Monday, November 27, 2006

Just a small Monday blues?

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine

[CuRRent Song:] Renegade Masters - Nasty Girl (Iceman Radio Edit)

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] "Boh Tao" fish + Rice / Pokka Green Tea

It'll be stupid if I gonna backtrack every single event from last Weds onwards, but oh well here goes.

Wednesday (22nd Nov)

This sucked. Initially thought go Dbl O, so I went there damn early (ard 8pm) to avoid cover charge (first drink was a beer costing $6), then walked a bit to pass time...and went back to Dbl O. After waiting for like hours (and having the waiter asked me twice for orders), I had little choice but to order a Vodka Orange. Wait...10 mins, Sharon called...

Sharon: Luke you inside?
Me: Yea?
Sharon: I tell you something leh...
Me: What?
Sharon: The gals now all stuck outside!
Me: (bewildered) why?
Sharon: We all 18, Dbl O need 21 to come in!
Me: (SHIT) then how?
Sharon: Dunno, now the guys can come in we cannot! How?
Me: I bought a jug liao then you tell me!
Sharon: Then how? I think we go Momo lor...
Me: (-.- Momo) Ok lah, you all go ahead, let me finish the jug den I go over...

There I was, 1 person drinking a jug of Vodka Orange seeing a malay couple smooching and necking, an ang moh with a chinese woman, and some whole lots of females. After managing to finish the jug, off I went Momo (walked there).


Reached - paid $18.
Saw Sharon, Hikki, Hogan, Eugene, some other people.
Ate cake.
Called dad, went home.


Thursday (23 Nov)

Went to find Cellie for her early dinner, den went to PS slack, den sent her home, den sent myself home. (I think that's it)

Friday (24 Nov)

Work and work, then went to Lau Pat Sat with Leong and Malcolm to eat, drink and be merry (LOL)...then after hanging for a while, we went our separate ways and I stopped at Raffles Place MRT and rested for more than 1/2 hour before I went over to "fetch" Cellie - we met up for like 20 mins before she went home in her dad's car (yes, I took the train home).

Saturday (25 Nov)

Morning went market with my mom, then bought newspaper for my bro in Shanghai. After reading the papers, played a bit of maple and rested for 2 hours before I went over to PS. Before that, I bumped onto Dan in MSN and he mentioned about MU for his bday - ok lah, this one sure give face!

After hanging around for quite a bit, I met up with Bryan and chatted a little more. By 10+ most of them had arrived and we proceeded to Carrefour to "stock up" - one Vodka with Mango, and mixers includes Cranberry juice, Passionfruit + assorted fruit juice and Sprite. Went to the Istana park area to drink up (8 pax) den went to MU.

MU was a disappointment. After my long absence from that place, they are still playing the same music. I can't believe it. After hanging till 3am, we went to makan and chat till 4+ and went home.

Sunday (26 Nov)

Woke up after like 4 hours of sleep, do stuff den went to Orchard to walk. Can't find my stuff, walked down to Centrepoint area. Still cannot, walked to PS and see if got Yam bubble tea for Cellie. Nope, walked to Paradiz. NOPE, walked to Bugis' Rockery and bought that bubble tea, took train down to Raffles Place to meet up Cellie for "dinner" @ Mac. Makan and makan, after pei her finish I went down to PS and guess what, saw Kenny! Haha...den hang ard with him, saw Valerie (happens to be his guild member in "Pangya (fantasy golf game)") and waste time at PC Bunk. After that went to BK @ PS, chat till nearly 10pm before I went off to fetch Cellie back home.

Today (27 Nov)

Work and work in QR. Boon² gave me a scare today with her frustrated mood, leaving zero value to feminism (well, in a bad mood a demure lady can turn into a monster, that's just how it is) but I tried my means to cool her down and make sure everything's okay. Well, I earned a "Thanks Luke" which I guess brightened my evening. =)'s Tuesday. DUH. Just sent out resumes - hope there is response hehe...'ll be my lovely Penguin and I'll hold you tightly in my arms. =)


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Idiotic GeeAssKay

[CuRRent MooD:] Tired

[CuRRent Song:] Deep Spirit - You're The One That I Want (Bass Up! Remix)

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Si Chuan Vege + Rice / Plain Water

Summary of the week: I think Malcolm went on leave on the wrong week. I don't see the team collapse when I'm gone 2 weeks due to pox, but this week is ridiculous.

Add on stupid pple wif stupid facts, managers hunting you down, various feedback, stupid cases, and a contractual meeting that took twice as long as pple went out of topic, all you get is less time on your hands.

When pple of your team gets pissed off, you certainly know that something is wrong. When I'm pissed, I don't see it as a whole - but when part of my team gets pissed, I can feel something is wrong. Add on the bad weather, you get extremely tough conditions for deployment. Everything is going wrong to say the least.

Cases increase like 6 per day, and that stupid upgrade makes cases increase.

I'm going mad if this continues.

Today's post-work activities: Accompanied Sujun back home, sent Cellie back home. Stopped at mac. Ate mac food. Ate seaweed.

Morrow is Dbl O Night...hope things go well on Sharon's 18th birthday? =)


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Freaking idiotic Monday @ GeeAssKay

[CuRRent MooD:] Tired

[CuRRent Song:] Mysterio - Show Me The Light

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Si Chuan Vege + Rice (blissful)

Today I didn't even have much time to ST, let alone MSN or blog. Madness, GeeAssKay is driving me mad!!!

Ok I'll try to blog my past days' events in this post...gonna be tough though :p


Initially thought of meeting up with Sharon, but things held up at work - one server harddisk failure (as of current time I forgot to raise the form to change hardware - oh damn, gonna be toasted again)...den by the time I knock off it's like 730pm...den took the company bus back to JP, den I took train to fetch Cellie from work.

Someone msged me...Pat. Hmm what's up? Well she jio me go After 5, den I was like wah....dunno can anot...but after cancelling Sharon's appt it became much easier to I jus told her I'll confirm later. She added that Weiming (our poly fren) was around, so she hoped I could attend...oh well, I went to fetch Cellie from work and sent her home while I took the train back towards Bugis area and walked to After 5 after a certain message......

"My mummy miss you...Weiming is here...come leh Kor..."

Ok I HAD to go.

Reached there and saw a birthday gathering, den I saw Weiming and Pat's mum. Greeted them and made small talk, and saw Pat and greeted. Chat a bit, Weiming poured Chivas wif green tea (thank God it's Pokka!) and I was like "am I drinking green tea..." so I asked Weiming...he said he did pour Chivas. Ok guess I'm so used to 1/3 to half cup Chivas so I poured more...and Weiming seemed taken aback. Haha...den Pat came along and starting boasting about my ability to hold liquor (which is rather untrue) den by the time we finished that 1/3 bottle of Chivas it's not too much effect (I take Whiskey-class alcohol) and Pat brought in Vodka. Oh shit. I'm not too good with that.

Den drink and drink, tah and tah...(a bit nia) got a bit of high, den called Cellie to have a rubbish chat and tipsy lullaby...hahaha...den went back to After 5 and continued the night.

After 5 proceeded closing @ 2:30am and Pat actually said "Kor, I dun assume you are going back so early right?"...oh well, next thing I know I'm in Club Momo (first sua-ku visit) and come to think, the 2 shots did little effect to me. Anyway went in walk walk, and Pat persuaded me to dance (I SUCK AT R&B) which I tried...yeah it was ok but my stamina was low due to such long term of inactivity (when was the last time I went nightspot and danced? I DUNNO!!!) seems Pat and Weiming are so impressed by my dance (which I think is really NOTHING special) so oh well, dunno what to react? LOL...and yea, that tequila girl robbed me of $30 (a shot to Pat, to Weiming and me) which is certainly EXPENSIVE compared to Dbl O's $3 per shot...den hang on that place till 530am...den Pat and some others went back, leaving me with Weiming, and oh yea I forgot.

I saw Vivian @ After 5. Vivian is someone I got to know during the "MS" arcade days and she was still in secondary school dat time I think! To think she's working in After 5, it was a pleasant surprise we could remember each other. Ok I digressed, left with me, Weiming, Vivian, some guy and a lady I forgot her name. Ok walked Weiming to bus stop and myself to train and went home.

Reached home 7+am and become a zombie.


Slpt till 3pm! LOL my mummy was not very happy cos I promised her to go market :P but nvm she forgives me :P keke...den rushed to meet Sharon as I've re-arranged the shopping thingie to the Saturday. Met up @ Suki Sushi at Cine, and chatted till about 5:30pm and walked to Far East Plaza.

I have to say something...either something is wrong wif me, or the season is wrong - there seemed nothing for eh, (I can't find a good term) gals wif more eh, weight? Ok ok we walked a lot and settled a while, took a pic, den we continued walk n walk down all the way to PS.

Walked her to bus stop and she took a bus home, I walked back PS to makan LJS. Den took train down to meet Cellie and up to Yishun to watch Covenant. To my opinion it's not worth the weekend price. As I discussed it with Kamisah, dis is what I said:

"You want story, also dun have much story. You want action, also not much. Effects? Not really. Babes? Eh a few sparingly. Don't even have steamy action, den what do you want from this show???" - Kamisah laughed.

Ok anyway I sent her back and me back home.


Woke up in the morning after a few hours of sleep, and accompanied my mum to market. Den went home a while and went to have lunch with Cellie and complained about the stupid things that happened recently in my household. He's really hopeless, for those who can guess - yeah you will know who I am talking about. Den after that walked her back office, den I walked to PS.

Yes I WALKED back.

Went PC Bunk and surprise, I saw Eddie and his new gf Shirley. They played Maple till 7+ and we went eat LJS (yes again). Then talk a lot of cock, den we sent the lady to the bus stop den after that walked back to PS. I went "shopping" @ Carrefour, went to Star Factory and COMPLETED a game of SPF (finally) and went down Zone-X, den I went back to fetch Cellie back home.

Sent Cellie back, she carried Fee out (surprising tamed) and had Fee licking my hands and near my lip (wow, what an experience) and had a chat. A good chat...and went home.

To Cellie...

...thank you for everything.

Conversation of the day (sunday):

Me: What? You signed the line for him?
Eddy: Yeah lor, didn't know will be like that.
Me: Very sorry ah Eddy, you know when he got the line you know what I said?
Eddy: What?
Me: Dun angry hor.
Eddy: Wun lah, say.
Me: "I wonder who that KAM GONG guy who signed him the line..."

(I think Shirley laughed)

Eddy: Yeah lor, I am the KAM GONG guy...

Oh well, hope I don't hear such NONSENSE again. He is lucky to have escaped a wrath - probably due to my sms I sent him as a final caution of goodwill.

Let's just pray it won't happen EVER AGAIN.


Thursday, November 16, 2006

A normal Thursday?

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine, but a bit bored

[CuRRent Song:] DJ Jason Chow - The Masterplate Mighty Mix Volume One (Disc 1)

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Fish + Rice

Talking about Wednesday, the thing of note for that day was that after work we had dinner. What's so special about it? Well, what was initially planned as a drinking session of 3 guys turned out to be a dinner session of 3 guys and 2 ladies! LOL what a surprise.

Went to Jurong Point lvl 3 foodcourt to makan and chat till 8+, then accompanied Mal to change money, den walked Shirley (FIN lady) ard to see shoes, den suggested to continue chatting somewhere while having a drink. Suggested McCafe and introduced Double Chocolate to Shirley which is to her liking. We finished ard 10pm and I went back after that.

This sums up yesterday, for today also nothing too much...met up with Sujun and went to Jurong Point and had Mac. Sat at McCafe and it's me again introducing Double Chocolate which she thinks is not bad too. After chatting a bit and eating the fries, we went our separate ways.

That's my 2 days' worth. About time to slp eh? Oh yeah my Bandit is finally level 56. Morrow will be meeting up with Sharon (my youngest gf ever last time) to walk n shop a bit, den if time allows will go some other location...LOL...(I mean me, not wif Sharon)

Please let me have a nice weekend =P


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A day of Leave

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine

[CuRRent Song:] Cascada - One More Night (Dan Winter Edit)

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Mei Cai + Duck meat + Rice / Plain water

Yesterday evening...

After work, helped Sujun to bring stuff back, den went back home to take a bath and check stuff online, den prepared myself and went out to meet Cellie from work. Yeah, she knocks off at 10pm for the remainder of the month...

Met up wif her and we took train to Bugis and walked over to makan indian food - Chicken Murturbak for me, Egg and Cheese Prata for her. Chatted a bit (that was our dinner + supper), drank Milo Dinosaur and listened to Hindi songs on the radio! Cellie actually recorded one which sounded rather interesting, but I don't think she captured much of it. After relaxing over there till 11+, we walked over to Bugis MRT to try our luck at last train. Ok, there is a last train but...

...eventually we had to stop at Clementi, flagged a cab and sent her home...which I did send myself home after that.

End of last night.

Woke up ard 2 today, initial plan was to do some household chores (cleaning) and helping mum to prepare the "mei cai"...asked dad to buy my lunch and soon abt 20mins after he left, it rained. Oh well. Den I proceeded to cut mei cai....den my mum cancelled the chores cos my 3rd Aunt came to find my mummy for a chat. After that...nothing much, today jus do lots of surfing, chatting and mapling...maple not really too much, but finally by now as of writing it's over 60%. There could be a slight possibility of leveling by tomorrow.

Should be turning in anytime soon. Not bothered to talk about what happened yesterday night when I saw my mum at the corridor and she started blaring at me abt someone else's stuff...and about today where some stupid issues caused Kamisah to be unable to take off for her studying. I wish that she will pass her exams on Friday though.

Oh well, end of blog. Gonna make some changes to my blog soon - wishlist and minor changes.


Monday, November 13, 2006

When Darkness fall...(stupid post)

[CuRRent MooD:] Wondering, pondering mood

[CuRRent Song:] Stupid Server Room Fanout Remix

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Mei Cai + Curry Chicken + Rice / Meiji Chocolate Milk


When darkness falls everyday, what are we thinking? Are we happy it came, or refute the day has come to an end?

When darkness comes to you one day, what will you be thinking? Is Light too overwhelming on you that you have decided to take solace in Darkness? People sometimes do not embrace the Light as many people wanted to. As such, everyone has a different view to what the Light or the Dark might really be.

As you lived in the darkness, do you feel the chill binding to yourself, suffocating your every breath? Or do you embrace the darkness and hold on to it as Light never returns?

Light gives a chance and destroys Darkness. Would you have wished Darkness never came, or appreciated the Light has arrived? Do you even wish Light did not come?

In Darkness we rest our minds and heal our souls. In Light we make minds work and souls interacting. Does this make sense?

Deviating from a topic to another...

Darkness or Light holds little meaning to me for now. I stayed in Darkness with no results, and Light does not seem to find a place for me. Maybe the Light isn't that bright after all. I wanted solace - Light or Dark does not matter anymore.

Is it so hard to give your all, and get appreciated in return? Is it hard to give love and only to get some in return?

Is my love in the Light or in Darkness...this I have no answer for now.

I guess my current post held multiple meanings. As per topic, it's a stupid post.


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Then again...

[CuRRent MooD:] Sianz

[CuRRent Song:] Cascada - How Do You Do (EXR Reconstruction)

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] NA

Come to think of it, I shouldn't have blogged about it. No point continuing making another person feel more sorry than she is.

I can still include my cat pics though =)

Cat looking at me
Cat turns around the pillar


A Dottie way to end my Sunday

[CuRRent MooD:] Weird

[CuRRent Song:] Lilu - Little Girl (Eiffel 65 Remix)

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Rice + Wintermelon Soup

PM @ GSK ended ard 3pm as it dragged on real late due to one of the servers having an unusual issue. Went to LJS and makan lunch, den after dallying a lil, went up to arcade to watch pple play Time Crisis 4 and after deciding a while, played DDR in sandals. Last time I couldn't have done so, but when i can play DDR in my workwear, I don't see why I can't in sandals - and I failed Dam Daridam @ last stage. -.- duh...

Rested a short while, then went over to Raffles to fetch Cellie, den pei her to Tiong Bahru MRT which I went straight home as she wanted to meet up with a friend. Prior to that we've agreed to watch Covenent @ JP (upon her considering that I have to work early on the next day while she can wake up much later) so I bought the tickets beforehand.

Reached home, rested, den I ate dinner and prepared myself to go out.......

.....walked just out of my carpark to Block 9, only to receive her phonecall which she mentioned that she was held up by something and unable to make it to the show. Bo bian lor, turned back and went back home...but well, at least my neighbourhood cats made me smile a lil amidst the disappointment.

To Cellie: I'm not blaming you or anything ok...just feeling disappointed about the whole thing so I hope you don't misintepret my blog post. I jus need somewhere to let off steam :P hehe...I'm quite fine about it and I hope your stuff gets settled well. =) remember to tell me what happened at least I wun feel the tics are so wasted :P keke...

Here are some pics...actually only 2 pics of THE CAT...

Cat looking at me

Cat turns around the pillar


Saturday, November 11, 2006

A normal Sunday @ GeeAssKay

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine, a little little bit tired

[CuRRent Song:] Basic Element - This Must Be A Dream 2005 (Radio Edit)

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] You Tiao

Today only started for about 3 hours, so let me blog yesterday ba..

Lemme think...hahaha...

Gingko please.

Started the day with accompanying mum to market, den reached home on PC do a bit of stuff, maple a bit...den was about to meet Celena for lunch when my bro asked me to wait for him...ended up I'm late...sigh.

Met up Cellie for lunch @ Mos Burger, den proceeded to PS and walk walk a bit...den went to PC Bunk. By then tired liao..msged Cellie a bit..den I actually tried dozing off on the sofa! Keke..not bad much noise I can rest lor..but that was until 2 guys came to the PCs beside me and blasted Audition music till I really cannot tahan...den went up PS Star Factory to play Puzzle Fighter...

...when I saw Andrew (shit I forgot his name but it seems that's his name from what i can remember) playing Puzzle Fighter wif his frens. Ok time to not spend money but instead look at them play. Quite funny to say the least, I left the place ard 5+ down back to Raffles to fetch Cellie and off we went over Bugis to meet her good fren, Orange.

As Orange was late I accompanied her walking about shopping a little till Orange arrived to the scene b4 I made my way down to Sim Lim Sq to get stuff for myself. Jus so happens I recall the scene where Cellie is busy smacking the mouse's right button just to get the menu out that I realised she really needs a new mouse. Walked ard a little and got my wireless dongle and also her mouse - got the sakura pink MS mouse for her. Walked back to Bugis direction to find them...

I arrived at Watsons and found them at ZA booth. The first thing Orange asked me was "which side of my face looks better?" I was like O.o but realised that she was testing foundation as what Cellie told me when I arrived at the scene. Practically said, both sides looked almost the same to me but after figuring a moment I said "my left...which is your right.". I guess I had a good guess since Cellie agrees with me as well. Speaking of agreement, it's strange of how our thoughts got interlinked. I was just mentioning to her about watching a movie today and was about to mention Covenent when she beat me to it. Ok that's No.1.

Back to where I left off, they wandered in Watsons for a short while before making the way to Bugis Village...not without Orange going over to Rockery for a bubble drink which brought me to No.2 - Cellie suggested drinking bubble tea which I agreed. When we walked over, I asked her what she wanted and she said "I feel like drinking Pearl Milk Tea today."...I was like -.- how come I thought of the same thing!!! Initially before I reach there I wanted Almond Milk Tea but the end decided the no-frills Pearl Milk Tea...such a coincidence.

Ok I'm deviating. B4 going over to Bugis Village, we stopped by this accessory place which is in the building of Seiyu (beside-beside the ATMs) and they were like on steroids - looking thru the accessories. Yeah I know I should be anticipating this but it's ok...haha. Came a part which they said about earrings and mentioned they wanna try accessories on me, well my immediate response was "u all sponsor lor" and they actually went wif the flow...-.- good thing that meant as a joke else I'll get killed by my mum b4 I know it.

Went over to Bugis Village only to have them walk n walk thru the shops on the second level, looking thru lots of clothes, accessories and bags and getting my suggestion about them. On this day I got to know something abt Orange - she's really good at NOT making choices, as in hesitating at any possible chances. She can simply freeze at a spot for 10 mins or so deciding what to buy...which I simply told her "You just choose odd or even for each of the items, den look at the time to decide what to buy." but of cos she did not take my advice and continue to indulge in self-thought before decided on that white bag which I mentioned would be a better buy.

We walked back downstairs and were deciding what to eat - this is No.3 - the time when Cellie asked if I'm hungry and I responded a little, I've already thought of KFC but wasn't a very serious thought. As Orange asked Cellie what will be the dinner for the night (it's about 10pm by then), Cellie responded "I feel like eating KFC..." oh man WHAT GIVES! I don't quite believe it and exclaimed "again???" - it does not mean the KFC issue but the similar thoughts issue. Probably some electromagnetic waves got thru both of us at the same time yesterday. Anyway, off we went KFC thru the side alley and first thing Orange yelped in worry was "I hope there are no cockroaches!"...I turned to them and replied in the Kung Pow way, "There will BE no cockroaches..." and Cellie responded "got cockroaches Luke will also step on them lah..."...hahaha seriously speaking, how many times in life have I purposely stepped on a cockroach to kill it? Once - when I was with Michelle and she was terrified of that cockroach lurking around when we were chatting downstairs her place years ago. In my immediate defensive response I killed the poor roach which in theory did not stand a chance against me. Oh well, Kor's duty what, what to do...

After walking past the alley which indeed had a lack of cockroaches, I said to Orange, "See I told you there are no cockroaches. They have gone to LJS." and she responded "why ah? LJS got a lot of cockroaches is it?" response was, "no, cos they smell the LJS scent and went over. Anyway you needn't have to read into my words too much =)"...soon we walked over KFC and got seats for ourselves quite immediately. Went over to order food with Orange accompanying me as (wonder if you guessed it...) she didn't know what to eat. Cellie, is Orange a Piscean? No right, she just celebrated her birthday which makes her a Scorpio! I don't see how she can be so good at not making choices just like me (at situations). :P After waiting for the queue, I had myself a situation i had to choose Crispy chicken...duh. Ok got everything and went over the table. Oh man...they swapped my whipped potato instead of coleslaw for the cheese fries. Walked over to counter and changed. Walked back and Cellie said "actually I dun eat KFC coleslaws..." -.- ok I walked back to counter again and approached the manager for a change which she kindly did =)...then we started munching on the food.

Conclusion for the night - KFC and cheese makes Cellie and Orange the extend when I mentioned about the "breathing sounds" of one of my users they laughed so hard they could collapse on the table, prior to mentioning they looked full, constipated, stomachache or having some form of cramps! Looking at them simply made me laugh hard too.

Walked Orange to MRT before we walked to Bugis Seiyu side to wait for the cab and sent her home.

Well-spent saturday evening, in my opinion. No one ever mentions that shopping is boring.

This post describes about Saturday. Since I'm going to blog again on Sunday (in case pple miss my [Update - ] tag), I gonna push this post to Saturday.


Friday, November 10, 2006

The Cheese-snack day

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine but tired

[CuRRent Song:] Floating Clouds - Sun and Water (Long Cut)

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Rice + Yong Tau Foo wif sauce + pork (I think)

Today is Friday, and a rest day for me (clear leave lo~). So what did I do today? Guess...

...I went over Cellie's place to help her with her cheese snacks.

What? What the?

Yeah, correct. Cheese snacks. After smelling so much cheese, it really can get overwhelming.

Reached her area ard 1+ den realised she jus woke up frm wait n wait lor...wait till heavy rain -.- but no choice...finally managed to see her den we went NTUC to purchase the ingredients. After that just braved thru heavy rain (yes we walked the shelter but I'm still half drenched anyway) we went back to her place.

First reception is Fluffy is her dog, a mini pomeranian (frankly said, I've seen such dogs but never knew the name to that breed...oh well) which well, welcoming present to me is constant barking. No matter, since he (dog) could never beat Melvin (my neighbour's crazy dog) in the barking loudness department. Anyway, after looking around a bit (like touring like dat), we proceeded to start the cheese stuff...

No wait. She played around wif Fluffy (ok also known as Fee), then went to start the cheese things. Really a joy to watch her play with Fee. Anyway...never knew making that cheese snack is SO simple, even I can do it...:P but I guess it's the effort and thought that counts, isn't it? We started wif cutting the cream cheese into small pieces so it melts faster, den i had to start using a (oh man what we call that...beater? UPDATE: Cellie mentioned it's a WHISK) whatever to "stir" the cheese to soften it...after some effort, the cheese went soft and she added a cup of sugar. Continue to stir and stir...den managed to get it partly liquified. On goes the PROJECT! Took out the small foil-thingies which contain the snacks, den put Oreo cookies on top.


Then she poured the cheese mixture inside.


She proceeded to add an M&M peanut in the middle.


And the rainbow-confetti like small pellets.


After finishing the rest (we took like about 2 hours), we went over to look at her pics. And that's a zillion of them. LOL (exaggerating anyway)...

The day passed pretty quickly to say the least, and I ended up eating dinner over at her place. Nothing too much, tried a cheese snack and it was ok but the Oreo probably made it a lil more heaty than usual.

Dilly dally a bit here and there, she has to meet up wif her fren for kopi and so we left the house, with me towards home.

That sums up my cheese-snack day.

On a side note, we bought extras for another day of cheese-snack. HAHAHA....

Here are some pics for the day...

Mixing the stuff...

Finished Product

2 plates of them
I'm trying, I'm TRYING!

Ain't too bad.

The REAL product

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A working Tuesday

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine

[CuRRent Song:] VA - Dance Beat Explosion Vol.31

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Rice + Lotus Root Soup

Haha...nothing to blog apart...

My Bandit is finally Lvl 55.

=P maybe update later ba.


Monday, November 06, 2006

A monday not working

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine

[CuRRent Song:] E-Type - Rain

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Laksa / Teh-Peng

I'll just blog about yesterday since there ain't much today...

Lemme think......

Arranged to meet up wif Cellie after work and I suggested going to Vivocity or Cathay Cineplex since I've not been to either to catch a movie. She decided on "Flushed Away", the rat show with lotsa slugs (and Sujun, this IS the show with slugs. The penguin show I mentioned was "Happy Feet", opening on 23rd Nov I think) and frogs. She proceeded to book the tickets online and after a lil discussion we took the 1810 show, I think it was an early booking so we got the top middle seats (best seat sia).

Had lunch with my family since it's a celebration for my dad's 60th birthday, it's a small affair really as my eldest bro is in Shanghai. He did call back with my nephews though, which did make my dad's day brighter. After makaning, I went "shopping" with my mummy and then brought the items back home. After hanging ard for some time @ home, I prepared a bit and was about to leave when I recalled something and so I did that b4 I left.

Well, almost late though but made it on time. Cellie was out wif a purple tee and folded denims which depicted her sunday slack nature (LOL). We took the train (well I forgot to check the buses going to HarbourFront from Raffles Place) and after a bit of transferring here and dere, we got ourselves to the crowded HarbourFront MRT station.

Following the crowd or looking the signs made no difference as the majority were heading for Vivocity. To my opinion, Vivocity is large with a few storeys, which is maybe a fresh experience as Singapore do not usually have such a large floor space for a shopping centre. After looking at the directions, we managed to find GV and collected the tics, went up another floor and into the main hall.

The show is ok, had some humorous portions and the usual feeling-feeling kinda scenes, and we came out at abt 1950. Went to a washroom and had ourselves waiting till 2010 for the ladies (well what to do hehe) and we went to locate a good eating place. Well, the foodcourts are packed but Cellie suggested to go over HarbourFront which is certainly a wise choice.

Walked over to HarbourFront and ate "Small Bowl Noodle" and she ate Ban Mian...nothing too much, went to Mac and bought the cone ice cream. After that walked a bit, and she had her guy friend to send her home by car while I went back in my trusty 100.

Readers, found the last sentence FAMILIAR??? LOL!!!! It was almost the same enactment a week ago, and Cellie almost forgotten. I joked wif her saying that she needn't have to worry about Sunday nights going home via train cos there will be her personal driver sending her home =P keke...

That summed up my Sunday.

Today? Ok...morning went to Raffles area to have lunch with Cellie, den home to help my mummy, den went out a bit walk walk, den come back maple and online a bit. Think I'm going to see a doc abt...hmmm. =P

Till my next update......


Saturday, November 04, 2006

A jap saturday

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine but tired

[CuRRent Song:] DC-10 - Flying High (Original Mix)

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Rice + Some vege soup

This morning reached home at about 9+? Went to UOB to create a new savings account and had the CSO explain stuff, and off I'm home to configure the wireless router. Damnit, I took like 4 hours to even finally have the job done, only to find that the signal ain't stable! Configuring the wireless router for an ADSL connection is really troublesome to say the least. Anyway, I repositioned the router and it seems to be better, now my PC and lappie can work together =)

Went out at abt 3? Yeah I guess so - to sell the phone and enquired about Nokia 5300 which costs only $390 - quite cheap eh?? After that I took bus down to PS, den I recalled there's free shuttle -.- nvm, went down to Zone-X and saw my bro, onli to have Berlinda called and complained blablabla for half an hour or so. After that I hang ard a bit and it was abt time to meet up wif Cellie @ her workplace.

Met up wif Cellie who wore purple and pink top wif white polka dots skirt. I have to say not all girls can wear polka dots and also the type of skirt that Cellie wears (those ehm how should I describe...also dunno...maybe Cellie can help me :P...UPDATE: Cellie said it's a Balloon Skirt), but she fits in it quite well. Anyway, we went over Paragon to reserve 2 seats for Sushi Tei, then went shopping (oh yea shopping, since she did buy something) till ard 8 whr we went back to take jap food. I took Beef Udon (forgot the name, she's too good wif jap and that got me wondering the whole time...UPDATE: It's a Niku Udon, courtesy reminder of Cellie) and she got herself ordering a range of food and her first "appetizer" got her smiling from the beginning - salmon. Oh's a little over $40 but it's affordable, since it's Jap.

After finishing the food, I brought her over to a spot in orchard whr less people knows about it and we watched Kung Pow and Kylie's Especially For You with Kermit the Frog. Yeah, after that I sent her home in a cab.

That sums up my day, and another day is coming.


Thursday, November 02, 2006

It's a Thursday @ GeeAssKay

[CuRRent MooD:] Tired but fine

[CuRRent Song:] What else

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Milo

Wah..these 2 days not much time to blog, the day b4 ytd I just went online and had to handle Maple auctions, maple meimei, maple buddy and also msn chat...den also my usual stuff like mails etc. hahaa...really not much time to update. I onli managed to grab the bloctopus pic from Cellie's Frenster to post it here, else I seriously don't have much time to.

Yesterday went out with Belle to Marina Square to shop...well, we only went ONE shop and spent more than an hour dere dishing and with her trying out probably like 10 over pieces of clothing. Ended up she bought only 1 which costs abt $ After that went to find place to makan and we ended up at Changing Appetites (thx Sujun for reminding, and Cellie this is the full name for the acronym CA) and I ordered TLB (Tender Loving Beef) while she ordered a Mushroom dish (both spags). We sat there chatting till 10+ b4 I sent her home and sent myself home with a cab.

Reached home, den noticed something unusual so called Cellie jus in case. No answer, hmmm so I left voicemail. Den she called back abt 5-10 mins later den claim I sounded gan chiong. Got meh? Dun have lah...LOL. Den continued to stay online to do maple auctions and also to upload some pics to my Friendster Album.

Den zzz...

Today is clear shit day. Hope can clear finish. Haha.