Thursday, March 31, 2005

Money go, Money go!

[CuRRent MooD:] Happy, awake, still sober?

[CuRRent Song:] S.E.S. - Happiness (Super Eurobeat Mix)

When pple mention "pay day", first thing came to mind is

"wah! got money already! good ah?"

My thinking is as what my title is - "Money go, money go!"

Cos I have so much plans for my money, at the end of it I really wonder if I can survive it. I do admit I have a major want (my Nokia 7270) and once I bought it and survived this month, then the coming months will be good for me. Don't forget I have major debts to settle by year end...which is something I MUST keep.

Of course, some pple might dispute saying the Nokia 7270 is only a want, and isn't a necessity. I agree. However, I do agree that pple need to pamper themselves once a while for motivation, and that is something I do to keep myself in high spirits. I may actually think it's my major purchase of the year. Jus hope I wun regret buying it :P

There are still concerns however, cos if I make the purchase I'll probably need to save a lot this month. I do not know when my money really comes back to me, but I do noe how my money goes out. Looking at my budget plan slip, it looks as though I'm doing some sort of accounts that I last touched years ago in secondary school.

My primary hope is that the HP refund money will be coming back (due to unsuccessful online purchase, the person is refunding but is delaying), and appropriate pple returning money to me. Eleen's 30 bucks ain't too much, but I'm looking more at the > $50 Sharon and my bro. However my bro's...sigh...God knows when he will return to me. Sharon also. Aiyo...really help pple till bo dai bo ji...

I paid some bills, upcoming ones are my savings plan and starhub - good thing my starhub bill is low this month. Whew. And my parents' upkeep...and returning some money to Sunshine - she really pulled me out of starvation for my last days b4 the pay arrived.

Speaking of Sunshine...she really got me thinking these days. I've been thinking a lot abt what is between us.We do exchange some sweet words, but all these seemed to be masked under an illusion - I do not know what she really meant. From the event that happened last time, I find it extremely hard to completely believe in whatever she said to me, as in the emotional stuff - if, in any case, what she said can be regarded as "emotional". I do not know whether, or how, to commit at all.

Coincidentally...I do normally think of such things in thought on 2 occasions - one, being on mood to think deeply of current situations and two, if another person comes into play. Apparently, both are happening right now. I feel like my heart being split into two. Frankly speaking, the second point is in wraps now and ain't any confirmation at's all KIV. It's partly the reason for my mood swing the past 2 days.

Oh darn. Haha...~

Still having loads of stuff to do in school. Will be back to update whenever possible...


Wednesday, March 30, 2005 having same birthday as someone else THAT SCARY???

[CuRRent MooD:] Neutral. Awake. Better mind.

[CuRRent Song:] Frank Torpedo - Made For Loving You

Haha now chatting wif Sunshine, Christina and Desy. Christina say as though my birthday same as someone she knows is very scary. So hence my title. Is having a same birthday as someone else that scary? I don't think so. I'm not expecting any present anyway.

Actually there is nothing much to update today. I'll like to thank those who tried to encourage me. Esp Sunshine cos she keep telling me not to tink so much until she also become psycho le. Hahaha!!!

Den jus now nothing to do msg Eleen, den she called me have a short chat lor. Den jus now slp from 6+ till 10+ now very awake...hahaha~...Eleen side hor, hope everything be fine for her lor. Best of luck!

Den Hikki hor...remember read yur tag...wanna arrange badminton game wif u, sharon n christina. Yuting, you all interested anot? Play badminton wif my frens? Oh yea...must get guys la else I'll be the only guy!!! ALAMAK!!! So got 艳福 hor??? Eat my foot la!

Yea these days will be busy! I wanna finish my inventory list!!!


Monday, March 28, 2005

Life now is really strange

[CuRRent MooD:] Weird. Strange. Pissed. Irritated.

[CuRRent Song:] DJ Rico - Trance Euphoria Non-Stop Mix

I have to say, pple really take my care and concern for granted.

I have pple like only think of their own convenience, and dun tink much of others. Yes, maybe I'm being overly one-sided over the matter, but things really get me irritated.

Like today, Meihui asked me to bring something to her cos she need it. I took effort and time, had someone to lend me 10 bucks to top up Ezlink so I can go out to pass to her, and when I went out and msged her, she tell me "oh den nvr mind, i go grab frm my bf."


She carried on saying her fren's husband fetch her go clementi faster. Did she even think abt me? I msged her den she say dis u knoe, what if I didn't msg her??? When will I knoe? WTF!

I can't believe it.

All these pple whom I placed my care concern and love...all slowly start drifting away, or take turns to make a fool out of me. I have sisters, but like no pt one. I bothered abt them, they don't. Am I the one making the single-sided effort? I wonder.

Desy asked if I was angry on the day she dragged my poor day's programmes. OF COURSE I AM. I allocated the day's timings for her, but turned out she last min got something and almost screwed my entire day's efforts for her. Although I did pass the thing to her, but it left me an aftertaste which really made my day bad.

And my feelings to think.

Am I devoting on the wrong people???

Am I caring for the wrong people? For those who does not know the way to express appreciation? That day I talked abt "expectation", and my expectation is "appreciation". Expression of appreciation.

I felt I really screwed my entire life up.

All I've cared for, I can't feel or see anything now. They only remember me when they need me. Serious. I guess I'm useful as a person and not as someone other as a fren or a close one.

My usefulness? I'm always willing to help much of the time and goes out to see what I can do. Is that something bad??? I can't believe that I did so much and this is what I get.

Am I still receiving retribution, something which I've duly regretted and prepared to repent, only to give me more senseless trials and situations to make me give up on care, concern and love? What is this???

I dare to say that I remember people when I look at things, when things happen. Then I'll try to get them out to have a chat. I remember my sisters cos they are my close ones, and I try to get them out somehow. Life made it so they either do not have the reciprocal feelings or that they are superbly busy they can't spare a single moment for me.

Life decides to remove close ones that I gathered personally. Kai-en, he betrayed me. Shan, I gave her up. Sisters, they seem to forget abt me. Some others, some reason or another.

I know in some instances, I had a choice. My choice is to find someone whom I can care more. I guess this choice of mine really can kill me someday.


I can't believe it. I may have a big circle of friends, but I'm lonely. I lack of those close ones I gathered. Of course, good thing I still have my mom and my family I guess, else I really have nothing left.

Nothing now is real. Everything seems so abstract.


A blue Monday?

[CuRRent MooD:] A bit tired lo. Can I find a better word than "tired"?

[CuRRent Song:] Norma Sheffield - Look Me In The Eyes

Nothing much, blog for fun =)

Ytd reached home 10+ I think from YMCA wif Sunshine. Watched 综艺大哥大 and laughed really loudly...den take bath, on comp and waited for my dad to come back and ask him abt Income Tax filing. By the time I slpt at 3am, he's not back yet...

Sunshine's request: "Where is my dream phone~~~"

No worries. =) waited for 2 mths, wat's a few more days? Hope can buy on payday but den Sunshine not free dat day, so may have to wait. Who wanna go wif me?

I realised Life always works out in the end, but it depends on whether it suits the way you wanted it to be. I realised my life has been pretty good so far in my earlier part. I've not encountered major dramas, haven't been thru pain-grueling, mind-bogging scenarios like those on TV, family has been good on me, friends have been ok (considering the fact I've been betrayed, but I treat that as another issue), work has been fine, NS been good...yea, things really worked out fine for me, I wondered what kind of fortune have I got to deserve all these. I've been trying to be "good", a standard set by myself and not by society, but I admit I've not been up my standards as per set in my secondary school days.

People change, and so do I. Changes are made and determined by the person who owns his/her life, so remember that you change cos you wanted to.

Life has worked fine for me, but I'm not going to be conceited. I have to work my way up to make myself work for Life as well. It's a give and take thing.


Sunday, March 27, 2005

I am now at...

[CuRRent MooD:] Neutralised. Where is my music?

[CuRRent Song:] No song, cos using notebook so need conserve energy. Some lame chinese song played at the back from that TV screen...

I'm currently at mac over at YMCA. Sunday sure has its own crowds I do say. And wireless is both insecure and unstable. Before I came into this page it jus simply went out. And I wondered since it's insecure I wonder has anyone intercepted my signal and grabbed my password...oh no!!!

Oh ya, I do not possess a notebook btw, though i would hope for one. I'm currently using Sunshine's one since I'm accompanying her to study while I surf a bit of net and also will continue doing my school stuff.

Ah...I wan notebook!!!

=) ok la nothing much to update. Jus being extremely bo liao.

See ya pple, below got my previous long entry - something that Mad doesn't like.


Why am I blogging?

[CuRRent MooD:] Screwed. Thinking too much...

[CuRRent Song:] DJ RAD - If Tomorrow Never Comes

I'm eating supper right now.

*munch munch munch*

Fish and egg.

*munch munch munch*


*munch munch munch*

I ended the post on Friday morning...nothing too much I suppose for the past days. There are things going on my life, just that they are either mundane or screwed up I'm not bothered to say too much.

Friday morning, woke up pei mother go market. Come back slp. Den disturbed by siew fong and vanessa (my neighbours) ask me go downstairs find them. Spent lazy afternoon wif them toking super lotsa cock wif siew fong. Can't stand being home on a holiday evening (or eve for the matter as well), went out to town. Transfer some money to Eleen's bf cos he needs it.

Now, *inspiration*...someone told me I'm too good to be true. Or should I rephrase, too good for my own good. Try again Luke. I'm saying "I am TOO STUPID to be THIS GOOD." I know Eleen for like ehm, days? Weeks? I haven't seen her before. This is not the first time I help without conditions. I guess I'm an easy target for fraud probably. I would've just considering helping if she is not for what she is, but wat happened the previous day for her love, I guess my heart reaches out to her to help out a bit.

Let me clarify - I am helping her for her love for him, and not for HIM. I have certain standards for guys being a good bf, and certainly her BF is lacking those. I don't like to help sucky guys, BUT I guess I'm too stupid to be good.

Look, I've helped Sharon without conditions too. Guess what? I have personal debts myself. Ain't I really SILLY???

Mom had taught me from young to be good and helpful. I guess she taught WAY too well.

Furthermore for Eleen's case I went out of way cos I have $0 with me, I went ard to somehow manage to squeeze that few dollars (few is certainly not just a few)...just what the hell am I doing wif my life? I help pple this much, I went out of way, do they even appreciate or feel it? Even if they do, what can they do to repay me?

To say "oh, I'm not expecting anything" is the words of a hypocrite, or maybe put it not so aggressively, they are words of someone who is trying to deceive him/herself. For me, should I say "what can I expect"? Don't you think so? Both of them are not anyone to me, just frens. I might even think Eleen is just a passing phase of my life, and I made her life a lil easier by being a friendly angel. For Sharon, I do not know what she will do. She said this last year "I will not forget your birthday" - yea, she forgot. Or she forgot to say those nice words to me.

Look at this. I know I might sound BHB to say I help a lot of people, but those whom I've helped - touch their hearts, they know I did it with my efforts apparent. What am I to get in return? What can I expect?

Can I say "nothing"?

Those whom I've tried to touch their hearts and lives - they just put me as a part of their life maybe, but just that part. It's a part that places me conveniently in a portion that they will think of me only when I'm needed. I may say it this pathetically, but it IS like this. Come on, touch their hearts.

I dare to say it, cos that is how I feel. Tell me I'm wrong.

"You're wrong, Luke."


Of course, I am wrong in some ways cos I'm sure Berlinda appreciates me by calling every other day and blasting the phone with her rants and complaints, but that's just a way of appreciation?

I wish they will prove me wrong. Please prove me wrong...

"Life holds not much meaning if Love does not exist..."

Back to blogging. Den went down PS (Sunshine says it's my fave spot) lor...nothing much...den went to find Desy cos she needed help.

Saturday. Lousy screwed planned day. Forget abt it. -.- oh yea, most successful was the fact I got to meet 2 gers interested in Para! ;) I've already told Chrislint (bumped onto her in Orchard jus now) and she's the first person in Para scene to know (exclude my bro)...

Nowadays my puzzle fighter dunno why need 2 credits for me to win...really quite suay...

I tink it's a lack of concentration. Oh well. May everything work out eventually, somehow.

NItex =)


Friday, March 25, 2005

What a week.

[CuRRent MooD:] Tired. Tired. Still need to blog.

[CuRRent Song:] 周华健- 送你回家

Yea this week has been torrid with lotsa stuff to do at school, busying wif inventory, problematic computers and stupid MOE network being unstable. Irritating.

Made me so tired till I dun feel like blogging, jus relaxing ard.

These two days been out wif Sunshine lo.

Then today chatted with Eleen (one random blogger out dere) on phone. There is one thing I usually am not able to fend against females - their tears. When Eleen asked if I'm free, actually I was only starting to rest and yea, I'm free so I said thru sms or phone? Then she called me, and oh I got quite a shock as she was really crying out loud and really sounded very hurt...I wasn't prepared at all and really was unprepared, not really knowing what to do. The first thing is to try retain composure, trying to figure out what she is saying HQ called me. DUH. After what like 3 mins, I went back to her. Simmered a lil, cried again! OMG this time really got me stirred...esp wif her crying so badly it really made me wondered what exactly happened though she did tell me...den, HQ CALLED AGAIN!!! Answered for half a min, got back to her...den continued the conversation for 1 hour plus...and ended up rushing my stuff :P but I guess it's ok since I have always been a listening ear much of the time. She does remind me a bit of Shan......

I realised one thing. I spent quite some money on makan and drinks. -.-

Ok I'm gone. Enjoy your holidays!!!


Monday, March 21, 2005

Monday "morning"

[CuRRent MooD:] Sweaty, warm

[CuRRent Song:] The Usual Suspects - Shared Lovers (Extended Mix)

It's 10 mins to 1am, so here I am blogging. Again, my last post was on Saturday...

Saturday was ok ok lor...went to meet up wif armymates to makan, den eat dessert, den dat lor...den I went to take my birthday pressie from's a chocolate-coated Apple inside a brown bag that she made specially for me. She made a cake last yr and again she touched my heart with this =) really happy! =) den I makan the apple and chatted wif her, after that walked home from Great World City (!!!)...

Today woken up by Berlinda at knoe what she said?

"I never thought IDD call to Malaysia so expensive leh..."

First thought. Expensive? Queer.

"Use those free IDD to Malaysia la, like starhub..." - my reply.

"...cos of my work......bla bla bla...."

Then the thing comes.

" know how expensive anot? I spent $3.20 leh!!!"

-.- $3.20??? YOU CALL THAT EXPENSIVE??? I spent $100 before leh...and I think hers is company bills lor...irritating.

I went slping, till 1:45pm where I prepared myself to meet Huijing n Vanessa upstairs cos they wanna go see mp3 players and wanted me to accompany them. Went to PS lor...nothing much...a bit bored la cos both of them are like in own world...only when needed me den tok to me like dat...aiyo girls hor -.- yea den they buy ice-cream also need me order for them -.- aiyo...den go see mp3 players...den see presents...yea...den i rushed back Jelita Pizza Hut to "get a treat from my neighbours" - I tink is more like they can't finish den ask me to finish...but never mind least they got the heart to ask me la...THANKS HOR Yuling + Yuting + Siew Fong =)

Den after dat walk ard wif Yuling n Yuting...den chat...den asked Huijing n Vanessa down...den walk chat...den go up their house watch 综艺最爱宪 and laughed like crazy...den come back home lor...

Something to note of these days. Last week I did not mention while I was out with Ben, Kaiwei, Mad n Allan I met one of my sec sch friends, Xiaohui. The feeling when I saw her was well...indescribable. Let me tell ya the underlying story:

Years back post-O Levels (or somewhere ard that time), somehow I got to be wif Xiaohui and this fren of hers named Lucas. It was like ehm, seeing them fooling and playing ard like lil kids but well, jus try to join in the fun. For some reason something happened between them, and before Lucas left (to where I do not know) he passed me a photo album and a pendant, telling me to pass it to Xiaohui.

I never got to see Lucas again, and neither I got to see Xiaohui too.

I waited for an unknown time to come where I could see her again. Times came when I was tidying my drawer when I saw the stuff and I wondered what I should do with it. When will I see her??? Should I just throw it away???

No. I didn't. It's a promise I gave to Lucas, and no matter how I should achieve to keep it, even if I do not see her it does not give me a reason to dump the stuff. I know that feeling well.

Back to the present, that day out wif the four pple at Cineleisure, I saw her. After 7 years had passed. Practically I exclaimed. She turned and saw me. Yes it's her. Still the same, always smiley, a bit kiddish to the look and yea, still the bosomy gurl (lady) I know (LOLX). My first thought was to get her contact...which I did of cos.

Yesterday before I met my mates, I waited for her arrival to take the stuff. Before she came, I took a last glance at the items. I flipped the album and they are pictures of a visit to Japan or Korea, I am unsure (or maybe somwhere else)...I saw her face, and Lucas too. Memories. Flipped to the centre and saw the pendant inscribed "Romeo & Juliet". The significance was that the show "Romeo and Juliet" remake by Leonardo Di Caprio is a show I would never watch if not for both of them. It was quite funny seeing both of them together actually. =) anyway, I closed the album. Wrapped with the very plastic bag that concealed the contents for years, I awaited her arrival. She came with a smile and so did I. I handed her the stuff and said, "Xiaohui, here I entrust you these stuff I kept for years. Glad I did it." She said a word of thanks, talked a little and she left.

The stuff was with me for years. I could have thrown it away. Would you have thrown it away?

I'm glad I didn't.


Saturday, March 19, 2005

Saturday afternoon.

[CuRRent MooD:] A lil tired, woke up early on a saturday...

[CuRRent Song:] Brothers - The Moon (Club Mix)

I stopped at Thursday. Oh, Thursday.

Went to Chinatown wif Sunshine after work to look at phones, realised Nokia 7270 now dropped price to nearly $650. Den accompanied her down to Orchard Paragon's Metro to buy something, then we walked to City Hall and chat n rest lor. Yea jus abt dat lor...

Friday...yesterday. Ehm...actually brought down Mad's tentatively spoilt parts down to Sim Lim to test (and to get my videos) but my computer parts dealer said no time, ask me go down on Sunday. Was going thru the list for Mr Kwok's son's gaming PC when Miss Tang called me and asked regarding her system's RAM. Den I heard her mention she's in Sim Lim. Ehm??? Such a coincidence, so I went to find her. Help her saved a few bucks (and grabbed Costronic's customer under their noses) by bringing her to my preferred dealer and purchased a Kingston DDR266 512mb RAM. Went dinner wif them over at Geylang's No Sign Seafood Restaurant, den went to Miss Tang's place to install her RAM. It seems that RAM is not the complete solution to her situation as I installed the RAM only to note that system loads faster because of the various startup programs; however opening MS Word still seemed to be a chore, and IE at times lagged a lil, although it could be connection-based or loading, or both. I looked online for solutions, only to notice some pple have the M925 loaded at 100MHz. It seems the Mobo's "auto-detect" for RAM spd isn't that good - I had to manually set it to 133Mhz before it actually runs at 133Mhz (DDR is double, thus 266MHz), and I boosted the video RAM to 32MB (previously she has too little RAM to do that) so her system runs at 480 + 32 = 512MB RAM. It moved a little faster, since graphics are assigned a little more space to expand its capabilities - the speed however isn't what I expected to have improved, since Mad's PC simply ran a ted faster. While going thru SiSoftware Sandra Lite Benchmark Software, I looked at the Harddisk settings and something struck me.

PC age = ard 3 yrs.
HDD = 30gb.


How could I have forgotten that. Her HDD is causing a bit of problems probably. Went online to check her model.

Samsung XXX model - 30GB, 5400RPM.

NO WONDER!!! It slipped my mind actually cos nowadays pple use 7200RPM, and the recent days even comes wif cache. That should be the only problem left. Well, there was once which a harddisk of mine crashed in 3 mths of usage, another was under warranty servicing so I had to use my long-lasting Seagate 20GB HDD 5400RPM which really deterioted in speed though I was running with a superior GeForce4 MX440 128MB of its time (computer experts, do not argue with me since I am only making a low-end comparison). I saw the speed increase after the warranty HDD (a 30GB Maxtor running at 7200RPM) came back.

Learnt another thing again =) and reported my findings.

Came back, and today is Saturday. Morning went back HP for a TA meeting, it was refreshing jus seeing my fellow TAs who were the same batch as me; however my hands are a lil red after all the excessive clapping.

Yea, abt it then. It's about time to help my mom wif a lil stuff.

It seems that nowadays I'm better at handling new situations, but older situations will get to me tougher and on. Jus thinking abt Sunshine's issue will get me confused at times, but I guess I'm still pretty much myself and STILL stable.

People grow. I realised I've grown a lot for the past year.


Thursday, March 17, 2005

Hungry~ going for breakfast later

[CuRRent MooD:] Check title

[CuRRent Song:] Jeff Chang - 难以抗拒你容颜

Yea oldie~ but nice wat~ wat u dun like abt~

Haha joking. Before I start blogging, often I have to check when I last stopped. Nowadays I dun do daily blogging since there might be times I have too little to write, or that I'm too busy.

Stopped on Tuesday, today is Thursday. What happened?

Nice song~~~ Spring Break - Big Bad Love

"I'm so tired of your big bad love
I'm so fed up of your big bad love

LOLx...ok ok back to reality~

Tuesday...reached home early cos mom wanted me to makan red eggs cos its my lunar birthday so i did...den play games at home and tried installing VS.NET 2003 which I searched frantically. Oh man. Cocked up again!!!!!! Never mind -.- den until abt 9+ or near 10 Ber called me to complain...den I listen until I crawl to my bed, feeling a sudden surge of tiredness and dozed off till the next morning. *yawnx*

Wednesday...nothing much also. Went to change my VS.NET 2003 for another copy to try. SAME ERROR. Looks like source has problem. I gonna change to another thing already...but 3 discs, what can I change? Haix...den 'after school' Huijing called and said got something urgent to meet me so I did. Ended up is some stupid thingie. Then they asked me abt portable mp3 players and stuff, arranged on Sunday to go take a look (Vanessa has damn loads of money leh)...den go between blk 5/6 happened to see Yuling n Yuting, den Mad, den the sisters' mom. After the mom left, we went Holland V's Swensen to 'celebrate' my belated birthday. Funny thing is, they did not mention a single word of "birthday" apart when they tried to get me to treat. Duh. Realistic hor? =P been some time I went out wif them anyway. Then we came back from Holland, den go meet up wif Mad n AH-Lan - which now I should 'rename' him as ALL-Lan since it's spelt Allan and not Alan. His face red when we arrived - did something happen? :P wahaha. Then after that went home, makan den online, saw Jamie. She sent me her Client-Server Arch notes (but then they use C# instead of VB.NET) and I found that she actually has VS.NET 2003!!! ARGH! But she need to grab from her lecturer. Pretty please, Jamie??? I would appreciate it!!!

KKx la nothing much le, night playing C&C Zero Hour again. Now also another not bad song, Konrad - Forever. Later doing quite some stuff to the labs...hope Mrs Tan coming today else she holding on the installation CDs how I rebuild the system...wanna do clones also like this...ARGH...

Oh yea, I fulfilled a small want on my list - I bought myself an Absolut Vodka Vanilla. (^_^)


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Hmmm. Post #2

[CuRRent MooD:] Thinking

[CuRRent Song:] BoA - Listen to My Heart (English version)

3.0 - hmmm.


Peaceful day? Calm before the storm

[CuRRent MooD:] Relaxed

[CuRRent Song:] Brian Transeau - Flaming June

The posting page looks weird, but oh well.

Nothing much to say the least, my last update was on Sunday. Since then I've been adding pple to my previous post cos I kept missing out pple who wished me a good birthday. Come of which, I think I should think more of those who remembered rather than those whom I wanted them to remember, isn't it?

I tackled Mad's system on Sunday and boy it was a traumatic experience (nah, not that bad really). Gave me weird problems, weird beepings here and there...initially what thought to be a faulty motherboard turned out much worse. I had a report of faulty or incompatible graphics card (I slotted mine and it worked), then installation of Windows XP halts right after the files are loaded into memory. That totally stumped me, so I got Dave to help me with it.

"I tell you, it should be processor." he commented in mandarin.

-.- is she fortunate or what? Post upgrade of my system, I left behind my Duron 1200Mhz chip, my DDR2100 128MB x 2 (one suspected defective) and a ATI Radeon 7000 64MB graphics card...and to tink I utilised every single of them to her system. I changed the processor (I hate detaching processors from the motherboard) and ta-da! It worked. -.- Mobo changed, processor down, graphics card down. Her system now is running at AMD Duron 1.2GHz (mine), Abit VA20 Mobo (hers), ATI Radeon 7000 64MB (mine), Kingston DDR2100 384MB (256 - hers, 128 - mine). Talking about 'hybrids' or 'corporation'...

Got her system completely up and working yesterday (this morning to be exact, at 12+ midnight), and off I went home. Another computer job done, her name is off the list. Kaiwei's comp is currently managed by her own brother, Jinhui and Jos is not looking for me just yet to solve problems so I guess it's free for me at the moment. Ms Tang did ask about upgrading options though.

Oh yea, yesterday evening I met up wif Vivi cos she was down on budget and could not afford her cosmetics...I guess the only way I can encourage on her quest for stardom (ok that sounds exaggerating) is to support just dis lil bit of stuff, hence I went down Jurong Point to meet up wif her and Geraldine. I can tell Ger is a crap person (just like me), jus that probably cos of my existence she's not duly comfortable just yet. After that Ger left and we went McCafe to sit chat and makan. Then I went home, mop the floor and went to help Mad wif her comp. She seems pretty happy right now things are on track.

That's abt it.

Oh yea I knoe my current skin sucks. I'll see what I can do. *shakes brain profusely*


Sunday, March 13, 2005

Look at what time it is now...

[CuRRent MooD:] Tired. . .

[CuRRent Song:] Global Bass Players - Love Insights (Club Mix)

Finally done with my second blogskin! Somehow I felt it doesn't look as nice as the first, but it is probably due to the plain background picture that I got compared to the previous.

My last update was on Friday, so these two days are not really that fascinating.

Shall I say "Happy Birthday to myself"?

Here is the list of pple who somehow, anyhow, nohow remembered my birthday:

My mom
Jiankai (He remembered. I am touched)
Ms Tang (she jus popped me a gift while I was troubleshooting in the staff room)
Hikki (Friendster)
Kitson (Friendster)
Huilun (Friendster - sorry forgot add u :P)
Karin (Friendster)

Those who "remembered" after I thick-skin ask for bday greeting:

My brother

Looks like a big list? Well maybe. But try looking closer at the list and guess why I'm disappointed.

Only Desy and Vivi of My Affinity remembered.

All older godsisters forgot. Pat forgot. Ting forgot (again). Michelle greeted way too early. Lydia, MH forgot.

To say the least, Jiankai, my primary school buddy actually remembered. I was very touched.

All these shall not bother me next year.

Friday, went to pei Sylvia walk walk. Originally thought watch movie the end didn't. Hang out Promenade Park. -.- what a way to pass my birthday. Oh yea, went to IT Show and bought...NOthing.

Saturday, helped out at home wif "mei cai" as my mum prepares it for dinner...den I went out to Sim Lim and helped Mad to buy an Abit Mobo...I bought myself a NU DVD-Burner...den met Ben and Kaiwei, wif Mad and her fren Alan wif me too. Went home wif Mad. Yea abt it.

Finally, I finished my blogskin. Gonna go sleep now. Eleen contacted me at 4 plus and asked if I'm asleep. Sorry gurl I wasn't - but I switched off my phone. Hope you are ok, and catch up with you soon.

Take care guys...

*happy birthday to me~*

OH YES, please go over to Miss Fabulous' blog. This post (click here) is an interesting one.


Friday, March 11, 2005

Friday! Wee~

[CuRRent MooD:] Neutral, happy n not so happy, but not tired

[CuRRent Song:] Nuage - Baby Get My Fire Tonight

Lalala~ today hor~ nothing lor...~

Last update was Wednesday, that night I went to Ms Tang's place to do her comp, which unfortunately I can do nothing to make it any faster. The Mhz thing really got me thinking. After that we went to an Indonesian Restaurant to makan (her treat, she insisted), then I went up her house again to chill a lil n watch tv, made a bit of small talk. Den left at 10pm back home.

Ytd, after school went walk walk wif Sylvia cos she needed shop for clothes for her DnD but the end also didn't shop much la...jus talk cock n stuff lor...

Later going IT Show see got bargains anot...den dunno who to meet or wat to meet...haha~...

Nothing much la. This week passed quite quickly. Morrow supposed to be out wif Mr Interesting Boring Man and his friend, den dunno still got wat lor. Haha. What a way to spend today.

Oh yea, my 'cheap' Nokia 7270 has gone down the drain. Seller say can't find. SIan.

For those "...Got Heart Will Know...", thank you very much...


Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Tired. Tired. Tired.

[CuRRent MooD:] Tired. Tired. Tired.

[CuRRent Song:] Delerium - After All (Svenson and Gielen)

Tired - physically
Tired - emotionally
Tired - mentally

End of story.



Not in much mood to blog, but jus do so anyway. Ytd went 2 Sylvia's place 2 do her comp. Her sis almost got me infuriated in fumes when she said something which doubted my professionalism of dealing wif computers. I can't believe she hasn't heard that every computer nowadays at least needs a virusscan at the very bare minimun (and a firewall to couple it)...and she jus indirectly hinted the system became unstable BECOS I installed Norton Antivirus + Firewall. OMG. I was really mad abt it, but seeing Sylvia moody I jus decided against it but soon still did go ahead wif formatting. Oh yea maybe I can't blame her sis, I should blame her sis' fren instead 4 giving weird information like Norton Antivirus is cause of system slowing down. I admit using Antivirus will cause the system 2 be a lil slower cos of the scanning, but the spywares, adwares, and viruses are the main cause of it. I'm impressed by how much shit the system has got into. If the computer is a pet, then I felt sorry for this poor puppy.

Today is another oh-so-busy day, donated some PCs, did some stuff, move PC here dere...later on going to rectify Ms Tang's computer problem. Yea. That will be another computer rectified under my name...or 'tourage'. LOLx.

Sometimes WinXP really got on my nerves becos of the permissions stuff. Oh well wat to do. -.-

Whose PC am I left wif?

- Jos?
- Jinhui?
- Mad?

I tink Mad's the next one I gonna tackle.

Oh yea Desy and I chatted over the phone ytd till 3am. LOLx. Long time no chat wif her, not too bad spending time wif her dis way, or a way another. At least she remembers. She does have some heart to the matter though.

"...Got heart will know..."


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Let's go to the show~

[CuRRent MooD:] A bit tired, a bit smile, ok lor

[CuRRent Song:] Dave Rodgers - Let's Go To The Show K2 Auto Messe

As said in the earlier post, I went out wif Sunshine and watched A Series of Unfortunate Events. Anyway let me backtrack a lil.

Went to meet up wif Sylvia over at Orchard. Went to Apple Centre, and walk to Cineleisure, den to PS to meet up wif Patrick and Limin (her frens). Den went over to Park Mall to makan Hans (which I tink is not worth the money) which after that we took train to Lakeside and went to Limin's place which we took cab (and I paid). Reach there le Limin's mom almost immediately got us playing blackjack which I'm fortunate enough to not lose any money at all. However they got me to play Daidee which the end I lost till only left 2 dollars I think. Of cos, I didn't really lose a lot, but being winning then losing is quite a sian feeling lor. After that sent Sylvia back home before I went home in NR5.
Sometimes I can't understand why Sylvia can still hold on the feelings she has for me. I mean I didn't really do anything much that will make her feel so touched (well I guess that's what I assume) but it seems she still has the feelings for me. I really wonder if I should consider the relationship again. That brings us to Sunday.

Woke up at ehm...11am. Hmmm. Supposed to go Ms Tang's place at 1230. Rest a while more. When I woke up, I checked my phone - 1210. OMG! ARGH! Msged her to say I'll be late, then got myself to prepare the stuff (well I brought out the same bag I bring to work everyday), den en route Ms Tang's place.
Took bus 75 and stopped at NP's second bus stop. Walked over the place I supposed to go (I had the complimentary directory by NTUC and it really rocks!) and checked out the address. Hmmm. Bukit Timah. Apartments. I recalled I'm supposed to call her so I did. Then she guided me to her place and I went up.
Well I must say seeing Ms Tang in casual is a lil different from seeing her in school (well of course there is a difference. DuH), then I wasted no time and tried diagnosed her system. First thing I noticed - slow. Second thing? Slow. Third thing...still SLOW. What's wrong? I thought it's running some old PC but turned out it's a P4 1.6GHz. Where has gone wrong...oh. RAM = 128MB. But still, WinXP should not run THIS slow under 128MB's SDRAM. Checked BIOS - 100MHz assigned to SDRAM. Looks like SDRAM. Checked wif Dave my dealer and his first exclamation is "Impossible!" cos his knowledge dictates that P4 does not run on SDRAM, which was what I remembered too...however the BIOS really stated 100MHz. What is wrong? She told me IE can't work, so I had to reinstall IE = reinstall OS since IE is incorporated into WinXP. Oh man IT IS SLOW. I can't imagine that 1.6GHz + 128MB RAM can be THIS slow. Bla Bla bLa.
Once again, I upheld the fact that chatting wif pple ard my age does have its nice advantages. Chatting wif Ms Tang is no exception either, and her status being someone from China did make me more interested to know more abt her life and stuff so we jus got into casual conversations like school, food, and some other stuff - of cos not leaving computers since that's the precise reason why I'm at her house in the first place. I do have to say she has a nice smile. I like gals who are cute and has a nice smile. NO NO NO do not drift your mind to any stupid dimension. Ms Tang's a teacher and I respect teachers for their profession and their patience towards teaching. I guess it's a nice experience to spend the day with her making small talk and explaining to her abt comp stuff which I notice she does try to make light of what I'm trying to say. Really a learning teacher - I checked out her house and saw like wow, books and books - learning English, better English bla bla bla...I must admit she really worked hard to be what she is right now.
After I managed to install her WinXP, I had her to find the CDs associated wif the hardware as well as the receipt. I am marvelled as she actually keeps them in check and even the receipt is kept pretty well - I'm so full of applause for her neatness and organisation. I read the receipt. -.- 128MB DDR SDRAM. JUST WHAT IS HAPPENING??? Wait. I read an article abt overclocking a week ago and they mentioned abt tweaking speeds and stuff. Does that mean the BIOS cocked up the settings? To only underrun DDR at 100MHz instead of 266MHz (133 x 2)??? OMG! I better check that out the next visit, since I need to install my spare DDR266 RAM so she can boost her system.
I started at 1315 and ended at ard 2000. OMG it's like 7 hours spent at her place wif her computer!!! I can't believe I took THAT long to setup a system! Ouch. LOLx...
I left her place and went to meet Ben n Kaiwei cos Ben is abt to go for NS in SCDF, while Kaiwei wanted some neopics. By the time we met it's 2100. -.- duh. After hanging ard a bit, went home.

Nothing much since I updated a lil. Just doing the usual stuff at school, had Ms Tang returning me my price list which I left at her place. Escalating computers, vendor comes bla bla bla. Yea then went watch movie wif Sunshine in the evening. It's not too bad a show really, since I'm a Jim Carrey fan I do not really mind too much abt the story which takes a narrative role. Jim is really a talented person. The female lead is pretty cute too =) lolx I heard she won some academy award isn't it?

I have to turn in soon. Everyone's system are starting to collapse. I have now...Sylvia, Joselyn, Ms Tang (resolved but RAM issue...), Madelind (waiting for Mobo change), Jinhui (which he says is still ok)...who else...yea just abt it. Really a lot of visiting to do. I guess if I earn $30 per visit, I would have made a small lil pile - unfortunately I do not accept money for such help if I treat them as friends, even in the case of Ms Tang which can be considered a colleague and to-be-friend?

Oh yea. On sunday, Ms Tang did ask me some opinions abt R/S and love but not much. Got me to rethink my opinions again. The same old paradox - to like a person more than the person liking you, or vice versa. I chose the former. However...if I uphold the former, Sylvia will be out of question as I felt she likes me certainly more than I like her. I do suspect of another girl who likes me, but the similar situation happens anyway since I treat that girl as a friend too...well it's only a suspicion so no speculations. As per Ms Tang's view(and mine), she said it's almost very hard to find someone who likes you the same as you do for the other person. That I have to agree, don't you agree too?

Just a final note. While I was checking her system, I saw the name "Angel Tang". Cool. Angel is a cool english name on pple, but that is only if the name and the person fits. I think Ms Tang is ok wif Angel as her english name, besides her chinese name is close to the english name somehow. Just read it fast and you'll get it. Her chinese name is 唐安琼. Am I giving too much away? Only Mad belongs to my school now, so I hope she doesn't get too carried away.

Another note. While I was on way home after Sunshine went back home, I saw some neighbours. You know, there is just one of this things I really HATE in life - the feeling of being invisible. The feeling of being treated as invisible. That gal saw me, but she seemed oblivious. It did not only happen once. Is there anything wrong wif me that she chose to do so? Am I such a disgraceful person to be with, such that she does not want to acknowledge my existence in front of her friends? Even to say, I have seen one of those friends that she was wif. Puzzling. Maybe I tink too much.

I'm off to bed. What a long entry =)


Monday, March 07, 2005

I realise...

[CuRRent MooD:] Tired but slightly rejuvenated

[CuRRent Song:] Klubbheroes - Poco Loco

...dat I've not blogged abt my sat, sun and today. I'll blog probably later in the night.

Later going to catch a show wif Sunshine.

Today's another busy day, though it is more distributed compared to last week. There will be more things to do, but I'll certainly be able to handle it. =)

Ok, about time to go. =) see ya later pple =)


Saturday, March 05, 2005

Fine bright Saturday

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine, a little bored

[CuRRent Song:] Dave and Domino - Don't Close Your Eyes

"Don't close your eyes tonight
Give it up give it up
Don't run away
Don't change your heart this time
Baby come on
I wanna stay

Don't close your eyes tonight
Move it up move it up
Ready to fly
I gonna be all right
Baby be mine
Don't close your eyes tonight"

Gonna be out in an hour's time. Jus find time to come here blog. I know I've not been blogging for two days but I'm rather busy in school. Nothing much had happened really...thursday I went for a jog to Orchard again, this time onli stopping at Plaza Singapura. Yea, now I'm still getting the aches on my legs, though they are not serious at all.

Jus now went to meet my Financial Consultant abt my plan and also passing me the official document, had chat and accompanied her have lunch. I must admit that sometimes I do find myself enjoying company from ladies ard my age (opps I exposed her age =P) since they certainly have lived life longer to have and share more experiences...that's just abt the advantage really. Of cos there are more, jus dat I'm not really bothered that much to make mentions.

I should be going over to Ms Tang's place at noon time morrow to repair her comp. Hopefully it can be settled though =)

Ytd I went to school, went into office and saw a newspaper cutting that says abt a teacher and student in school suspected of an r/s and behaving intimately, though they denied by saying they are just on very close terms. The teacher is currently suspended as of writing. I guess I try to understand MOE's take on this matter, saying that they will "deal with the teacher harsh punishment should there be positive findings"...but love is a very abstract matter I guess. It's hard for us to take the couple or MOE's stand to anything at all. They might have age difference, but that shouldn't stop anything. It's just how society decides to take on the matter. Of cos, MOE has parents to account for, that is the main reason why they want to take on such matters seriously. What can they punish the guy wif? Loss of his job? If that guy can be punished by law, let me be the one laughing out badly - it's like saying "Law punishes those in love"...I guess the worse case scenario is the guy losing his job. They can't punish the girl much as well, they can't force her to quit school or anything as well - very most counselling. It's going to be tough to keep such relationships going since the parents will be tough to tackle (I think it's sec sch environment), but wif effort anything is possible. Parents may want their kids to do well in studies, since that's just about the kid's most impt thing to do, but wif motivation is all it matters. No motivation = can't do anything. If they are really madly in love, this will be a very messy affair if not taken deep into account.

Of cos, one can say now that the guy is only fooling around. *shrugs* good and bad guys exist, don't they? By now I guess you readers will probably noe my stand - I do not mind such things so long they do not affect a much bigger picture in the near future. Well, I'm not a parent and so I think this way - perhaps when I have a daughter of my own, I might also be apprehensive? We'll see =)

Stop here for now. Continue my WE8 =)


Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Today Wednesday, 2nd March. WHERE IS MY NOKIA 7270~~~

[CuRRent MooD:] Tired, irritated

[CuRRent Song:] S.W.A.T. feat. Real - Eins Zwei Polize

Look at the title. Yea. WHERE IS MY NOKIA 7270!!! Irritating sia...the guy smsed me saying the batch got manufacturing fault -.- to wait for a week later...

Monday night was my ORD Dinner. OK la, met up wif bunkmates and sorta followed up lor. Of cos as usual see that most interesting boring man, Mr Chee Weiteck. Nothing too much abt it, jus dat I saw my bro's fren when I was on way home. Den play WE8 at home.

Ytd quite busy lor, rebuild system and stuff. Then waited for the phone I purposely didn't go out lor. Ms Tang didn't get back to me either, so I guess she's busy or tired or somethin but I didn't really get bothered a bit since I was waiting for my phone. That guy also so funny, last moment den say phone got prob. Hope he no more stunt lor. Play WE8...

Sigh. Like dat lor. My life is like the same same one..haha...never mind la...

Got myself a mind can be quite creative at times ;)

"When you want everybody, you end up having nobody. When you do not need anybody, you will end up with somebody."

Yea sounded lame, but I think it's rather true. That's how life is, how fate decreeds.