Sunday, August 26, 2007

I gonna die

[CuRRent MooD:] Sick

[CuRRent Song:] Dunno, it's a song played in the Muslim wedding downstairs.

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] None

Haha...after such an absence of updating, first thing I gonna say is I gonna die...ahaha...why not?

I missed my first lecture due to fever, and my first assignment is due...2nd Sept! How ridiculous is that??? Add on the fact I gonna be attending both Mic and Isabelle's am I to make it? I gonna be no lah, maybe just need some miracles...

But firstly, my illness must go away first...else it's goodbye to my current module. And to think this topic is one of my weakest...die la die la...

Really die le lah...