming investment won't be unnecessary...after all, it's a present I'm going to buy for myself.


Oh yah, Happy V day!

Monday, February 12, 2007

It's Monday again - this week shall pass fast!

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine, still a bit sick

[CuRRent Song:] None, in Fanout Remix Room

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Raisin bread / Plain Water

As I was saying, I spent Saturday at home with nothing much to do...so I did something I haven't been doing in a while - playing Maple. Haha...still level 61, but at least it's about 60% xp.

Sunday I woke up late for PM @ GeeAssKay...it was a scary morning as I spotted 2 abnormalities and tried to resolve them. One was resolved while the other wasn't critical. Towards the end my colleague and I thought we could end it on time but...something cropped up in the final process!!! GRRR!!! Ended up we left 1+pm...haiz. Went back my area, makan and went home chill a bit rest a bit till 4 something, and prepared myself to go out.

Went to train station, Orange smsed me and said she just left home. Okay so I thought her hse and the station is a distance so with a bo liao thought, I took the train to JE...hahaha, by the time I reached there, she happened to take the opposite train to my direction! LOL...so ended up we wasted 5 mins...but it's nothing much. Took the train down to Bugis and on we started our shopping...

...but wait, we ended up @ Sakae Sushi for her early dinner. Had some sushi and a bowl of beef ramen (she's the one who's hungry but I'm the one eating 80% of it - don't forget I took lunch at 2pm)...then after settling the bill @ 630pm, we started our evening shopping...

Walked around in Seiyu, went to Muji, den Kino...nothing too fanciful (counter-reminds myself of Isabelle's day 2 shopping which landed me with flu)...till we got to Bugis Village which in Orange's opinion was "unnecessary". Let's just say at the end of the day, she got quite some stuff in her bag, an extra carrier bag and some pics in my phone. I would say it's a very entertaining time while being out with her.

So then, may this week be fast over! Happy Chinese New Year ----- in advance!


Saturday, February 10, 2007

A saturday at home...

[CuRRent MooD:] Sick

[CuRRent Song:] VA - The Masterplate Mighty Mix Volume One (Disc 1)

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Bread / Plain water

Just a week before the Chinese New Year, I fell sick! Down with the infamous flu...the doctor told me just in Jan alone the cases amounted to 21,000 compared to past year's 7,000 in the same period! Wow...the flu is strong, isn't it?

My eldest brother told me such stuff came from Guangdong (thanks for reminder bro), China. Weird to say of it, he mentioned that SARS, Bird flu, and new strains of the common flu all started from there. It seems flu likes to evolve over there eh?

Anyway...about my week...

Nothing too much, on Wednesday it was audit day 1, nothing too much...on Thursday met up with Isabelle after work for Shopping round 2...she did manage to get some stuff but by the end of it I was so tired and hungry, I didn't really think of it...

...Friday morning woke up so tired, decided to take cab to work. God knows...I fell sick ard late morning, detected something is wrong so I decided to go back home first. Rested till the evening to go see the doctor...then he told me I was running a fever of 37.9C...oh well, what gives. So it's plenty of rest and water for me, no alcohol...hahaha...

Which brings me here on a saturday doing nothing much apart from resting and chilling out when I'm supposed to help out in clearing up the house...oh well...stupid sickness...


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Just a normal weekday...

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine

[CuRRent Song:] No song

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Carrot Cake / Plain Water

It's already midweek and is a fine casual midweek. Today is audit day 1, only small glitches in the morning but everything else is fine so far...so hopefully Daniel will be able to survive the 2 remaining days...


Had half day @ work cos I needed to go down GMP to sign my memo...by the time I left GeeAssKay it was nearly 2pm (I think...or was it later?) as some stuff cropped up...so I came out of work and received an sms from Isabelle asking if I could accompany her for shopping after work. After planning a bit I agreed to it...so went GMP to sign the stuff, went back home to continue with chores...then met up with Isabelle...

We walked around Marina Square and chatted quite a bit (but its mostly abt the shopping)...in the end I got a pair of jeans, she got a pair of jeans and a cream-coloured skirt. We went over foodcourt to makan and after that we proceeded to St James! Well it's a weekday so there ain't too much presence (nevertheless Dragonfly had quite some people around)...but I would like to say that their membership system is simply confusing. We took Whiskey Sour (which is really sour) and a Martini Lychee...

Took cab home after the St James expedition.


Lemme see....nothing too much, reached home completed Chobits slept early @ 12mn.

Oh yah, I supposed to be mopping the floor today. =)

Something I thought over today - how men and women view sex:

Men wants sex for the immediate feeling...they might not feel soooo attached, but so long they have it it's fine.

Women wants sex for the closeness and feelings associated. Women can possibly go without sex unlike man, but wif it it makes themselves feel much better towards the r/s. Women sees it as a more long term thing, and probably each session slowly gains more points for a long term feeling.

Probably unlike men, which gains so much points at that moment and probably loses most of the points in the next hour.

By points i meant "relationship points"...or "feeling points"...


Monday, February 05, 2007

Time flies, weekend gone!

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine

[CuRRent Song:] DJ Lhasa - Baby One Day

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Some chicken ramen / Teh-Peng

Gonna rack my brains to blog this one...the week has been well, rather eventful perhaps? =)


The day was okay to say the least...stuff ard here and there, then went back with Leong in the GSK bus to JE. Felt a lil headache...but shrugged it off, went back home and online...saw Josephine online. Casually chatted with her, in the end it became a dinner outing with me going down to City Hall (ouch).

Met up with her, then after walking around a lil we proceeded to Marina Square to have dinner. I thought of Changing Appetites, and while on our way there she stopped by a gift/flowers shop. Went inside for less than a min, then out of it along the way telling me how nice it would be to receive flowers and stuff.

It's just me to conjure silly surprises even for a friend just to make her happy, so on the pretext of going to the Gents (which I did), I went back to the shop and bought 3 roses which are nicely decorated, then I walked back. I think I did a good job to hide the flowers till I reach the table, then pleasantly surprising her with them. I think she's very happy to say the least, though she did say it'll be better if it's a gift on Valentine's day...haha, maybe to you readers it might sound like a hint but no, I will certainly say it's not...let's just say it's another story.

Well...at least she appreciates my effort...I can tell...the happiness brimming from her face, it felt good that I managed to make someone's day.

But comes the bad part...


REPORTED SICK. Headache, lethagia...whatever, I could not really come out of bed properly so I had little choice but to report sick. Collapsed onto my bed after that and slept through the late afternoon and went to see a doctor...

After wasting time here and there at home, I felt better so I went to Holland Village to transfer my funds. As I walked out of the bank, someone msged me - Virneige.

Blablabla...hmmm? She wanted to come down my place to look for me? Oh okay!

So after some planning here and there, we met up @ the Kopitiam at my place. There we started our chat sessions and wow, she's wearing a dress! Before we got on the topic...

...we ordered drinks. Normal? So the auntie comes along...

Auntie: 你们要喝什么?
Vir: 给我牛奶加冰。
Me:给我teh peng.
Auntie:好,teh peng 一个。

Virneige was saying that in one kopitiam the uncle onli served her twice and remembered her order, now she came to my place and the considerate auntie tells her she can't drink it! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

So she continued her stories and we ended up with laughter and stuff....time flies and it soon reaches 12mn...time to go? That was when Tilong (our mutual primary school fren) called and said he'll be coming down.

Guess what? I reached home @ 2+am.



Work and work...then after that went to walk a bit around...then went home chill a bit. The thing about the night was probably a call from Sunshine (we haven't been chatting for like ages) so we chatted quite a bit, hung up and called again till nearly 2am.


Woke up, went to market with mum...then came back home to...lemme think, to clear my utility room! Guess what, my PC is back in my room! So spent the time cleaning up my computer table and stuff, and moved it back my room. Wireless equipment is still in the living room, waiting the next day to clear.

Cleared till like early evening, I took the bus down to PS to meet my brother...had a game of DDR...DAMN DAMN DAMN I am still recovering from illness and there I am, disgracing myself by failing the songs now and then! GRRR!!! After that went to LJS to makan alongside bro, his gf, Linda and Guoyan (bro's godsis)...after that, went to Esplanade...the setting is okay but the people just ain't correct cos all are couples (Guoyan had her bf coming along later) apart from me and Linda...so while walking back they began their stupid jokes...

Guoyan: See we all couples!
Linda: No lah, me and Luke not lor
Guoyan: You two a pair lah!
Me: No lah! Me not pear (pair) lor! I am Avocardo! She (Linda) den is pear!


Me: I know a friend by name of Orange lor! And Apple! What else you want?

LOL...stupid conversation...after that I took a cab down Dbl O...guess what? RETRO NIGHT!!! WOOT!!! Went up...then saw Pat!!! HEHE!!! Then she intro some of her "sisters"...then I ordered Brandy Coke...the music was great, people was ok (in fact I was only with Pat so......) so I just dance a bit by myself...den went to Gents...come back and saw......

MINGDE ("Chen Wei Lian") and VIVIAN, both MU kakis!!! COOL!!! So after I went to Pat's area and told her I'm off the dance floor, I went to look for both of them and started grooving to RETRO!!! Mingde's kinda lucky to have a beautiful lady trying to hit on him (but he kindly refused), and yeah that's just about the highlight for him? LOL...then I received msg from Pat and I went back to look for her...

Suddenly thought of someone I knew from my last visit to Dbl O - Ben, Orange and Cellie's friend. Is he here? I msged him, but it was only a while later I got a response that he happened to be at O Bar! I am so lucky! Hahahaha!!! I brought Pat to dance a lil and upon the music going out of Retro's way, we made our way down to O Bar...

...and it's RnB! Well good thing I did drink a bit so the grooves were fine (and come to think the music was ok) so I bumped onto Matthew before seeing Ben. So introed Pat to him, and continued dancing in O Bar till closure...then we shared cab back.


Slp till about 1+...den continued the chores at home till 7+...then preped myself, went down JE to meet up wif Orange to have dinner and passed her Chobits. Yeah just about it...

Whew. Finally done, before I end my blogging, show you pple something...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The white stuff is a coverup for that lady, oh well my loyalists will know who I'm referring to. Guess she really made her choice after all!

Take care, Penguin. =)