Friday, July 20, 2007

Facets of life (?)

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine, just that little tired for now

[CuRRent Song:] None (playing in my mind is JJ Lin's Killer)

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Bah Chor Mee / HL Milk

Need to rush out the stupid interface for my assignment tonight...cos morrow need to present. I hope morrow morning dun need go market else I might not have enough rest to study and then whatever things need to be done.

Somehow as my studies began, free time took on alternate meanings at times. It could mean a personal chillout space, it meant chillout with friends alongside many stuff. I may also decide to try different things on an experimental basis, probably cos I'm in the stage that I can still experiment and recover from failures...of course, some stuff just need extra care.

Like now, my MapleSEA's cleric is level 38 and chief bandit just reached level 70. It's a casual thing for me to play, maybe at times a bit feel more like playing it than doing anything. Then again, as studies took on a precedence I had to at times kill off the playful demon for the hardworking (or at least working) angel...not easy, but trying is the first step to success.

Michelle (workplace) and I were chatting today when our random topics drifted to the direction of relationship. Not much to mention (the common stuff) but some common stuff could let once again make myself realise what views am I holding onto. Like she mentioned about how she missed the woo-ing days and the feelings - that got me to a teasing front of course.

Mic: it's been like 1-2years since i have the being woo-ed feeling. mus go complain to bf again le. haa
Me: wah liew...its common in bgr liao den will cool a bit...
Me: i mean, woo liao u still wan the wooing feeling?
Me: means like as though not together. lol
(some non-relevant response)
Me: means u still wan the attention, the stuff la
Mic: arbothen.. which girl dun like. haha. together le den the attention gets lesser
Me: maybe the flowers, the shyness, the movies...the innocence in some ways
Mic: yes ! lol
Me: yes, its common the attention gets lesser, since being together means being comfortable wif each other, some things will be "less emphasized". but then again, attention can be converted to other things like more care n concern, love and such. commitment and planning maybe.
Mic: wao
Mic: hmm ook. duno how to continue ur theory le. haha
Me: thot u wanna oppose me or something
Me: hahaha
Mic: lol duno how to counter attack la. mind blockage
Mic: =p

I believe we will face such situations at some point of time - no such thing as "forever honeymoon", it will drift off as people tend to know each other much better and relax at a point of time. As such, when we choose to be together with someone, we should just stick to the guns and try to be accepting...unless of course the changes are bent way too much out of proportion. Haha.

My above point could be right, could be wrong. What has been "less attention" could have been placed in other places like "love, care and concern, responsibiliy, commitment" or maybe "possessiveness, pride, dependancy" all depends, isn't it? Nothing too much about being "too good" or "too bad" - it's just what we prefer in life.

Writing the "forever honeymoon" theory brought me to think about my brother, who once claimed it is possible to let a relationship "stay similarly" throughout the first few years. It is not really practically unless you have 101% nothing to hide, or you have found a perfect partner (which itself is impractical). Just look at what is happening now to him, I can plainly scoff off that theory.

True, no honeymoon theory, but it takes two to clap, it takes both to maintain a longlasting relationship going through the tests of time into "eternity".

As my brother came into the picture of my blog post, almost nothing good can come out - it will most guarantee mean another ranting session or some sort of post which sees light to how he is and how everyone is handling.

Nowadays as my mum talks about him, I've held myself back much lesser than I used to in the past. In the past I defend for him, now I am speechless. I've seen years gone by, from myself a kid to this moment that I work...sometimes I wonder if I am becoming more unfeeling...but maybe it's more like I'm giving up on him.

All his stupid promises, blablabla succeeds even lesser possibility than a Scroll of Attack on Dagger 10% (Maplers will know what I mean)...I really tend to lose hope in him more and more. I believe more pressure must be exerted on him.

He always asked why his account now unable to play some games as "administrator access is required" and told me to solve it, which I've pushed it away time and again. I've downgraded his access so that he cannot do stupid changes to the system, and it seems that my system has lesser problems and downtime!

I'm planning to do maintenance on system, I guess I'll get him to backup whatever stuff he has before I plan the BIG BOOM. And I need to tell him that I'm not going to let him use the system until he does what is needed to be done. I think I've gave him way too much chances.

It's really so much more a convenience without him at home, seriously. He just creates more problems when he is...gets on me, I really wonder why all these has to happen on our family when mum and dad are seemingly the best parents that one could ever have. He's just taking things for granted bloody way too much.

Oh well, that's life.

When is my skin change??????


Sunday, July 15, 2007

JJ Lin - Killer

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine

[CuRRent Song:] JJ Lin - Killer

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Milo

Just watched the "hooha" video of JJ Lin...below are links of the videos...

Disclaimer: MV version is ok, but for those who cannot stand gore/nudity (actually only 2 scenes of breasts) please do not proceed with the uncensored versions.

JJ Lin - Killer (MV Version)

JJ Lin - Killer (Uncensored version)

You can omit the third video if you have watched the MV. The end part of part 2 features the MV as well.

The song is not bad, a bit Jay-ish feeling but since it's JJ you get the JJ feeling so...yeah it's a good try. Since the video was such a hooha, I think the company has achieved its aim of promoting the song and album. Haha...

The weekend was ehm, kinda...I dunno how to describe it. Friday was work but no studies (hehe) but met up with groupmates to discuss the assignment...then Saturday went to market with mom...den stayed at home to maple a bit...(yeah cleric lvl 37 le) then went out with Orange for a movie...Jap animation in fact. It's "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" - it's not bad, though for people who expects a big story will be a little disappointed. This animation is a bit more reflecting on the people who uses unparalleled powers without proper consideration, and how some decisions in life could affect everything else not in your control...not everything can be undone in a way.

As she wasn't in the best of moods, somehow my mood got affected even though I was trying to make her better...I guess a short turning point would be the strawberry smoothie - took me like 3 hours plus just to see her smile for the first time yesterday - something which is unbearable to my standards. I'm a "happy fruit" in general and can't stand melancholy too much in usual circumstances. In usual times I'll send her back and stuff but I think due to the mood and stuff I left her to go back home first (sorry abt it =x) while I wandered in the streets a little and ended up at ZoneX and PC Bunk...saw Ivan and Vanessa (separately)...and Eddy...haiz. Hearing what Eddy said to me, I hear also sian. Say what his mother confronted my brother (abt money issues again, what else?), den I just snapped back in relaxing fashion, "Is that any of my business?"

This is just how much I face my brother's issues nowadays. He's almost hopeless.

Back home, mapled a little...slpt.

Now at workplace executing PM...probably meeting up Adeline and co. in the evening for dinner I guess. Oh well, a lot of thoughts being sorted out yesterday...dunno if I can put them in place for execution.

More on it...elsewhere. Haha.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

One week already??

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine, but a bit tired

[CuRRent Song:] Michael Jackson - Black or White

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Rice + Cabbage Soup / None

Time flies, I didn't even notice it's already a week off my previous blog entry.

That thursday, I went KTV with Pat, her mum, Jordan, someone (forgot her name but I seen before) and Orange...sang till 12+am then took cab home. was a Dbl O night with Pat, Orange and Ben.

Saturday...studies...then went out with Sharon to walk around a bit...then home...

Sunday...did what ah? Oh yeah was slacking at home without knowing what to do, then Adeline smsed me a bit then I got to know that they were shopping...then I asked why didn't ask me to go...ended up I met up with them...haha. Them = Adeline, Serene and Jean (the latter ones I knew them from Dbl O during Adeline's last visit). Walked quite a bit in Far East Plaza, talk a lot of cock, den went Paragon...yeah just like that. Then took Jean's friend's red WRX home. Haha.

Work days are boring - either work or study usually. Today I got my leave, so I went to pay a visit to Sujun. Her baby is soooo cute! =) but she's like sleeping longer than expected all thanks to my expert and relentless rocking of the hammock...hahaha...

Yeah, it's Friday tomorrow!


Thursday, July 05, 2007


[CuRRent MooD:] Tired

[CuRRent Song:] None

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Chicken Pie

FINALLY! Lvl 70 Chief Bandit in MapleSEA Aquila! Slow, but sure. :P


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Just another day

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine, a bit tired

[CuRRent Song:] None

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Milo

Been almost a week since my last update, well studies has been pretty 'siong', a lot of concepts to grasp and understand, trying my very best to follow up. Tutorials had been ok so far, but I anticipate worse things up ahead so I should buck up.

Last week...well...Friday was a lecture, Saturday was a tutorial, so after that I went to PS to buy some stuff and had early dinner. Not very sure of my day, I msged Daniel of the night's programmes. Ended up he said some place in MS that I'm not sure of.

So the night came, we ended ourselves in Istana Park for our usual drinking, then off we went to Teddy Bez. What? It's a techno joint newly opened at MS, and to think that Rusty (ex-Paralist) was involved in the Techno-dance competition...however it was sad that due to military obligations he was not able to attend the Semis and it was an automatic walkover. We all got eyes look can tell he's the best on the floor.

Anyway...the place closed at 3am (zzz), sat a lil at the coffeeshop and off home we went (NR8 - surprise!).

Sunday...lazy day...stayed home the whole time apart from accompanying mum to the marketplace, and ordered pizza for dinner at night. That's just it.

OH Bandit in MapleSEA is finally LEVEL 70!!! WooO~~~ but not yet job change. Zzzz...hahaha...but current clothing look stupid leh...hahaha...

So now is Job Change > Band of Thieves > Assaulter > lvl 100!!!

LOL...long way to go.

Template ah template...shld be time to change template...