Sunday, May 23, 2010

Adaptation from my Brother's blog: History of 曾

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Adapted from Sensei Michael:

It has been said that 天下一曾无二曾 (there is only one Zeng and never two below the sky). Unlike the 陈 Chen or 李 Li or other major surnames, which may be of any other family all over China, all 曾 Zeng surnames come from the same family – that of the vanquished city-state of 缯 or 鄫, wiped out by 莒国 (the state of Ju).

In its heyday, during the time of the Warring States, the state of Zeng was a prosperous city-state, with fertile soil (due to bordering rivers) and a strong silk culture. Technology thrived within the state and the people were cultured and rich. Unfortunately, Zeng was tiny and its army inadequate to protect itself against its stronger neighbours.

In the end, 太子巫 Prince Wu had to flee as his state was destroyed and taken from him. In order to avoid persecution, all members of his family dropped the radical from their names and adopted a simple 曾 to recognise each other. Throughout history, the family has been known for their involvement in the civil service, military and teaching professions, but were never very great men.

Thanks bro for the info :)