Wednesday, November 25, 2009

An Apple a day will start keeping people away

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Sorry for boring everyone with IT stuff, but the next news caught me off guard. Article from Ars Technica, Apple refuses under warranty products is returned for repairs due to the fact they belong to smokers.

I'm not a fan of smoking; in fact I hate the smell - however this came too much of a surprise as it seems to infringe into human rights, but of course from an employer's point of view, you wouldn't want your employees to be exposed to "hazardous materials" i.e. nicotine and tar. I do think this is already a bit overdoing it, as one of the comments say, it's not that you cannot work with it, just that you need to take appropriate measures to protect your employees.

Then again, Apple really has weird guidelines when they do their stuff, be it the App Store or now, their warranties.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Viewing Apple's World

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Someone has provided a nice article about viewing Apple differently from other companies:

ComputerWorld: Four Things you need to know about Apple

Of note:

- Everything Apple sells is an Apple product

After reading the article, you have to agree what the author said is right. Everything that Apple makes and uses, they treat it as theirs.

- Apple products are disposable

Upon thinking how they make the products, all are built in batteries. Since batteries in most mindsets are somehowwhat disposable, I must say they have a unique view about the gadgets they make. Maybe even their laptops.

- Nothing exists unless Apple sells it

This emphasizes just how much Apple lives in their own world. I have nothing too much to say about it though.

- Apple doesn't want to be a successful business

I believe this view is written with a tinge of humour in it. I do not believe any business wants to operate without profit, but I must say that Apple does it in a way that when they do things they want it to be good and popular.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Google Jokes

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Guys, have you heard of Google Jokes?

Bet you haven't - because I've recently discovered it. No no's not a goofy thing that Google made directly, rather it's something I found interesting to the point of funny about Google.

For a start, let us step into the famous Google Search Engine, (mine is .sg):

Try typing "I am e" - e.g. I was trying to type "I am extremely bored" but do not complete the sentence:

I am extremely terrified of chinese people!!! OMG!!! Are we that terrifying???

Now try "Google is"...

OMG Google is going to take over the world! Not really much of a news, judging by the way how it rules the Web now.

Okay since we're at Google, why not Microsoft? Let us try "Microsoft is " (with the space)...

Microsoft is dead - certainly a scam for now. :P

Now we can create our own jokes in Google - what's yours?