Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Two updates?

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine, little headache that went on/off for 2 weeks over

[CuRRent Song:] No Song

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Pokka Lemon 1000 Juice Drink

To say I'm too busy updating...ehm that's too much. I think I'm lazy, yeah I'm lazy. Else what can I say? I find time to Maple (I'm at Level 105), find time to play old games (Der Langrisser), find time for studies, going out with frens, get myself drunk...and the endless actions that I do while I still can.

All of a sudden I sound so old eh? Haha...this came as a small reminder when Sujun was telling me about Michelle and Huimei's conversation as the latter commented on Michelle's dressing at work and she was startled she had to go home to get changed. Oh well...I believe her dressing is okay (since SJ did not make a big thing of it) and why would you bother too much while you're still young? Do you have to wait till you're older to realise you wanna wear like the young? That will be a little too late, isn't it? Like what I always hold my views to ladies with assets - if you have it, just flaunt it! Don't take me as though I don't care - I applied that to my first gf as well...because I know that it takes confidence to flaunt and always be certain that it's appreciated.

My recent update says that Michelle's not changing probably. WAHAHAHHAA...cos she kapo-ed Huimei's cardi and wear...hahaha so it still did not beat my point :P

Another thing reflecting past and present is about studies. I'm marvelled at what the will to study can do to oneself. Looking on the examinations that I took, I always thought I could've failed if not for all the study groups that I've conducted - look, when was I so hardworking when I was in poly or sec sch days??? I guess this attributes to the paying factor - that I'm actually paying for my own school fees and wouldn't like to waste money compared to those days which my parents paid for me. True, it sounds like I'm so idiot to waste their money but well, young ma dunno then know money hard to earn...easy to spend!!! a word to those Poly/Uni students who use parents' CPF to study...MUST STUDY HARD, COS IT'S YOUR MONEY!!! (students need pay back to their parents after they finish studying)

Things at workplace has been fine, sometimes rushing a few quick stuff in order to make people happy...oh well it's a relationship-based company so there's not much I can say isn't it? Hahaha...I just hope they will consider to convert me quickly cos I really cannot stand the pathetic 6 days of leave they give under the contract terms...force me to take MC sia...:P

It's a week study break for me, studying be back on 30th of this month...heard we gonna touch on Oracle...what, another database? It was database that ruined me in my poly days and I'm trying hard not to repeat hopefully I'll pull this one off...with my study grouping, I don't see why I cannot beat all these exams!!! WAHAHAHAHA...*siao liao*

I guess my life in a general state of mind (logical mind) is fine...only my personal life gets screwed and stuff...but oh well, so long I stay sane (which I think so far so good)...I should be able to make my life pass...

...not fail, pass. Haha...


P.S. Yeah! An update!