Sunday, April 30, 2006

Weekend to an's just another week...

[CuRRent MooD:] Tired

[CuRRent Song:] Jamelia - Superstar

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Duck Rice / Meiji Chocolate Milk

Played SG on Friday nite till Saturday abt 5+am, den slp till 9:30am to accompany mum to the market. Nothing much to buy, so went back home to continue SG. Went out with neighbours ard 3pm, den reach town near 4...since I reckon I'll be meeting my Jie soon, I left them and proceeded to PS. Reached there and realised on the way that my hair sucks, so I went Jean Yip @ PS.

You know, I wouldn't want to go there again. I waited for about half an hour before I finally get some attention, and it's more expensive compared to what I paid @ JP. Then again, the standard is not bad la I think...but my hair now quite short...the good thing is that they gel-ed my hair up that lasted throughout the night...hahaha...

After that I went to meet up wif Alynna Jie, and I think she was rather surprised at my hair...den after a short while Patricia called me and asked where I was...den I told her den she say she wanna come find me...after checking wif Jie (who had other programs), she came to look for me.

Went to have Pastamania, den walked around and chat...den took her car to Cineleisure den walk ard again...stopped at the makan drinking place at level 5, den slack for long time before she sent me over to DXO.

Went DXO..crowded, and my first impression is MOS / 4 (Ministry of Sound layout and size divided by 4)...LOL. Then walk a bit, saw zero familiar faces (apart from Shaun himself), den Isabelle arrived. Brought her inside, den walk a bit, den find a place to settle down. Den she started toking and chatting wif me, telling me abt her stuff. Den she proposed to order 6 Tequila Shots, which we took 3 each.

No effect, I thought.

We continued chatting...den ordered Whiskey Lime and Vodka Ribena. Then as I downed the vodka, something is wrong.

Damn, the kick from Tequila came. LOL.

Den just drink and drink lotsa nonsense but of cos I'm still sober.

A bit seh, but still know what I'm doing.

Den left DXO 2am, Pat fetched us and went to MU.

Reached there, nothing much...drank some Chivas from Wawa's bottle, den Wawa also started telling me stuff.

Oh all, Saturday is listening day. I listened to 3 ladies' words and woes.

What to do, I'm a listener in nature. Now I'm listening to another. LOL.


Friday, April 28, 2006

Very tiring week...and shit ahead

[CuRRent MooD:] Tired

[CuRRent Song:] None

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Cold Plain Water

On train blogging again. This week has been torrid, so stressful, rushing for time, rarely got time to slack lor..yesterday I tried resting for a while and guess what, at work place half hour just flown off while I was at home I wanted to rest a while den continue to work at night but ended up I rested 7+pm and woke up 7am the next can know how tired I am eh? I skipped dinner and my bath. Yea I smell. Haha.

Nothing much for this week apart from being super busy..becos of the stupid printer installation, my patches got interrupted, my operations was not properly done and now I got a shit thing at of the laptops that was handed to me just disappeared from sight. Right now I am still wondering where it could have went to. Puzzling.

Later reach home still need to finish up a bit of work..still need to submit data at end of work day which I will need check wif my colleague if he or me will be the one doing it. I need a good rest – or massage. LOL.

Tonight Ricky say might go out, but I not sure too. Morrow will be “happening” I guess..haha going DXO as well as MU..den dunno will go other places as well..also dunno if will meet up wif my jie..den dunno dis dunno’s a long weekend but with so much worries, even if you give me a week to rest I also may not rest properly.

Oh well fuck it. Just enjoy and rest first den leave everything for Tuesday to give all the shit.


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tired Busy day @ Work

[CuRRent MooD:] A little drained
[CuRRent Song:] Master Blaster - Since You've Been Gone
[Last FooD/BeveRage:] "San Lao" Hor Fun / Teh Peng

Today was really a busy day. Busy till I couldn't have thought the day passed so damn fast. SO much things to do, so little time - but good thing there's only 24 hours a day, don't you think so? If a day can extend or slow down as we wish, we would have been overstretched already.

Nothing much to write apart I met up with Ricky for a bit, then he talked about his plans, den like dat lor. I cleared the basin's trash from the dunno what thing (I can explain but I don't know what that thing is)...yeah.

Probably should end here, not much to write.


Sunday, April 23, 2006

Back To Basics

[CuRRent MooD:] Neutral

[CuRRent Song:] Expresso - Drive Me Crazy

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Apple / Pokka Green Tea

After God knows how long, I remade my blog. Back to basics, no fancy stuff, just plain old me.

Went to MU on Friday and Saturday and left before the last bus. Not much mood these days, either it's time to change a place to go, or that I'm old. LOL old.

It's going to be a bloody busy week for me in GSK. I better survive through it, since it's pay day coming weekend...LOL

On a good note, a lady from HR side wanted to buy my 2nd hand iPod Mini...=)

Nothing much to write about since I did not really go out today apart from being with Sunshine for a few hours slacking at her place.

I believe stuff are about to be undone, uncovered and unveiled. I'm waiting.

Bring it ON!!!


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Weekend is coming again...

[CuRRent MooD:] Tired

[CuRRent Song:] None

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] KFC + Iced Lemon Tea

Oh well I’m on my way home now..

Nothing too much to blog I guess, yesterday’s entry was really rather nonsensical.

Sunshine’s on a mood today; her kids really made her fuming mad. Well for those who might not know, she is a tutor so dun get mistaken when I said “her kids”. Sometimes I also dunno what I can do to make her feel better or happier..she still look quite the same, maybe a little better, after meeting wif me jus now. I really dunno wat I am doing these days, I seemed to have lost it.

Wonder what’s wrong with me, just feeling all too prone to such matters without knowing a good way to handle it.

Today I was terribly late so I took a cab down to work. My budget is flat now, I got to source out ways to sustain for the remainder 10 days ahead. Think I have to spend my weekend night at home chionging SG or something.

I want to step out of my current lifestyle at times, but I do not know which part I should step out from to make improvements. I know I should get a better job, better in terms of pay and also stability, since mine is outsource and that I could never know what will happen to me once my contract ends.

My HR fren was strange today; she thought it’s Wednesday today! LOL. That’s what I call “overworking”.

I should really get a chance to study somehow. Do what I want. Right?




Just contacted Shelley (my agent) just now and she told me to just go through a few banks and enquire about study loans. Yeah perhaps I should.

Then I came down from MRT station and guess what, I bumped onto Xiaoyan (Shan's good friend's sister) and her cousin. After chatting a while I got to see Xiaolin (Shan's good fren) and after a bit of chat we went our ways. Oh well..a nice refreshing feeling to break the monotone in my life at times.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

On the train back from Bedok

[CuRRent MooD:] Neutral

[CuRRent Song:] None

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Burger King Meal

Hey I’m on the train blogging again. Haha.

Just went to Berlinda’s place to check out her comp..dunno why leh, everytime go take a look it’s some stupid problem most of the can considered a wasted trip le..never mind la, let her noe that computers are scared of people who knows how to deal with them. LOL.

While at Bedok called up Eleen and found that she’s not feeling well, else I could ask her out for dinner near her place. Always like dat one leh..dunno is I suay or choice la wat to do rite?

I’ve not got over my internal struggle but I got a little less moody probably because I don’t want to see Sunshine moody because I am..yeah lor..headache leh but wat to do..Sunshine’s + is also a - ..she is a bit child-like (not childish) sometimes talk to her I like talking to 5 year old like that..but serious matters she still ok with I also dunno how to deal with such situations..

Running out of cash liao..sian..flat le..still need to top up my cashcard for makan @ GSK..where got enough money..need to loan again liao..sian..

Suddenly thought of a silly thing to blog about..

What does every MRT station in Singapore possibly remind you of?

This seems a silly topic, but I believe I can think of something for most of the mainstream stations (I mean non-NEL).

Start with Boon Lay. Boon Lay reminds me of GSK (current job), Shuyan (my sec sch sis), Meiyi (my sec sch crush), Sylvia (my ex).

Lakeside reminds me of Jurong Calvary Bible Presbyterian Church, the place where I got most of my fundamental Christian teachings from.

Chinese Garden makes me think of Mid-Autumn festival because that’s where all the fanciful big lanterns and stuff will be.

Jurong East..this one much people and places. Javin (sec sch fren) and his place, Shuqi (sec sch fren), Christina (good fren of Shuyan), Lilin (sec sch teacher and mentor during my short days in Jurong Calvary), Jurong Entertainment Centre.

I’ll go eastwards and next stop will be Clementi. This one also a lot..Qiyue (sec sch fren), Thomas (sec sch fren), Nan Hua Sec Sch, Clementi Big Bookshop, Clementi Bookstore (the blue one which sells lots of comp books and other books), Clementi Mac, Clementi Movie Theatre (forgot the name, the one in front of the train station. When I was young I did watch a show over there before), Clementi Student Service Centre..probably more..

Dover MRT – Kaixin (pri, sec, poly fren), Singapore Polytechnic.

Buona Vista I need to place, my aunt’s place and many many stuff associated with my life..since I lived in Ghim Moh all my life so far!

Ok I shall stop here. I think I’m bore-ring people. Haha..oh well, what gives! Finally midway through my train journey, at least I can blog and write rubbish. Endure a bit ok? Haha.

I’ve already prepared myself to change a job, thus I updated my Resume and sent it out, and got more sources for me to find jobs. This move should get me out of my predicament for the time being, whether I like it or not. It might not be a bad move to leave GSK, although I got a feeling that the staff dere are ok with me around. I should not wait for my review, but I guess I can scare or pre-emp the HP side with the intention of leaving and see what their response is. I think it’ll be fun. Anyway I’ll complete my part of the Ops manual before I go, and make sure the new guy is well-trained. I don’t like to leave just like this leaving my ex-company in a spot – just not my style. For ITSS, I’ve tried to teach Ricky as much as I could in that one week, and though he is still learning, but I guess that’s really something that cannot be avoided.

My butt is warm and numb already. -.-


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I'm FAT!

[CuRRent MooD:] FAT

[CuRRent Song:] Central 7 - Neverland

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Wah FAT liao still eat...anyway, Fish Hor Fun & Sugar Cane Drink & Honeydew Sago


I realised it.




I noticed it after wearing a Polo I've not wore much since I started working at GSK.


Anyway...nothing much to write. I did something unimaginable - talking about "interesting topics" with my friend (audible actually) at a bus stop! LOL.

Ok gonna disappear again.


Monday, April 10, 2006

Weirdness in Life

[CuRRent MooD:] Weird

[CuRRent Song:] None

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] N.A.

(As per blogged after work)

Now I even stronger..go blog on the bus..I think later confirm headache by the time I reach JP..ahaha..

Nothing much really to blog cos I forgot whr I stopped..I think I stopped the point I mentioned about going KTV pub wif my sis on the weekends.

Today is a shit day as Lily is back and we have so much to handle..not to mention that Gan will be away on leave a week and that Barn was on least Mervyn is now learning bit by bit..morrow den siong..only left me on site..even more power..headache leh..

Sometimes I wonder if life is playing tricks on me. At times I seem so demanding and unreasonable, yet at times I feel that I’m so satisfied with life quite easily.

What am I doing?

Sleepy. Yawn.

Life’s really on weirdness mode now. I really hope to get an answer soon regarding life’s plan on me.

On the other hand, shouldn’t I be the one dictating how life should go for myself? I wonder why should I just stay resigned and not do something about it.

Sometimes it’s really not about not doing, it’s about considering odds and many other things including my emotions and thinkings.

Oh. So. Tired.


Sunday, April 09, 2006

Wait and wait...boring Sunday...

[CuRRent MooD:] Tired but awake

[CuRRent Song:] What song? Song in brain = Super Guts by Jeff Driller

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Rice + Egg + Luncheon Meat + Fishcake

Now Preventive Maintenance waiting for the backup to run successfully..boring.

On a light note, my DVD is here! Wonder what it is?

Gazen Parapara Gakuen - Parapara Dayo! Zenin Shugo hen
Image hosting by Photobucket

Friday and Saturday nights I went out with Pat to KTV long time no go KTV pubs le..ok la the place, but den I dun really have much of KTV singing moods so ask me go such places also kinda's jus cos I pei her lo so jus go. One of her frens' fren look like Apple Hong from the side.

Yesterday I went to get Nokia 6111...initially I wanted to trade in my 7270 with 6111...ended up cos my 7270 a bit faulty so they cannot accept...then in the end got to get my Sunshine to pay first...cos dun have the money for least for now till I sell the phone lor..hope can get a good price...

Ok lah...nothing much to do...hehe...I go disappear for now...


Saturday, April 08, 2006

My Train Update again

[CuRRent MooD:] Neutral

[CuRRent Song:] None

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] N.A.

On behalf of 07-Apr-06 evening, around 7pm.

lHehe..guess what I’m now on MRT going to town to see see look look walk walk..den wait for Sunshine den go home together lor..hehe is fine I guess..but sad dat now cannot chat with my HR fren at workplace le..cos I think she tio found out chatting so kana complain lor..wun be surprised if it’s that Ms. M again..dunno la, who cares..good things dun last long anyway.

Next week my “mentor” Lily (GSK) will be back from Hols le..wait till she see what happened to the cry sia..but well got us observing still not so bad..see la, I this week ops den got to observe the backups from home over the weekend..which is to say, Saturday morning I still need to wake up in the morning to ensure that the policies are running properly, den evening will need to activate the vaulting process. Oh well, I guess it’s kinda good experience since it reminds me to be committed to my work and not complain these small little things.

Not much to observe in this train for now, beside me is a slping guy, LOL. Initially thought of resting as well but I guess by resting in the bus jus now made me a lil awake enough to be blogging now. I’ll continue playing SG tonight probably to catch up my levels..I got back to my previous regiment, but I’m not too sure how long I will stay. If Jovi somehow persuades me to go over the “training” regiment, I might just go ahead – after all it’s good to be a better player trained by top-tier pple.

A lady and two guys sitting on floor. Ok.

Reminds me of my good old days where I will sit on the floor listening to music or resting in the train. I will still do that when I’m pretty tired I guess.

Linda just called and made me spend quite some minutes on outgoing call. Sian..but what to do..I’m such a good guy..PUI..

Hahhaa..guess it’s about a few stations away from the interchange..I will be ending my blog entry. Nothing much to say also la..jus a small little update to populate my blog.

Till next my pondering mood..


Monday, April 03, 2006

My tasty hair

[CuRRent MooD:] Pissed off (post-blog mood)

[CuRRent Song:] Jazmine - Dream On

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] MOS Burger Teriyaki Chicken Burger Meal + Iced Milk Tea

Damn Mac wireless..totally cannot make it. 4 green bars, zero connection. Nothing I can describe it apart from sucky. Oh well what do you expect from free service?

The week gone by like almost any other week, yesterday was a stupid post so I’ll try something different while waiting for Sunshine. It’s almost 9pm and I’m still at Jurong Saturday I went to MU with dotter and it was okay..cos I was pretty tired for unknown reasons (or maybe cos of the room temp vodka that I took from Brian) that I did not enjoy myself fully. It could be cos of Linda as well, I could never know. Sometimes you really wonder how life evolves in such a way you have a sudden urge to say “I’m blessed!”..that’s how I felt about myself these days at times.

Everything is far from best, but I do not have the worst. I’m still surviving ok, and if my resolute and planning is all right, I believe I will certainly survive in this small world of Singapore. It sounds pretty weird but yes, anyone who lives in this small island country knows how hard it is to make real ends meet..that is of cos disregarding the fact you are from some rich family background.

Today’s topic is “delicious hair”. Quit that, I know you’re laughing. No one will get it till you get to smell my hair – smells like tangy orange with a tinge of lemon in it. Don’t believe it? Wait till I wear the hair wax and you will sense it, and I think you will beg me to never wear the wax again – it smells way too orange. I knew Gatsby’s hair wax has a bit of citrus in it, but no way could it beat the wax I just bought – 30 dollars down the drain and you add oranges into your hair! Ain’t that cool? =)

For your info, I will only wear this wax on outing days – it’s too expensive for me to wear it to work. Catch me while I’m fresh – I really smell orange. (^_^)

Dotter is back to Indonesia for 2 weeks, so I’ll be resting at home (at least away from MU) for the time she’s away – I can save up a bit (hopefully) or to catch up some movies or whatever with friends or Sunshine.

I’ll probably be changing a phone in the coming week or two..wanna know what I’ll be changing? It’s going to be a common phone, nothing way too fancy but having enough features for me to warrant a change – it’s not Nokia 7370 though, as some may speculate cos I’ve mentioned it before.

15 minutes or so away. Oh well time passes slowly for now. And the network is down, forcing me to go back home and make sure the vaulting for my backups @ work will be successful..oh well talking about bringing work back sucks. All these for that measly pay..shit happens, what to do?

Barn jus told me he read my blog, hey welcome in. Has he caught my Vitamin Theory yet? That sounds pretty dumb but I haven’t found such an “inspirational” post for a long time. Guess I’m still a little bo liao in my mind. Or as what my Sunshine and friends said, am I lacking Vitamin S? I’m certainly lacking Vitamin M and a good dose of Vitamin Z…which should I focus first?

Some people claimed my zilian-ness is an overdose due to my pics in Friendster being self-oriented; I did mention I will only put self pics there while putting group pics in Friendster Album. Come to think of it, I’ve not updated that album for a super duper long time. Maybe I should consider doing it sometime..but I’ll have to start searching for all the group pics that I’ve missed out from the last update till many of those do I have?

Da Ge, if you are reading this, I was wondering if you wanna contribute to mummy’s Mother’s Day present – a fridge for the family. I’m targeting at the cheaper-ranged fridges, it’s about $500 at least from what I’ve seen. Just update me if you feel interested to chip in a little :P

Back to what Barn asked, well that issue has no clear resolution as of yet. It’s just rather I can compromise my personal demands and standards. I did (and didn’t) realise I have so much questions in my mind and so little answers. Seriously speaking I’m back to Square One, similar to last time while I was with Shan..but this time it’s somehow different as I’ve known what I want, but do I want to pursue it?

And to my HR friend (she probably won’t be reading this), thanks for being my friend..I appreciate for the help and advice – you too take care of yourself.

Sunshine is out, gonna go ‘fetch’ her.


Post-blog: GMP totally pissed me off with this month's payment. They better explain clearly to me what went on.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

The theory of the 3 Vitamins for Men

[CuRRent MooD:] Feeling funny

[CuRRent Song:] Nuage - I Just Want To Keep You Hangin' On

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Meiji Chocolate Milk

While I was chatting with much of my friends, I came up with this weird theory while I was out with Sunshine...

What are the 3 vitamins of Men I'm talking about? They are...

Vitamin M(oney)
Vitamin S(ex)
Vitamin Z (zzz = sleep)

What's the relationship between 3 of them? As you can see, when you have more Vitamin M, you get a higher chance of Vitamin S...however, to get Vitamin M you need to work hard for it thus you need more Vitamin Z to make up for it. To have good Vitamin Z, you may need a good dose of Vitamin S. show you what I conjured up...

Image hosting by Photobucket

Cool eh? Propagate the info please. :)