Tuesday, October 14, 2008

At the clouds!

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine :)

[CuRRent Song:] None

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Chicken Chop / Sugar Cane Drink

For a long time it seems I've not been out of SG, this year I'm out twice! For this second time I'm out wif my beloved Serene to Genting Highlands, Malaysia!

This blog entry shall be the trip to the clouds!

Can't exactly remember but I think we took it before/after the bus trip...yeah I know my pimples...LOL it was a 6 hour + trip up to Genting (we boarded the bus at 1030pm and reached ard 5am...) and we slept on the coach, so it wasn't really that tiring.

She took a pic of me and said I'm Jay Chou. Zzz...far from it. Alicia, if you're reading, don't vomit on the screen - go grab a bin instead.

Woke up in the noon time and saw this outside the window. The light in the centre is camera flash, not the sun...hahaha...can fake off as one eh? ;) anyway it was a refreshing sight away from the concrete jungle.

We are still wondering what this is. Anyone to enlighten?

Another pic on the way up to the arcade and casino-es. Well the thing is I was wearing sandals so they didn't let me in...grrr oh well. Will do so at nite. Humph.

That's Ripley's Believe It Or Not stuff. Well, we got into the place and spent like 3 hours there? Unbelievable! There's a lot to read and learn about!

Like this gate. I wonder how it is opened.

White tiger! Nice :) but it's caged...

Some illusionist got it out and parades on the stage.

And sideways it walked...

Then we walked around and found the performance that the white tiger will be in. It costs RM100, so I felt its fine. Due to my stupid stomach discomfort which was with me for the entire weekend, I couldn't eat anything too spicy or whatever...so we went back our room to rest a bit before we went to watch the performance.

On Sunday, we woke up in the late morning and walked around, had brunch and bought a bit of stuff back. Then she was looking around and seeing everyone has a big bear and reckoned trying our luck at the arcade. Not much luck, my closest attempt came at the wheel (think Wheel of Fortune) when I'm a unit away from the Big Prize. Seems my dear felt I was lucky though ;) hahaha...

We didn't get a prize and she seems a lil disappointed. Well, even though I didn't do it in the most romantic way...

I got her this bear instead. She is thrilled. :)

And off our way back Singapore, we arrived around 9+.

Yeap, that's our journey!