Thursday, December 17, 2009

From SJ's blog...

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It talks about life of 80 years and how we should go about living it. I'll try to interpret the remainder for SJ, that is if I'm "pro" enuff.

Going off from where SJ stopped...

Reverent XingYun explains:

The 80 storeys is just like 80 years of life. We have limitless youth and energy in life at the 20th storey. At the 40th storey, life's burden such as kids and finance takes our toll just like the luggage. It is at this time that people manage to leave/endure the burden and carry on climbing to the 60th storey, which by then our stamina has dwindled - but being human we have to continue improving ourselves and climb upwards with a weakened body and soul carried along with old age. When we eventually reach 80th storey, we do not possess any energy to turn back and open the door to happiness.

Our dear readers, you too have 80 storeys of life, how would you want to lead your life at each storey? Life is just like climbing stairs, you can look afar when you are high up above - but surviving the chill while you are up above is difficult, going down the steps requires great effort and care. A special milestone awaits you after walking through the steps and reaching the point whereby you do not require climbing any stairs.


The quotations are tough, I better don't try them. Haha.


This is cool stuff from Microsoft!

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine, cold

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A project building up Microsoft Surface's abilities, a project team does the traditional desktop D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) on Surface!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Facebook know-a-bit

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For now, facebook implemented the shortening URL thingie...

So, =


Friday, December 11, 2009

A new workplace, new life, new challenges?

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It is my 4th working day today (okay it's the 5th working day of the week but unfortunately I was on MC on Wednesday so hence the numbers) - things have been fine so far, on off stupid issues like the M1 iPhone promo and stuff, things are still okay at the moment.

Nothing too new on the new job apart the switch commands (we'll be handling basic Cisco switch commands) and the monthly reports doesn't look too tough apart from it being mundane (of course, bearing in comparison with good old days in GSK, such reports are like nothing of that sort). Then again, have such a simple reporting system in the new place does have its plus and minus. I hope I have enough chances to learn something new from the job so I can add on more value...well of course, then now being "Team Lead" certainly adds that little more credibility to my resume on my next job when will my real challenge come? ;)

Things aside, usually at this time of the year I'll be blogging about Christmas and stuff and guess I should be. And I should be catching up on my graduation stuff but the pics are mostly in my facebook account. Do look for me if you know me personally in life or if you play apps like Castle Age.

See ya!