Monday, January 31, 2005

All a day's work? Wait. It's only half a day.

[CuRRent MooD:] Earthly (mundane?) neutralised

[CuRRent Song:] Norma Sheffield - Forever Mine

Now where was I from the previous blog entry? Oh ok I wrote early morning on Sunday abt the stuff. Come to think, wif regards to Friday I recalled an incident:

At Burger King, International Plaza; Wif Vivian n Huilun

"I think I fail maths for sure la..." - vivian

"you noe the rule 1 and 2 anot?" - huilun

Hmmm...I thought, it sounds familiar. What kind of rules could they be talking abt under E Maths?

Huilun wrote "(a + b)²" and my response was "a² + 2ab + b²" and response was "how you know ah???"

-.- oh my, I've passed my E Maths, I'm a Poly grad for goodness sake! And to think the present educational system for maths really is funny, since their teacher didn't even bother teaching how "(a + b)² = a² + 2ab + b²" by virtue of expansion by removing brackets. Oh man, I think I can be a sec sch tutor if the standard is like dis...

Sunday morning, I woke up ard 11+ or 12nn or so. Dragged ard here n dere b4 going down Sharon's place to fix her comp. Ended up she had a defective CDROM and thus disrupted my work. She was pretty upset wif regards to her bf, but nothing really much I could've done to remedy the situation. After dat went to Plaza Sing to take a look ard and ate dinner. Den...oh yea, I'm almost geared up for CNY apart from my belt in which my shirt I bought from John Little (I think) at PS. Thinking of the belt we went down to Taka and toured a long time but still unable to find the belt to spend my $10 Taka voucher on. We went 魔术汉堡(Mos Burger) to have a drink and chat, then sent her back home b4 going back to mine. Well my mum had diarrhoea but good thing it wasn't serious.

Sharon mentioned abt herself learning stuff from experience, in my thoughts I was -.- of course you learn...happened so much stuff, u still dun learn den might as well go gong pia...of cos, the learning isn't much to "my advantage" in any sense but I didn't really care. What is most impt is how she is going to live her life after this, if she still has too much time on her hands that is.

For myself, I learnt too I guess. Lotsa things are not under my control but perhaps Fate does have stuff in store for me. I dun really believe in Fate, I treat it more like something intangible that is not within my control, something mythical yet you can probably toss all the blame and blessing on. Thru Sylvia, Sunshine and Sharon (SSSes???) I've learnt more abt myself. Now just gonna do what I'm supposed to do.

Pending: My Nokia 7270. Waiting for it to appear at my doorstep.

Budget: Pending low. Gonna watch my wallet.

Bills: Ouch. Haha.

Pending: I need to RMA my WD HDD. DUH.

What to do wif my Starhub $50 mobile voucher. Hmmm.

Coming Feb. Today's 31st Jan, this year, who will remember my 24th Birthday eh? Nothing special, but to think of whoever will actually remember it, that will be nice. It just so happens I should not expect the same of myself unto others, but I did. Somehow I can remember birthdays in many different ways. With many online services that help you to remember such stuff, who puts in the effort to write a birthday note will be of another thing...sigh.

I dun wish the same thing to happen like last yr, but I guess it will happen again. Or worse.

Oh well.

(^_^) Life is all and all...Life. (^_^)


Sunday, January 30, 2005

Now sunday le...

[CuRRent MooD:] Neutral

[CuRRent Song:] DJ RAD - Come Home (Remixed)

Well...on Friday met up wif Vivi to go International Plaza to register the Teenage Idol. I know she's pretty not sure abt it, I had to push her a lil to get things done. Come on, it's only a try - just go for it! Then after dat Huilun met up wif us, come to tink if I tink Vivi's a gal whom I've not categorised in my standard grp of contacts, I guess I can't do so wif Huilun either - both of them seemed to be off the main categories in my mind. Hmmm.

After meeting them, chat wif them, accompanied them to Clementi, I went back home thinking of getting my fitness up wif a jog. Yea preps, den as I jogged for 5 mins I noticed I had backache (kinda weird)...later perhaps concluding that I've not recovered frm my previous jog I decided to jog ard my area when...I realised I overstretched my groin muscles. Ouch. Went back in a sorry state, reached home at 9pm and collapsed on my sofa...woke up at 10, walked to my bed and slpt.....

....till 10am.

Woke up (saturday le), accompanied my mom to market buy some stuff...bumped onto Mdm Helen by chance (my ex-Battalion Commander), by the time I reached home it's like 1pm. Helped out lil stuff at home, by the time left hse it's near to 3pm...went to chinatown wif bro n his ex, while I was walking ard wif them I got a call from Sharon abt her n her bf having a quarrel or something. Turned out that eventually we did meet up at ard 5:30pm (we agreed 5:10pm) and her bf started asking if she's wif me. DUH. I hate guys who find gf find until my doorstep (ok it's my "phonestep", and actually this only happened like once I think...but?), so I was not very happy but decided to cool it off, but Sharon wanted to reply some corny way so I let her do so (wif my hp, opps). Went shopping wif her, tried to cheer her up as much as I could, but of cos her bf tried to locate her and ended up I replied him, sorta telling him off. His response was SUPER funny, and it goes like this: "(oh darn I deleted the msg but I try to remember) you have no right to say me like this, you are not her mom or dad, only a friend of hers who has no respect for his seniors ..." - my immediate reaction was a gaffaw, I turned to Sharon and asked "how old is your bf?"

"19, turning 20" she replied (or something close).

"Look at this" I showed her the reply. It did get her smiling as well, thinking that such a stupid assumptous comment could come from her bf. Without thinking much, this was what I replied.

"Hey mister, I ORD lo. ... blah blah blah ..."

I thought he got it, but...

"So what, all NS guys will ORD eventually. . ." - his reply. He did not get what I wanted to convey. GOONDU, of cos any guy who is NORMAL will ORD, but I'm trying to imply that I'm YOUR SENIOR, not THE OTHER WAY ROUND!

*shrugs* he is quite a "simple" guy to begin with. Well, couldn't be bothered to waste sms on him, decided against playing wif him. Sharon wasn't that happy (well she does want some "revenge" after he made her sad) but she should noe me enough that I do not want to display any act of immaturity on such a guy.

After getting her clothes and stuff, we took train to Dhoby Ghaut (hence PS), went to LJS to makan...while waiting for my bro to come along. He arrived, then we went up E-Zone and had 2 rounds of Para² mode. We proceeded to Orchard Point to have her jewellery "repaired", then went Mos Burger to have Ichigo Bliss (aka Strawberries wif milk cream, frozen) and Iced Milk Tea, former for Sharon and latter for my bro and I. Chatted some while, then actually thot of going back when Sharon indicated she did not want to go home that early. Well I got my bro to go off first den we discussed a lil b4 proceeding to play pool. Travelled everywhere trying to look for places and rates, ended up at Lucky Plaza ($7 per hour, ouch...) and turned out it was the best pool game I've ever mustered up, why I could be suddenly so skillful, God knows. Yea, sent her home after the game which ended at ard 1am.

Reached home ard 2:30am, realised I needed to mop the floor. -.-

Oh well, which is why I'm late here blogging. Gonna fix Sharon's comp morrow at her place.

See ya~


Thursday, January 27, 2005

DiS Is GeTTinG RiDiCulouS...

[CuRRent MooD:] Drained off 20%, tired 20%, thinking 60%

[CuRRent Song:] Elissa - I Dream (DJ Rad Radio Mix)

The night I just spent must've been one hell of a night in terms of brain processing. First is Vivian, den someone else. Hellous, I think.

Vivi's side is getting madness, ridcule and stuff. Well at first pass anyone can say they are "being childish" and such. I think it's just a very very big miscommunication and disappointment on many fronts to say the least. Vivi just cried the whole time when she got back to me the second time of the night. I'm jus trying to help her wif the confidence lvl thingie, wif the Idol thingie and such things happen. Hey, my task is already not easy wo, you (the divine one up dere) still wan me to put in more effort ah? Maybe it's your view not to get Vivi involved in the Idol thing, maybe it's your view to give her more situations and tribulations...but maybe it's your view to put her to the test to see if she's in your Kingdom. I hope everything will turn better bit by bits...

Hmmm...just when I ended Vivi's side and proceed back to the comp for less than 10 mins, someone called to ask if I'm free to call her. Ok I did. Now of what nonsense, she told me she might be suspected of cervical cancer! OMG! What kind of thing is this to be happening to the pple ard me? Strangeness. *shrugs*

Work today is ok, glitches here dere, still got stuff to learn ard...and some network somewhere is down again. Oh is work, they jus need to be done.

I'll be back when there is more to talk about.


Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Things jus pass...

[CuRRent MooD:] TiReD, WoRRieD, SeTTleD?

[CuRRent Song:] Shiho - Ever Stay Snow (Leading Song for Snow Drop)

Yesterday night, I had a good chat with Sunshine. I guess I'm left with nothing but giving up once and for all. She said she did like me a lil, but whether is cos of me liking her as a counter-response, that she is not certain. Sounds familiar? Yea it did. So, is Sunshine's issue solved? I should assume so. Or I hope to assume so.

Vivian didn't reply my 2 msgs. I hope she's fine - think I'm calling her later. I guess she needs some support.

Today's work was ok, tied up most loose ends, morning students can't log in was due to some miscommunication, but was settled quite easily, though it was a short scare. (^_^)

May things get solved by themselves soon.


Did you ever know, that I had mine on you?

[CuRRent MooD:] TiReD. WoRRied. Thinking.

[CuRRent Song:] Faye Wong - Eyes On Me

Just went for a jog just now from my house to Orchard, taking the bus 7 route. Hehe long time no jog, a bit tired but still fine. :) quite enjoyable actually, tinking of the "endurance" portions, jus like my gd old army days? ;)

Read Vivi's blog, now she got me worried. Must things reach to such a stand? Hey Vivi you must endure and stand up for yourself. God doesn't give tribulations for NOTHING. still have Teenage Idol wo~...

Well, I don't have a lot on my mind actually. I do not know what Sunshine thinks of me. I wonder if she actually likes me that little bit. I guess I'll be fine knowing that. I think the best way now is to actually let go of everything on her side. I'm dragging her down with me, and that's never my style. No one's going to the abyss wif me without my permission. And I don't pull anyone down in the usual sense.

Sunshine, take care...


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Time jus flies...

[CuRRent MooD:] Relaxed...

[CuRRent Song:] Dream - Heart on Wave (Eurobeat Mix)

wow...doing quite some stuff today, finally much of the stuff is already done wif. left documentation and such. eyes a lil tired, but overall i can still pretty much take more. (^_^) not bad, finally starting to cool off - but wait, there's a whole lot more to come!

Nothing much to comment today, but frankly speaking my feelings towards Sunshine is in a total mess. The things she do, the way she does she react...I really can't fathom much. I noe I'm trying hard, but trying hard for? What am I achieving? Am I supposed to get her by my side, or to make her feel comfortable by not really emphasizing on anything? I do tink the answer lies on the latter. She is simply not really comfortable wif everything...and dere's really nothing much I can really do at all to savage the situation. Maybe we're not made for each other after all...*shrugs*...

Actually I noe Vivian has a pt on two wif regards to this issue. I do noe what she's talking about, but somehow I refuse to acknowledge it, thinking of either the best or the worst. Oh well...gonna go...time to knock off :)


Monday, January 24, 2005

Whew...some time eh?

[CuRRent MooD:] Tired, but taking a rest

[CuRRent Song:] Mark Oh' - Stuck On You

Now at workplace, but taking a short rest from all the stuff.

Everything in work so far has stablised, only things popping out from nowhere from time to time, so therefore gonna be on my toes anytime!

Well, just that day I was thinking about a harsh decision I may have to take just to protect myself from harm. When I told Sunshine abt it she didn't really get what I said and just told me to go on doing it.

Frankly saying, I doubt I'll be able to, after all - if I did, I'll be a completely changed man. It seemed strange that of this perilous moment, someone unexpected out of the blue came along unexpectedly and harmlessly along the way to dissuade myself against it. It was Vivian.

Let me just mention what my harsh decision may be. I noticed that nowadays I've been hurt and disturbed by a lot of affairs of the heart (R/S), as well as some other stuff that I really find it pretty tired to go by. I wanted to purge myself of all good feelings towards the females ard me, such that I will probably achieve only a working relationship wif them and nothing more (wif exception from my mom and relatives of cos)...cos I noticed the more I helped, the more I did, the much lesser things I get in response to appease myself from negativity, and probably the more trouble I'll get from nowhere. Just when I might think that was possible, Vivian msged me at night.

Seriously said, it wasn't anything abt me, she just wanted a chat since her sisters are already asleep for the next day(today). Well by all means fine, I called her and chatted wif her. In the conversation, perhaps she might've not noticed (I doubt she did), I realised that it's quite impossible to purge.

Initially I knew that I will start the plan only after Vivi's competition, and other than that I will choose not to get involved too much. It seems I've forgotten the fact maybe she does treat me as someone she might respect.

Of what theory shall I hold now?

*shrugs* I guess I have to find another way to get myself out of the chaos.

Maybe Sunshine disappointed me a little too much that night...but nothing much that I can do after all. It's just how she is. She can't read my mind, can she?

For *her*, I guess it's really her business for being implicated in her own mess. I can only offer my help as a fren that much, but anything more might prove too much a danger for me.

Dun really wanna mention too much about other pple ard me.

Ting's birthday is morrow. Let me just wish her a happy early 19th birthday. May she stay cute and bubbly always...*hugs*

FYI, Ting is my godsis. Wanna noe my "siblingship"? Well...

Older (not gd to divulge their age):
Alynna Jie (> me)
Berlinda (> me)

Same (younger by months):

Serene aka Ting (19)
Meihui (~19)
Lydia (~19)
Michelle aka pingguo (~19)
Vivian aka Vivi (~14)

Desy (~19)

"Heart² family" - of history:
Weilis (~18)

REAL brothers:
Michael (34)
Leong (31)

Yea that's abt it :) oh well, anything else I'll be down here to update.


Saturday, January 22, 2005

Time for Thoughts

[CuRRent MooD:] Averaged. Decided. Resolute.

[CuRRent Song:] Lunar: Eternal Blue - Lucia's Theme

After what happened yesterday, yes it did bring me some unhappiness, but after all it was HER who brought it upon herself. Of cos, I started thinking of a dumb theory that holds rather true: If you're a good guy, you probably can't get the girl that you want that easily.

Reality's strange. Fate is strange. I guess I'm still not that "bad" yet, therefore getting the girl that I want is simply way too difficult. A saying goes like "nan ren bu huai nu ren bu ai" (if a guy is not bad/mean, a girl wouldn't like) - I think it holds pretty true. I'm better than that guy in most cases, I don't see why she would left me the other time for other guys who are not any better than me in nature. I may be a lil BHB on dis matter to say I'm "not bad", but I certainly believe there are much worse guys out dere, and I've seen more of them. *shrugs*

If she is pregnant, let it be. What's done is done, we can't say anything else apart from letting her decide what to do and how to go about doing it. It seems strange to say the least, a bit irritated and disappointed maybe about what she did, but it's her decision, her choice. She broke a principle of hers, that's how it is. I've learnt in life that if you break an impt principle of your life, you will start breaking more and more abyssmal stuff will come your way which will throw you off your path. I've seen it myself, my brother agrees with me, and I believe some of you will know it when IT comes. You need not agree with me now if it never happened, cos when it happens, you will open your mouth wide and ask "why is Luke so accurate???"? Because I've been thru it.


Sometimes I wish I'm less emotional, more logical. It seems I can't. I'm making similar mistakes time to time, and memories come to haunt me. It was pretty bad of me to ask Sunshine the stupid question again yesterday, but I guess I'm being rather insecure. I really think Sunshine was right not to accept me at all. I'm nowhere there, though I can probably commit and stuff. There is still loads of shit for me to pick up.

So I'm still single. Haha. Hikki left me a testimonial in Friendster saying as though I'm really that good. So what's so good about me? Anyone care to share? If I follow my abovementioned theory, maybe I should be worse so I will have a partner soon. "Hey Luke, why are you so in a rush to get attached?" - hmmm I dunno why too. *shrugs*

Gonna go Ben's Aunt's place later. Strangeness.


Friday, January 21, 2005

Was I right in asking her out?

[CuRRent MooD:] BLANK

[CuRRent Song:] No song being played in the background

I'm in a total state of blank right now. Dunno wat to tink. I couldn't believe what I heard tonight. I'm defeated...subdued...contained.

Maybe Sunshine was right in her decision.

I start to doubt my very existence now.


Thursday, January 20, 2005

Lyrics again? :) WARNING - LONG POST AHEAD

[CuRRent MooD:] A lil tired. But manageable, things are fine.

[CuRRent Song:] Twin Bee Theme Music - From Dance ManiaX 2 Non-Stop Megamix

Hehe I'm in again for lyrics, this time it's Dam Dariram...

Chevelle - Dam Dariram

Falling in love...
Falling in love...
Falling in love...
Falling in love...

Need your love in every way
And I feel this everyday
Cause I have too many tears
To fall in love again

I am walking around
In this side of the town
I just can't hideaway
How can I look in your eyes
When I feel like to die
I have to runaway

Daririram dariram dariram
Dariraram dam
Daririram dariram dariram
Dariraram dam
And I'm falling in love again...

Life can be hard so many times
How can I just live it fine
And I'm tryin' now to smile
And fall in love again


I guess amongst the days of the week, today has to be the most relaxed, since I dun have too much to learn, and that my TA's away on half day time off (cos of Haji), the network's ok from the morning (Principal claimed he checked the connection at 630am in the morning!) and tasks are still manageable. Had duck rice for lunch, then bought food for my mom and went back home to rest for half an hour. I guess the rest really perked me up a lil. Think I should have noon short naps to rejuvenate myself. Just finished some checks and now giving myself a rest...

Hmmm. I wonder who in the school would be reading this? Lolx. Anyway...the lady teacher did not bring her system. I guess if I do see her ard I'll jus ask the nature of the problem again and check where she lives...if it's not too far from home I might consider helping her out. It's what they call by "value-added service"...hehe I guess apart from the Express Stream being value-added, they wan the people in the school to be too!

Tomorrow's Hari Raya Haji...well, maybe I'll go for a jog tonight since I'm not really that tired right now. I'll be helping my mum out to cook curry from morrow morning, and since it is one of her major cooking of the year after her surgery, I'll probably be helping more than normal, maybe? Weiteck, his fren, Derrick and Judy will be coming, so I guess it will be a cool gathering.

It's already 20th Jan. Lunar New Year in about a fortnight or so, and I'm almost done wif the new stuff. I'll probably need to get myself a belt, shirt and a new pair of shoes unless I ran out of budget or if I so assume the white pair of shoes will be deemed "new" for the year...hehehe. I'm still planning for my N7270, but I've not decided on it a 101% yet. Still checking out the price tag over at AU, SG prices without plan from what I noe of is at $788. I really hope to get a salary higher than usual cos of my allowance, that will be cool. I'll probably be getting abt 1300 at max after the allowance addition. If this is so, and Starhub sells the same phone at the same price prior to contract discount (which I will not be getting cos NO WAY will I be getting a new line from Starhub), then I'll go exchange the reward points for the $50 mobile voucher and I'll get it at a lower price. Jus hope by the time I get the phone, the price will drop even further. Hehe I noe it's wishful thinking but we can hope isn't it?

My ideal target phone is Nokia 7270.

+ clam shell
+ mp3 ringtone
+ FM Radio
+ camera phone
+ mini screen act as viewfinder (a.k.a. Samsung's domain)
+ not bad looking (well what do u expect from a Nokia clamshell)
+ infrared (not a big one compared to Bluetooth but better than nothing)
+ Nokia so far has not failed me

- no MMC. WHAT! NO MMC!!!
- limited internal memory, look wat I typed above in caps
- camera still at VGA
- video at a min (I tink)
- no mp3 player (but I dun need it since I have an IPod Mini)

= some people may say it's a ladies phone. Oh well there is no such thing. It's just preference and perspective. Not perfect, but enough I guess.

Nokia 7260

+ camera phone
+ FM radio
+ rather light at 92g

- Please look at Nokia 7270's +s and -s and tell me if I need to repeat.

= quite an ok phone to have to say the least. But it's my investment for 2 years so I don't think this will be quite the phone for me.

Nokia 6630

+ 1.3MP camera phone (6x digital zoom)
+ sequenced mode (6 pics in 2 secs - I noe Samsung had done it time ago)
+ video recording up to an hour
+ hotswap RS-MMC
+ on top of MMC, 10mb internal memory (do not compare to Sony Ericsson pls)
+ 3g phone (but i don't really care)
+ can view Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF
+ takes in SDK developed software (ehm...)
+ various image n video editor software (I dun really care dat much)
+ can play mp3, rm, mp4
+ Bluetooth
+ comes wif USB connectivity

- VERY VERY EXPENSIVE (about $1,100)
- can be a lil cumbersome of its size (but it's not too bad already)
- looks not as 'fun' as the N7270

= I'll take this if I'm truly mobile, earning $5k a month and demands pple to open their eyes to take a look at this baby.

Ok I guess those who have known me for some time knows that I'm a devoted Nokia fan. I have tried a few other models, they are ok but nowhere really that user-friendly as Nokia. Nokia may have lost on some occasions due to the looks department, but they are often the better in the functions department on the overall.

I didn't tink I'll actually comment on the 3 phones that I've considered but I did. Haha sorry for the comments. Maybe if you are getting a Nokia phone, why not take my post as a guidance? I will be more than happy to share my views with you. I know I've probably excluded some others like Nokia 6260, 7610 and 6170 but if anyone would like to noe my views on those phones, jus tell me and I'll deliver another post on those phones. (^_^)

KKx...I'll update if there's anything tonight. Till then :)


GMSS these days...wah tiring...

[CuRRent MooD:] So-so

[CuRRent Song:] Dr Love - Eurobeat

Server swing over. Network down. More staff going to talk, going to ask when it will be up. Oh my. Hope it won't be a lousy day tomorrow.

Today is really a killer I guess, but it's fine...apart from leaving the school at 730pm. I find that I can't really blog everyday, though perhaps something is really happening and that there is something to say, but it's jus ain't my style I guess.

William called me to enquire about the USA Para Scene, and he's not making any huge progress over there. Well, guess I have to step into it...after all, it's about time I should get back on the frontseat isn't it? Anyway I have to applaud William for his work so far and managing at least half the scene while I'll busy dwiddling my life away. Guess it's time to get back part of the reins?

I hope all's well for my stay in this school. I do not want strange things to happen to me. My TA shared wif me some stuff of the school and my response was O.o ...haha...and oh yea, the teacher is supposed to be bringing her comp to school for us to check it out. I seriously doubt she'll be bringing it. Well, if she doesn't live that far off, I may consider checking her comp out if I'm free. But come to think, don't you tink that between staff, there should be a distance? Or should we jus think that work and off work are totally different matters, though I can't really say dis matter is on/off job?

I'm not really worried though. I don't mind helping people, but I do not want pple to abuse my kindness and helpfulness. Of cos, even before helping the teacher out, I must clarify that it's thru my own efforts and knowledge to repair...if it fails, den it's the best I could've done. I guess my worry actually came from the fact it's a female teacher. Oh well what gives. Haha. Guess I watched too much TV in the past.

Really hope everything goes well in this school.

Haix...mum talking to me abt bro again. Argh.

Sometimes I just tink, perhaps I will be happy jus being involved in working, and jus being too tired and rest. Though weekends are good for rest and going out, sometimes I feel that my social life is slowing down, or should I rephrase, I have few pple to be out wif on weekends. I tried asking those I wanted to meet, but no response or busy. Those dat can be out wif me r either bored and/or have not much ideas of conversation, thus leaving me to fill in the gaps that I dislike having ard - I meant the gaps of silence. It's ok to be quiet sometimes, but not for the entire time...I do have a slight preference going out wif gals cos there will be different topics coming out from both parties, thus making the conversation and presence an interesting one...well not to say that going out wif my guy frens are boring (well I do have one most interesting boring guy as a friend), but well...I guess my guy frens tink similar to me. Haha...

KKx...signing off already...hehe...


Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Eyes abt to close...but wanna blog..haha~

[CuRRent MooD:] Smiling? Quite ok I guess, but tired.

[CuRRent Song:] Domino - Para Para Paradise

B4 I forgot, I wanna mention jus now after I finished mopping the floor I stopped to watch 粉红女郎 the end one of the female lead (the one starring 刘若英) thought she was going to get married wif another guy when the other guy actually expressed wat happened that made him wanna ask her for her hand...but they didn't get married of cos. She then went to the bridge to declare her "分手宣言" (Declaration of Separation), which is actually the lyrics for her song, <一辈子的孤单>. That part almost got me to emotions cos I felt it deeply, the feeling the guy had for the gal and such...oh darn it...somehow reminded me of Sunshine...yea I knoe she's slping rite now...hehe...


歌手:刘若英 专辑:love and the city









Thanks to that particular webbie for the lyrics, very meaningful ones.

Wanna tok abt today, but pretty tired. Lots of stuff to verify and do, waiting for HODIT to come back from MC. One of the teachers wanted me to help out her personal comp school sure has its unusualness...



Tuesday, January 18, 2005

What a day at GMSS!~!

[CuRRent MooD:] Kinda happy? But not exactly happy. Jus smiling.

[CuRRent Song:] Jenny Yang - 不公平

Today (well ytd) had been a super long GMSS. Reach dere, met my RE, introed to chat talk talk, Meg came, den tok tok...den introed to the TA in the sch, den intro the Principal, AM, OM, staff...teachers, HODs...bla bla...den listen a lot of stuff...

Dun wan to go into details...damn sianst...

Came back home, rest a while den Berlinda called and tok tok tok...until abt 730pm...den I went to take my bath...abt 8+ I realised I needed some passport sized photos so I went to take them...came back home, done up my application for a user pass from my company, den used the comp. Saw Sunshine, Vivi online, chatted wif them den heard from Vivi she wanted to try out the Teenage Idol but her dad sorta discouraged her from doing so...well, what's life abt when yur confidence is low? I tried to help out by encouraging Vivi to go for the Teenage Idol contest...I think it'll be an experience for her. It's only ten bucks and I'll foot for her if I can, just an act of encouragement. I felt like a manager =P lolx

Jus hope Vivi will get thru the auditions at least. It's fun being on stage and showing yur passion for something you really love to do and get some recognition for it. (^_^) jiayou wo, VIVIAN!!!


Monday, January 17, 2005

A sunday jus passes...

[CuRRent MooD:] A lil tired. Hmmx.

[CuRRent Song:] Alex To - Don't Go

'Today' started wif quite an interest I guess. Had a debate wif Vivi over CHC and Christianity. For me, Christianity has been a thing gone for me, thus my emphasis that I'm not trained to counter anything she defends, or says. Well...I did mention till the end I didn't want to talk about the issue further since I treasure the friendship between us, and she agreed. Kinda happy at the end where we said something abt panda eyes and she actually mentioned she doesn't wan a "panda kor" - glad she still remembered :)

Slpt till...lemme think, till 12noon. Pei mum to market makan buy stuff, but before that something interesting happened. As we were walking towards the traffic light, we met Jingyi and her bf. Jingyi is a gal whom my mum had babysitted during my younger days (way young!) and though she had moved house, her family has not forgotten ours. I saw some very emotional stuff as my mum hugged her (wow, way so uncommon! I MEAN RARE!!!) and my mum said to her bf that normally Jingyi would not look her in the eyes cos my mum would normally have "red eyes" (teary, maybe?) and it will make her shed tears as well. I got a weird hunch abt it as she said that, wondering if what I thought will come true. It certainly did - before I could do anything, suddenly both of them were still hugging, but this time round shedding their tears! OMG it is so dramatic!!! Jingyi's bf took out the tissues while I'm behind my mum comforting her and still shellshocked by the experience. I never knew my mum had that much affection towards Jingyi. After that, we continued our own routes and my mum continued her grandma stories (well she IS a granny)...wif me carrying the stuff Jingyi offered to our family almost every new year.

By the time we were back home its like 2+pm...den started doing household chores till like ehm, evening. Met Sylvia 8+pm cos she came over my hse area's pasar malam, den went walk walk lor...nothing much really.

Humph. Sunshine went out by herself den no jio me. Aiyo I so unimpt one. Haha~...

KKx...I'm onwards today, GMSS!!! HAHAHA!!! Transport fee = nil!!! SO HAPPY! But prepare for lotsa saikang...jiayou!! Jiayou!! Jiayou!!


Sunday, January 16, 2005

EhM. . .

[CuRRent MooD:] Lil slpy. But not wasting my time to slp. . .

[CuRRent Song:] Roc Project feat. Tina Arena - Never (Past Tense)

Oh yea, when I said it's means CURRENT. As in the song played in the background...not the song in which I felt is meaningful - well, not like others maybe...hahaha...

Now chatting wif Sunshine n Vivi...haha...Vivi now says she wun take own pics cos she not chio n not zi lian...hahaha...aiya jus take lor...u like can le need care how others tink or feel. what is impt is dat u satisfy yur own sense of happiness....if you are not happy, den is no pt already. Why accomodate others when u dun have much to? Jus live your life to what your terms are!

Ytd went Sylvia's hse do up her comp...headache comp...initial scan produced 12 viruses...OUCH...killed them, updated Ad-Aware...den found 391 threats of malware, adware, spyware etc...POWERFUL! Den scan one more time, found one more virus...finally managed to settle most threats. Helped her set up firewall to make sure stuff dun anyhow go in and out...updated her XP security updates as well. The first comp which gave me something to do upon my updates.

Morning woke up 930am...accompanied my mom to market bought stuff n makaned...went home actually supposed to help my mom with household chores..ended up slping from 11+ to 7pm...haha...there goes a weekend. Met Yuling, Yuting and weixin (issit how its spelt) a while, den went pasar malam bought stuff makan, den went up Yuling's hse watched the last 3 mins of the L'pool ManU match...wahhaha Man Utd won a goal up courtesy of Wayne Rooney's long shot that sorta embarrassed Dudek.

And now here updating dis blog. Oh well. Gonna slowly evolving this bloggie. :) see ya~

Signing out,

Friday, January 14, 2005

Time flies. . .

[CuRRent MooD:] Pretty normal. A bit on the better note.

[CuRRent Song:] Thomas Howard - Silent Hill (DDR)

Hmmm. Web Messenger had a problem. It said "forbidden". So zun ah...they ban me from web messenger...

*the moment of truth*

oh man. They have to do this on my last day. Ban me never mind - don't jeopardise my rice bowl. It's onli a puny messenger for goodness sake.

Hmmm. I can use it for now.

Yesterday's dinner was ok...met up wif Shan and ate, chat a lil about our common frens and stuff. Before that I actually 'bumped' onto Weilis (not actually bumped. She is working in one of the shops in Century Sq and it so happened I glanced into the shop and saw her) and got Shan to meet me up in Century Sq and brought her to see Weilis, who in some sense is still our "Heart Heart"...I noe it sounded ridiculously childish, but during the Para days Shan, Weilis n I are in this "Heart Heart Family" coined by the young gurl herself. Weilis has not changed a lot, still her bubbly and smiley nature which beams me up rather easily.

They met up, and I had to relegate myself to a "corner" to "prevent" listening to their "private" conversation. The very first question that "Heart²" fired to Shan was "are both of you still together?"...I was like -.- and had to purposely relegate myself to "the corner". They chatted a lil more before I had to intervene because it will seem silly I'm part of the "family" and had to be not involved. Cracked a few stupid things including the fact both of us are "lab technicians" - Shan being Chem Lab and me being Comp Lab...haha two entirely different job scopes.

After dat we went deciding wat place to eat...she wanted LJS but I went blabbering abt LJS...I didn't know why but it didn't help myself cos I'm the one offering to treat, though she tried to refuse. Finally we decided on Swensen but I went to Challenger to purchase Ethernet card for Madmad cos her mom got an Ethernet Modem instead of a USB one for their Singnet BB. Makan Swensen...den I kept refusing her to pay up (which was a gentlemanly act; but seriously speaking it might've helped taking half the amt frm her becos......) in which I was successful, I had my FIRST signature using my debit card (DUH BIG DEAL) and the meal costed abt $45 (I forgot $43 or $47). Think it was $43...cos when I got back home to check my Bank balance, I'm only left with $17. Guess I have to realise when to be a gentleman at times.

We took the same train together till City Hall in which she had to transfer train back to her area...den I msged Sunshine and checked her location...she told me she's in Chinatown so i stopped at Outram to 'fetch' her back home. It was full of cock along the way, she kept pinching me while I kept teasing and making fun of her. Though it was a short meeting I enjoyed it very much and really wondered if I can actually get over her. Oh well "zou yi bu kan yi bu"...

...den I went up Mad's house to configure her Singnet BB, install the stuff. It was quite a bit hustle, I wonder what they meant by "user-friendly" sometimes. Yes, the software may be friendly, but the connection and hardware certainly isn't. It took like half hour to 45mins before the connection really became consistently stable, which got me to thinking what could have gone wrong. Den I also had to configure her firewall n virusscan and stuff to make sure everything is still in order. Quite surprised her system was only infected with a trojan - I thought it could have been many more.

By the time I finished wif everything, it's already past 12mn...OMG...went back and watched "san guo yan yi", took a bath...did stuff n slpt. N woke up super late dis morning.

So far today's workload is ok, my RE came over to my workplace to check things out and taught me a thing or two, and shared a lot of views and stories wif me. Kinda impt I guess - after all I'm abt to go to GMSS, which is a permanent one and certainly would demand more from me.

Did I miss out anything? Don't think so. Oh ya, going to Sylvia's hse to do up her comp later.

Gonna do a trick or two for my blog. Maybe add a link or two. Yea.

Lastly...maybe my title is unrelated, but it was my thought while talking to Shan. When we talked of old times, saw Weilis...yea...those were the days.

Days that are gone.

Will not be back again.

Ever. . . again.


Thursday, January 13, 2005

Today is 13th Jan, Thursday

[CuRRent MooD:] Neutralised, with a tint of lameness

[CuRRent Song:] Lunar: Eternal Blue - Lucia's Theme (played from IPod Mini)

Today in workplace (aka school)...nothing much...jus doing usual stuff like friendster, msn, nokia webby...wait. Did I say anything wrong? la those are leisure stuff...jus helping out the usual maintenance lor...

Later after knock off going to meet Shan...ok this is new blog, probably no one will be reading anyway...Shan is my ex of 3 yrs...history le so dun tok abt it...den meeting her 4 dinner, hopefully everything be ok lor. Jus catching up on her life dat's all.

Now chatting wif Mic (godsis) and Alynna Jie (older godsis)...well as my blog develops i will make a mention about my relations and particulars n stuff...dun plan 2 use blogskins so I'm hands on for HTML!

Morrow is Friday, mini-weekend! Hmmm...should be helping Sylvia wif her comp...or eating dinner wif Berlinda...I tink the former will be a much more better buy. Eating wif Ber might turn out a disaster or something...lolx... mom wants me to invite my fren over to makan dinner (CURRY)...den still need me to prepare for her as well...but den is saturday leh...sat at home a bit ... lor...especially I tentatively asked Hikki out le...sunday cannot also...hmmm...

Monday I'll be permanently down to GMSS!!! LOLx what chinese termed as "tian zhu wo ye"...but who knows...maybe the saikang down there will be more...but oh well...what to's my job after all...

Ok is only 2nd pple might blur cos i did not say anythin much, no intros or for the sake of whoever...i jus here state once...

Shan = ex
Sylvia = ex

Mic = sis
Alynna = sis
Berlinda = sis

and oh ya, i'm smsing wif Sunshine as well. :)

Will try evolve my blog soon. :) stay tuned :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

A First Post

This shall happen to be my regular blog. Well I dunno what I'll do with it, probably going to experiment with my html skills from time to time. Stay tuned.

Oh ya...where can I host free pics for this place..I need to fish out some...