Monday, April 30, 2007

It's Monday, but morrow is Labour Day!

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine, a bit tired

[CuRRent Song:] Madonna - Sorry

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Bee Hoon + Luncheon Meat / Plain Water

Eyes tired, brain awake - that's what is happening to me for the past two days.

Went to meet up with Hikki and Sharon on Friday after work, went for some walking about and shopping, they have this late night shopping on the last friday of every month but I think it leaves much to be desired. In the end it turned out to be MJ session after shopping with Eric (Tilong) and lost quite a bit...but never mind lah...hahaha =P

Saturday woke up in morning (after a nice morning rain) to go market with mum...den reached home and fiddled the PC, played maple and YES! LEVEL 63 FINALLY!!!!!! LOL. Then after checking wif Daniel I got to know MOS trip is not confirmed, so I just dallied my time away, rested a little in the evening (wasn't really much a rest, got interrupted by smses) and took dinner at home...when I got sms from Orange about having dinner wif her...ok fine...hahaha so tentatively we arranged meeting up 8pm...den became like 830pm...finally by the time we met I guess it's about 930pm...haha! She was in the porridge mood so we went the 长城 at Outram-Chinatown area...ate 田鸡粥 with 油菜 and salad fried dough (cannot find exact spelling in chinese somehow)...ok I didn't eat those veges...den we walked down Chinatown MRT and took to PS...somehow the main drinking kakis not there yet, we made our way to Mos Burger and had Ichigo Bliss and Iced Milk Tea...photowhored a little and saw the absolute bliss on Orange's face on her attempts at sweetness after her post-detox programme! =) lol it was so funny.

After that went over the usual drinking place and saw Jessie, Ah Hong and Brian. Wait, where's Daniel? Stuck at Parklane - with the alcohol! ended up Brian, Orange and I walked over to 7-11 and got some alcohol...did I spell alcohol or alchohol wrongly? Think it's the former. Haha. Anyway...Orange introed me some green tea + whiskey alcohol drink which I thought tastes the same as Chivas + green tea...damn WRONG! There is this tinge of 梅酒 taste that we cannot exactly put a finger to it, and it was an experience hahaha...den Isabelle came along and after the drinking session we decided to go Dbl O...

Entry was rather quick, but it was crowded - crowded till even men has to queue for the washroom! After everything, went to the main floor...saw Jess (Pat's fren)...den we walked back the chillout bar (which ain't much chillout - damn crowded!) and bought our drinks - Baileys Milk ($52 - ouch), Gin Tonic w/o ice (hmmmz)...and played 猜拳 (15-20)...den Isabelle got another Baileys-contender + Milk ($30 I think) and tequila shots...2 each for me and her...den just dance and chat...well the night was rather fine but had a bit of things to handle...but it was fine overall.

Nearing 4am, my dad came over Dbl O and sent Belle back home, den me to work. Yes work.

Work @ 4am @ Quality Road. Zzzzz...

Raining somemore. Haha...den by the time I finished work it was 630ish...took cab back home, reached home 7+am..den bathed, slpt...

...woke up 1pm...! Grrr...eyes tired, brain choice, wake myself up...den went market with parents to makan with relatives (maternal 3rd aunt) and finish, I went home...went to neighbour's place to chill and help another of their fren with laptop installation...den somehow arranged with Celly to go out and help me shop for workwear...haha!

Eventually met up with Celly nearly 540pm...den took train to PS...went G2000 and bought a shirt with most vouchers...hahhaha! Then we went down Orchard-bound, alongway Heeren, then Taka...den Wisma...ended up she bought herself something as well from Forever 21...den sent her back...oh yea, had dinner at KFC.

It's a step I took to go out with her again, and I'm glad to have taken it.

Oh ya, I am supposed to return the tag thing from her lemme try...

Rules: Each player of this game starts off by giving 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write in a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rules clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names.

(1) I weigh the heaviest among my brothers at birth, heard that it's over 8 pounds! Ended up I am rather skinny at teenage years, became a lil better after NS and now I'm putting on weight like I've never done before.

(2) I crawl backwards frequently during my toddler years, and I've grown to walk backwards with ease.

(3) I sing, dance and talk to myself. Anywhere, anytime.

(4) I have contrasting theories to beautiful women and eventually what type of women I am looking for.

(5) Hey wait Celly, you mentioned that loving hugs and kisses are weird. Damn, I'm weird too.

(6) Finally...I'm weird that I just cannot think of things that I find myself weird about. That in itself is weird. Haha!

The 6 pple...hmmmz...

1 - Christina (Virneige Astrae)
2 - Sujun
3 - Orange
4 - Eleen
5 - Christina (uglyfatchick - never ugly, never fat)
6 - Erin

Ok done. Whew.


Friday, April 27, 2007


[CuRRent MooD:] Fine

[CuRRent Song:] Emil Chau - 旧伤心痕

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Sour strips / Plain Water

This week went quite fast...hehe...Tuesday rested a bit, Wednesday came back home, Thursday...

Yesterday met up with Isabelle...guess what we did?




...went to Bailey's Long Island...then we walked up to The Balcony and had Sex On The was soooo good! =)

Haha. Go figure. :P


Monday, April 23, 2007

It's yet another Monday...

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine but eyes a bit tired

[CuRRent Song:] None

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Bee Hoon + Luncheon Meat / Plain Water

You guys like my current friendster/blog song? Seems that people are more receptive towards non-electronic music...oh well, that's all for now? Hahaha...but do notice that RnB is slowly, I mean rather slowly, losing its grip on the people with the arrival of european players so...we'll wait and see. Haha.

Lemme...see...ok I only know one of the stupid weekdays I tio "conned" to go some stupid MLM thing which till now I'm still rather pissed with the person who asked me to go...cos I've already told her umpteen times I do not, and won't wanna be associated wif any MLM thing. Oh well...then nothing too much, Friday met up wif Sharon in Chinatown area for KTV...went KBox and K-ed from 8pm to, that's like 6 hours...zzz...

Saturday woke up in morning to accompany mum to the market...then gamed till 6 something and went to Chevrons for another short round of then Daniel had already invited me to the drinking session, so I left Chevrons at around 9:20pm and went down Clarke Quay to look for them...they have already queued for the free entry into MOS, so I was the last to go and went to the bridge for our drinking session. Jessie was back from Japan so she got us Johnny Walker's Green has a lingering taste so it stayed on a we finished around half a bottle and stashed the remains in Daniel's bro's vehicle (which I think is a family vehicle), and went to MOS. It was already about 5am when I reached home.

For sunday...woke up ard 2pm...then gamed...then met up with Sharon and Hikki in the evening, window shopped a lil, chat a lil, makan a lil...home. Yeah that's my weekend.

Should be another intoxication weekend the coming week.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Come to think...template change?

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine, a bit tired

[CuRRent Song:] None

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Chicken Pie / Plain Water

Maybe it's time for 9.0. Haha...I wanna get the labelling up...wonder how...dun wanna use widgets leh...

Anything else will blog again...this is super short post hahaha...


Monday, April 16, 2007

Yet another MJ weekend

[CuRRent MooD:] Tired

[CuRRent Song:] None

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Some chicken with mashed potato / HL Milk

On thursday, had arranged KTV session with Orange but it seems weird both our sessions we were somehow not feeling well but nevertheless went on with it. Initially thought of going home to change but ended up I made my way dere earlier to wait for her which she did arrive around 7pm...den went the winterwear shop walk walk...den we had Pizza Hut for dinner...well as mentioned, there's never a boring day with Orange around.

The time we went in the hut (7+pm) it was rather crowded so we were allocated seats that are just beside the counter where they despatch their with the talking and ringing sounds (they hit the bell whenever food is ready) it gets irritating so Orange shared my idea and signalled the waitress (or what you call them...server? lol) to change seats...thing is, we saw some seats at the back so Orange suggested to split the tables (they are 6-seaters) so other can use the rest of the tables, which the waitress said is fine so we transferred ourselves there. Sitting there for like 5 mins, another waitress came by to inform us that she needs to move us cos there are reservations for the table...being patient, we were fine with the idea but she suggested moving us BACK to the place where we came from! Orange explained the situation patiently and upon remembering that the seat near the entrance is vacant, she suggested that seat and so....we were transferred there. Sat down, started our orders and took soup when......

...we hear of customers complaining to the counter staff about billing and was really irritating so upon seeing another vacant seat, Orange suggested moving again! I was fine with it, she got the waitress again to switch places, explaining about the situation again. This time though, I added the point that "my friend isn't very happy about this" and thus, we switched to the fourth table of the evening! Finally we got our hands on the Super Supreme wif the cheese thing...took some pics and after that walked a little before we settled for KBox...sang substandard with our poor voices, and finished at ard 12mn...sent her back via cab and me back home via cab.

Then...friday half day, went to GMP to sign contract, then went to Millenia Towers to look for the eduloan officer...sigh, a lot of things here and there, and still need one more signature to be signed...then settled things, went to arcade and had a game or two...den Sharon called me to arrange for dinner...ended up battery flat! Good thing while I was frantically looking for a public phone, I bumped onto neighbourhood pple and got myself calling Sharon to confirm the timing. Den dally a bit, went to meet Sharon and had dinner at Marina Square's foodcourt. After that we were not sure of where to go...ended up with MJ session again! This night Sharon's the winner as I lost terribly...

Saturday...went market with mum, den rested quite a bit and skipped Berlinda's chalet thing (and making her pissed in the process)...then woke up, met up with the MJ buddies again! MJ MJ MJ! This time I didn't lose much as I managed a turn of events on the second MJ session of the night...den after MJ went to makan, den chit chat...den I took cab to GSK for PM.

PM ended nearly 3pm...well, nothing too much, stunts here and there. Then went home to rest, woke up to eat, rest slack...yeah...tired lo.

That's my weekend's worth.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Monday, wednesday?

[CuRRent MooD:] Okay

[CuRRent Song:] None

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] KFC

Well, half the week has gone past, and so how has it been? Nothing much really?

Well for monday, Orange came to my place and had some homecooked food that my mum made - I told her it's something unique and not available outside so she was pretty excited about it. After waiting a while at the MRT station, I brought her back home (ok I know this somehow sounds weird but I don't have a better term) and introduced the dish to her - 菜粥. What? Haha..I guess most people might not have heard of it as it's a dish that is passed down from my maternal grandma to my mum. Don't be deceived by its looks as I've scouped the porridge for her, and after the meal she seemed very satisfied. Haha...wait till she tries more of the dishes! Anyway she stayed for quite a while using the PC and after that sent her downstairs and flagged a cab.

Tuesday...initially wanted to go down and look for the education loan consultant from Citibank...ended up I forgot to grab the form from Sujun so ended up I cancelled the thought...called up Virneige and found that she was meeting up with Tilong and makaning @ Lot 1, so I went down to meet up. As I was earlier, I went to the arcade and happened to bump onto Jonathan (paralist)...den he jio-ed me a game of DDR which I played terribly cos I was on workwear, then I watched Sangoku-Taisen (The Romance of Three Kingdoms game in the arcade where you use cards to control generals) for a bit before they arrived and we went to food court and order food.

After eating, went walking a bit around Lot 1, bought my sweets supply for work, den I went home...upon reaching home I was feeling very tired and wanted to collapse rightaway after my bath but my mum cooked for upon knowing of the Champions' League match with Manchester United and AS Roma @ 2:45am, I set up the online channel for the match and went to bed early at around 9:15pm...but my rest wasn't fully accounted for - Berlinda called me thrice and Pat called oh well, what to do. the end I woke up around 2:35am and prepared everything for the supper and match.

The match ended up in Man Utd favour - 7 goals to 1. DAMNIT it's 7!!! It was such a match to watch, good thing I didn't miss it! =) the match ended around 5 and I rested...

...morning woke up a lil late, convinced myself to take a cab down work. Nothing much for work, grabbed the form from Sujun's desk as she went home early for a rest (pregnant women sure are tired...) then ended up having to go back Quality Road site as something went wrong with one of the hardware which will affect the backup for the next morning. The education loan officer called and said he was not able to make it today so we had tentatively arranged to be at Friday. As I was at QR, I finished whatever needs to be done, and took the bus down Jurong Point. Makaned KFC, was walking out of JP when I felt someone pat my arm - Mdm Helen, my BC during my army days! So she agreed to send me back home (we live in the same area) while I followed her around a bit to get her stuff, den while on the car had quite a chat (the evening jam sure makes the traffic slow) before I came back home. Having a chat with her made me realise quite some stuff regards to part of my life.

In the afternoon I had a chat with Pat about some thoughts pertaining to people of the 21st some issues seem to get more common around me and how people are attempting to come to terms with it. Well...I guess it's time for me to take a backseat - in fact I'm in pole position since I'm unattached right now and should have the better view, since being attached *might* just alter some views of mine.

Stay tuned.


Monday, April 09, 2007

Whoa, what a weekend!

[CuRRent MooD:] Great

[CuRRent Song:] None

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Nasi Lemak / Orange juice

It's really a great weekend, so what exactly happened?


Reached home, then prepared a little and met up with Vir and Tilong and took cab down to O2, the KTV pub that Tilong frequents. Just so happens that there was only this large table with 2 groups vying for it, and somehow for some reason Sharon brought Eugene (her bf) along...wasn't feeling that good at the beginning but trying hard to retain my cool...then Eugene suggested to go down Boat Quay where he can get a place for drinks. So off we went... Music Heritage @ Boat Quay. Yes true we got a place, Eugene order a bottle of Chivas for everyone and we played games and drank but...what's KTV pub without singing? In the end...we didn't sing and we got out to makan prata. A miracle happened on this night - Eugene actually apologised to me for his f**ked up attitude towards me! He mentioned that it was due to his jealous nature that he gives such attitude and promises that such thing won't happen, what a change! Well people who knew me knows I never treat anyone as an enemy, and at most only dislike...never hatred since he made the first move, I don't see why I should keep looking at him under a bad light. After all, so long if he treats Sharon nicely, it doesn't matter how he looks at me - that's me.

Anyway, they mentioned going St James but my buddies figured we should rest for the night...without singing? Damnit - go figure.


Reached home like morning 6ish? Can't recall...den woke mum up to market, skipped breakfast and went bed after home from market. Woke up like 2-3pm? Then after a while went to meet up with Vir n Tilong for lunch/dinner at the renovated coffeeshop @ Blk 19...Tilong was in foul mood because the western food sucked and the cutlery wasn't clean...oh well what to do. Then we went back to Tilong's place...

...MJ MJ MJ! Aiya Sharon haven't come to the scene so we played 3-pple action adrendline rush! By the time Sharon came I'm down to half my we converted to 4-pple MJ...played till 10ish 11pm? By then I have recovered my losses all thanks to Tilong's blessed wisdom on MJ! Insight!

Went home to get changed, and we went to have supper at Kopitiam before we went down St James for some clubbing. Went in thru DragonFly, and stayed all the way till closure, rested at the bus stop till the first bus, took bus back and we saw Vir off her cab and both me and Tilong went back to collapse.

To Virneige: Thanks for being around to help us watch for first bus and lending us your "comfort zone" *wink wink* - love you loads! MUACKS!


Woke up around 12ish as the electrician uncle came to install additional electrical points in my room, also to fix up another point in my house as well as to fix some piping issues - all for only $18! Imagine if asked PUB pple to come...*shudders*...anyway, after that helped mum with household chores, cleaning up and stuff...then watched TV till 630pm, rested a bit and went to Tilong place for another MJ session!!! HahHHAa...den played and play...till an sms came along...Daniel! He asked me for a trip down Dbl O and I agreed rightaway...but MJ has to finish first hahhaa...den Pat also msged me regards my programmes, happened that she was going down Dbl O as well! Cool! So after ending the game at the 3rd quarter, I went home to prepare and went Istana Park for our pre-clubbing drinking session with an interest - Jessie brought her Absolut Ruby Red! Interesting! Then after that we walked down Dbl O.

Went to Dbl O, met up with Pat and saw her "sisters and friends"...lemme think who can I remember...there's a Jess, there's a Jeanette (or Janet)......ok, I can't remember much. So had some drinks and danced through the night...till closure...and yeah, Jess happened to know an ang moh (I think named Wayne) who is in Singapore for only 2 days and he treated her champagne...ended up I'm being drafted into the drinking team to finish up the at the very end 6 pple were sharing the bottle...HAHAHA! Also got to know a guy by the name of Tony - 32 but looking like 23. Then we went off after that, I took same cab as Pat and went back.


For once I might've thought Sunday is a rest day, but Orange contacted me while I was on way to Dbl O the night before and we agreed to meet up for a movie and some brief shopping. Being under stress for the 100% record of a good movie kaki, I was short of choice - TMNT and Mr Bean Holiday had mixed reviews, she doesn't go horror-ish shows...ain't much comedies around...I'm like so short of choices - added the fact she doesn't like Mandy Moore, it gave me a headache. In the end, I went for broke and chose "Because I Said So", a show starring Mandy Moore (duh).

We went shopping a bit and she bought herself a necklace, I was looking for my CDs...suddenly she mentioned she wanted the Tao Zhe CD that she loved so much but did not buy it...since I was on vouchers, I quipped in, "if that CD falls below $15, I'll buy it for you!", thinking that it is improbable...ended up we walked back to Sembawang Music Centre (MJ did not have it) and it cost $12.90! We were like laughing out loud - but I kept my promise to pay like 90%ish of the CD (I told her to pay the dollars and cents after the vouchers - which amounted to a nice amount of a few cents...hahaha) and bought myself 2 dance compilations. She was saying about her lack of "skinny jeans" so we went down Future State and yea, she got what she wanted..after some discussion of her figure which IMHO, isn't even an issue of discussion.

Oh yea, I think I messed up the last part because we went to Swensons for dinner before the purchase of the jeans. We got food from the Allan and Lilin's new menu (some new gimmick) - Beef Burrito and Grilled Fish Fillet...and Chocolate Overload!!! Heehee...shall put pics once ready.

Went for the movie and *lucky me* I held the 100% record - she liked the show! I remembered what she said, "Surprisingly Mandy Moore acts well" hahahha...hey dun play play, I got check synopsis and trailer ok...=)

Oh well, that's the end of my fun-filled alcoholic late nights weekend.


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Nowadays I blog from work because...

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine

[CuRRent Song:] Fantasy Project - Like A Fool (TBM DJ Radio Edit)

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Sichuan vege + Rice / Plain water PC seemed to have an issue trying to publish posts and saving drafts. Looked like a javascript problem but no lead abt it, also tried to register my dlls but failed to make an impact as well. Oh well.

Nothing too much to blog as well, just now went out wif Virneige and Tilong with another primary schoolmate Zhaohan to Commonwealth for some bee hoon with chicken wing n stuff...yeah it was ok standard to say the least, but they insisted it tasted better. So that's just about it...yeah, Vir told me to rest early cos I had a headache...sometimes I do think if all these headaches are normal or it's just me.

Had a chat with Desy (dotter) till 2am in the morning. Haha.

Had been some time I do some stupid self reflection of sorts? I guess that's cos recently I do have a little life outside my own, I tend to focus a bit lesser on myself.

Finance: still sucky, actually has been a little on unstable ground. Anticipating to get it ironed out in 3 months, provided I keep my budget real tight. Has to do so though.

Education: PSB Academy (University of Newcastle) has approved my Bachelor of Information Technology, now confirming things with education loan with Citibank...or should I consider other aspects, that I wonder.

Work Life: Team getting more error prone as cases actually are going down. Unnecessary stress gets built up over time. I would think that it's time to move on, no?

Love Life: On a low. It's ok. Haha...but somehow what the cab driver told me that night got on me, it starts to irritate me time to time. Haha.

Time will move, pple will just move. Haha...

And yea, my brother sucks.



Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A week past, and how was the week?

[CuRRent MooD:] Tired but awake

[CuRRent Song:] None, in fanout remix room

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Chicken pie / Plain water

Nowadays I blog like once a week and trying to backtrack the events...frankly speaking I can't remember a lot for the I guess I have to talk about the weekends, no?

Friday I took half day in effort to look for Janet's farewell gift...ended up I've received confirmation of my degree and I had to process the bank loan ended up I made calls to PSB and also Citibank which they did get back to me and some information that I have to process and by the end of it I had Jasmin (one of the GSK pple) to help scout for the gift.

Met up with Janet @ Clementi Mac about 7+ den we chatted and ate till abt 8 when Michelle arrived. The rest came later and Janet was out to expose them when they were trying to unpack and put the gifts in the huge box prepared for her...just outside Mac. Just so happened Janet was facing them so...hahaha EXPOSED! But she gave them face so after exposing them we went up Partyworld to start the singing going. It was a rather noisy session and Michelle left earlier at ard the time the singing ended it was about 12+ near 1, then we went to Mac and continued chatting till 3 something before we went back home.

Saturday...slpt and slpt till about time, I prepared a little and before I knew what hit me, it started pouring outside. Thinking quick, I changed the venue to Marina Square instead of town as per what communicated to Orange and Cellie. Cellie did not answer, and Orange said she cannot leave house while the rain is came to a point I took cab down to fetch Orange (the rain's gone by the time I reached there - duh) and down to town...midway changing destination to PS and checking out how her life is at the moment. I guess as what Joy said, we'll be there to pick her up from anything, but so far her life's pretty great...and I hope it will be long she's happy with it.

Upon reaching PS we went to check whichever available food places, den went down GMask to check out masks for her phone...while she was going thru the choices Cellie just appeared out from nowhere with Brad, her boyfriend. Come to think of it...I'm glad I have no hard feelings for now, haha. Anyway after the masking we went to Manhatten Fish Market to have seafood-related making small chat, watching some aquatic video in the restaurant and blabla...after the meals we went wif Orange to collect the phone wif the mask, then walked around a little bit till Orange decided to get a strap or some danglings for her on we tried looking...but not much avail till we went down B1 and chanced upon a phone accessories shop which she bought a strap for her phone.

After some confirmation, I got to know that Orange's going down Dbl O...checking with her, she said she shld not sustain beyond 3am so I agreed with it...Cellie did not tag along so we went on to City Hall to meet up with her friend Faith...then walked to the bus stop, we took the bus down to Dbl was a short queue even though it was like 11-ish, so just went up to Dbl O and shared a table with others. Ordered a jug of beer and Gin Tonic, den got on to start our drinking session...then Orange suggested some shooters (can't exactly remember their names but they are sweet) so after that, we ordered another jug of beer and Gin Tonic. By that time there were like a guy or two chatting about here and there, and one whom we eventually joked into letting him saying that I'm a toy boy employed by both the ladies @ $50 an hour...OMG. I don't think I'm there yet, isn't it? HAHAHHA!!!

We finished everything up (and Retro ended rather early) and went down O Bar feeling high...blabbered a bit of stuff while waiting outside (serious, I can't remember what we said) and went in...ordered popcorn (salty - but who cares) and another pair of shooters for the 2 ladies...den started the time everything ended it was nearly 4am...I think. Took cab and sent both of them back before I went back...then this cab driver started a conversation...

Driver: so what are you doing now? Working?
Me: Yeah
Driver: so are you attached now?
Me: No (high enough to not wonder why he's asking that)
Driver: so which one of the two are you interested?
Me: (sober enough to speak truthfully) ehm, none of them. One of them is taken, the other I only got to know today
Driver: then why are you not attached?
Me: You think so easy meh...such things is fated one lah...
Driver: Aiya don't say fate la...fate only an not young already right, should go find one liao...don't wait till next time cannot find then jialat...nowadays people like that, they think too confident of themselves, think can find den keep giving excuses not to find...
Me: ... ... ...


Sunday...woke up with hangover, got brother to go market with mum...den went to sweep tomb with dad and relatives...ended up my 3rd aunt's daughter didn't go...zzz...nvm, the end of it...wah piang tired...cos of the hangover...but overall the day was ok...

Yesterday leh...woke up still not feeling too well, reported sick...hahaha...yeah that's how my days went...