Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What should I be feeling?

[CuRRent MooD:] Weird

[CuRRent Song:] Cascada - Miracle (The Usual Suspects vs. EXR Remix)

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] KFC / Vitagen

Ehm how should I start? Okay, I shall start with a thank you for Virneige who wrote a testimonial to encourage this 18 yrs fren of hers! LOL thanks! =)

How should I end? Haha...I shall end with the recent blog entry I read from that special someone in my life...as I'm in a rather mixed up phase of my life, I would think I'll not put names but she'll know when she reads this. I do not know if she did refer to me in her blog entry (bless my BHB-ness), but I think if she realises that (that = whatever is mentioned on her blogpost), she's still on good track. This was what I wrote on her taggie...

"True, it is well-said...but it takes two hands to clap at times...it gets nowhere if only one hand is trying to clap, ending up only slapping itself? LOL..."

I'm not trying to be cocky, irritating or anything like that - it's a clear message to her regards how I feel, and how anyone would feel. I hope she remembered what I told her during that day @ the train station, or even my mails...that one thing for certain is that if you really do feel for a particular someone, even if you are not ready for a real commitment, you will still feel for that person and that whatever that person does...how and what you do will directly affect matters.

By my recovery phase I'm effectively taking things to slowness - even a standstill, just awaiting to see if anything happens...so let's just see if things will happen naturally and blissfully? Hmmm.

And yeah...it does take effort for relationships to work...so let's just see how much effort can be put in...

*waiting for the rainbow beyond the rain?*

"And yeah, don't worry, I won't disappear."

Oh yeah, upon reading up some blog entries of people, I start to realise my previous post's advice will probably not work. Then again, that's my personal point of view (often wrong when I feel it can be right).


Monday, January 29, 2007

"Tell me I got over everything and it's a lie"

[CuRRent MooD:] Thinking

[CuRRent Song:] 周华健 - 旧伤心痕

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Rice + Otah + Egg / (about to be) Yakult

Probably the topic headline will cover a lot of people this time round. Somehow the walk of life from last year till now has made me notice that the love mood of my circle is not an optimistic bed of roses but instead consisting of so much remnants of the past. As I myself am writing, I can think of people who fit the bill of the topic, which is the following statement:

"Tell me I got over everything and it's a lie."

Personally there has been more than a single event/happening/relationship that I've not been able to get over with, and things had been piling up. Ivan's advice had been pretty helpful to make sure I stay in shape and not to collapse under all these crap shitload of life's happenings, but I guess every day and every night for as long I have a single moment of peace, such things will come back to me.

OUCH. Just when I looked back at the profile and thinking that it's all just my thinking that I'm being overly possessive, unforgiving, being a shallow person...I am just dealt yet another blow.

Sorry, back to where I was...damnit. The feeling in me goes beyond that sourness of my Yakult or even the Dough Yogurt thingie that both Orange and I took @ the Persian restaurant...fuck it. I have not got over it, yes I know, I wanted to continue living through half a life of deception and deceit, but guess maybe half of the truth would've attacked me by now. A gazillion of advice had came to me to drop it, but it wouldn't have been the Luke you pple know should I had just heeded that advice. It's really painful now, but life goes on.

Anyway......this sentence also applied to one lovely lady that came to my life not too long ago, but she stayed within. Things were not meant to be, everything is wrong from the start...but somehow the love and feelings we have for each other stayed on...it's wrong, but where emotions are concerned...somehow the wrong feeling just seemed right. As of now many things might've cooled (of course we discovered something new that made us hysterical), but I believe somehow no matter how wrong it is, our feelings still remained. More than once she indicated this very meaning to me:

"Tell me I got over everything and it's a lie..."

As of current stand I thought of 2 more persons...however, due to the immediate hurt I am getting now, I am unable to make the stand for one of them as she had greatly shaken my vote of confidence in her. On what grounds, now I start to understand a lot of things...and why people around her will feel that way...and why I simply wasn't even in a correct position to make much changes. If this lady knows that I am talking about her...I really hope that if everything I see or felt is correct, you would have NOT been the target of my topic and that you have found a happier life beyond your past and beyond me. You could've missed my messages, my calls, or even removed my picture......but words, your words and mine - could it had been erased in the movement of time? Current circumstances state that I don't have proper processing abilities for this one.

The other lady...well, it's really limited guessing. This lady happens to be a reader of my blog, but I know very little of her life. It's not difficult to get trapped in time, so probably she might still be stuck in the "tell me I got over everything and it's a lie" thing...I pray that she will get a new lease of life and not get stuck in the past...about what it was good, great, beautiful and lovely - we have to move on. If "He" is unable to give you an answer, a good and straightforward answer...then you have to give him the answer. "He" is not going to dictate your life - you are. You have every right to get your own happiness, and happiness does not only lie on his side of the court. You have the very right to take your tennis racquet and move to another court suitable for your style of play.

For the ladies who know me and asked me for opinions, they know that I exercise "Girl Power" theory for them, on contrary to what some people might think that I will just casually persuade them to "forget it". Some men just meant to be punished and awaken, the best way to do so is to prove that you have led a life better than the time you had with them. For one of my ex-gf, she is now together with some cannot-make-it freak that will simply reset her self-confidence to zero. She is not happy, but she does not know how to get over matters. Guess what, I told her off and gave her concise directions on the way to get her share of happiness...come to think, I should check on her progress soon.

Hey lady, you know I'm talking about You? Haha! Just do it - I will be here motivating you.

Ok off the topic time - caught a movie with Orange last night - Babel. Another good show with Orange, I guess we're lucky catching all the good shows in each other's presence to the extend she said she'll catch all the shows with me cos the movies we caught were good! LOL - well I count all my fair share of critics - thanks for those who suggested the good movies to me beforehand! HAHA!

The next show I'll probably be catching, though it may not be "good" but should be a no-brainer - Jack Neo's "Just Follow Law"...support Local Films!!!


P/S Somehow the pain subsided a little. Maybe...maybe I will get over it. Haha...

Sunday, January 28, 2007

It's Sunday oh-so-fast

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine but sick

[CuRRent Song:] Rihanna - Unfaithful (Tony Moran Radio Edit)

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Duck Rice / Coffee

It has been quite a weekend to say the least, but my sickness did not make everything the best possible. Think due to the amount of work @ GeeAssKay, it brought me down. As of writing, I'm still down from a cold with cough and feeling feverish - if it still feels the same it's a trip down to the doc morrow.

Thursday was rather a lil messy about the night planning but I stopped at JE after work to buy the "Anti-Hangover Gel" for "A-Hangover Gal" (LOL what a way to link it) and upon reaching home I took a nap till 9+pm...initially Orange wanted to stay at home so it was fine, I tried to see if I have other plans but...

...well as usual, I'm not that popular or charmy so there goes. Anyway I did think of KTV and guess what...

...that Orange somehow managed to reap my brain cells and suggested it before I did! GRRR...never mind, at least I can say like minds think alike (though I wouldn't say how like-minded we can be)...so after some planning we decided for KBox @ JEC. For those who knew me, I rarely go K-singing and I've never really been to room-oriented KTVs - long time back it was Pat who brought me to one, recent times was Pat again who introduced me to After 5, then Isabelle introduced me to CrystalBelle but still no one invited me to a room-oriented (CrystalBelle has both, so no count)...so this time it was well, another first for me. HAHAHAH...

We ended the session @ 3, sent her back via cab den back my place.

Mental block...haha...on Friday, seems to be like lazing here and there I think....only that at night I went town to play arcade, bumped onto Kenny and Linda...nothing too much...den went to Chinatown PartyWorld under invitation from Janet (lol 2 days in a row of KTV!), sang a bit of songs and after that went downstairs to have porridge (and a chat wif Virneige since the pple on the table are in their own world and that I'm so out-of-place), then went back home via cab.

Saturday was an okay day as I've planned for celebration for my mum's 60th birthday, I got down Isabelle, Patricia and her fren Jordan. The meal started ard 1:30pm and instead of being a 7-pple event it became 10 (my materal uncle and 2 frens of my dad came along as well) and after everything it amounted to $90.40...whoa, but well it's ok so long everyone is happy at the end...and I know my mum is. =)

Oh ya Da Ge, if you reading this, mum actually told me to let you know the price of the meal :P haha...

Pat, Belle and Jordan walked ard a bit with me and mum before going back, and I passed whatever stuff Pat needed for her new lappie. Belle occupied my PC with Gunbound while I switched on my lappie to surf the net. After much of things, Pat and Jordan left, leaving Belle at my place continuing her Gunbound.

Time-checking, we left home @ 7+ and she met up with her friend who happens to be my neighbour, then by the time Jo's cab got to my place it's like 7:45pm...we went to Grand Plaza Park Hotel to a chillout lounge there...drank, ate, listened to some singing and also to her issues...then about 9:30pm we left the place and walked to Swissotel (initial plan was News Asia Bar)...but Jo had to go the ladies, so we went. Malcolm came along after his prayer session and after some decision-making, we went to Clarke Quay instead.

Haha...we got into The Cannery, walked a bit and with Jo and with Jo contacting her friend...we ended up walking back to Boat Quay instead (and braving the stupid sudden rain)...after some looking around, we found that place where her friend is...ended up it's YET ANOTHER KTV PLACE!!! That's 3 days. LOL.

The night ended 1+am (shit that's soooo early) so I tried calling Orange...ok ended up she's half wasted @ Momo so I had zero choice but to turn back home...

Anyway, I rested a lot but it's still the same. Hope I don't fall sick - anyway, I CAN'T fall sick now.

Darn, it's nearly 8. Time to go.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Once again...

[CuRRent MooD:] Tired but fine

[CuRRent Song:] Yumi Matsuzawa - You Get To Burning

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Rice + Lor Ng / Yakult

It's another post for the sorry and thank you...

Sorry to...

Virneige - for expressing my bad mood
Sujun - for enduring all my shit
Celena - for saying excessive gabbage

Thank to...

Virneige - for being around
Sujun - for making sure I'm ok after all these shit
Erin - for even bother about me
Ivan - for giving me kind reminders about things I already know but almost forgotten

And many others, thanks!!!!!! =)


Monday, January 22, 2007

366th post, it's a whole year of posts!!!

[CuRRent MooD:] Low

[CuRRent Song:] Dave Rodgers - Wild Reputation 2005

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Rice + Fish / Yakult

Oh well, finally, it's my 366th post.

Nothing much to celebrate considering at least 75% of my posts refer on a bad note, including this one.

I get a feeling I'll lose faith in Love (between a Man and a Woman) if things go on like this. I know it is ridiculous since it came from someone who was hyped as "Love Saint" 情圣 from sec sch till poly.

Since my first reciprocal Love, my love life has never been smooth...either I create the fuss or my gf/female counterpart will create it. It just seems that when I want to have a serious r/s, some person will come along and destroy my dreams...and just when I'm not too sure of myself, I will have someone who loves me but yet I'm unable to reciprocate.

Past months seem to be the former, I wanna be serious but somehow things make it so I can't even do anything at all. I really wonder why such things happen to me?

Maybe I should really get an Alien or Barney the Dinosaur before I can truly not be extremely vexed or hurt.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Life is full of dots...

[CuRRent MooD:] I'm still stable, I hope.

[CuRRent Song:] DJ63 - some mix

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Fish Hor Fun / Soya Bean Drink

It's nearly 4pm and Orange isn't here yet. In any case, let's just pray her system ain't in a serious bad state.

Haiz...yet another decision-making about to commence in life...I'm really kinda sad everything has to be this way...it's not my ideal situation, but perhaps for the love and peace for all. I'll just brace it.

I really am in a tight spot, only work seems to be in a bit of proper order...Love life is completely messed up, Family life is also screwed up...as for studies...I'll have to start planning. Life is really so stuck-up right now, but I have to carry on.

It's so stupid I can't write anything I want on this blog.

And mum said I'm pretty much the one stressed up for the family. I guess she's right somehow. Coupled with all other things...well, I guess it's really a great ordeal. But wait...I should count my blessings right?



Saturday, January 20, 2007

Easily tired these days...

[CuRRent MooD:] Tired

[CuRRent Song:] VA - Dance Beat Explosion Vol. 31

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Rice + Fish / Yakult

There's something in me I really wanna say it out...well I'll decide later.

Friday did not turn out as bad as I expected as Orange msged me in the morning and told me to go ahead with the clubbing plans. Tried to look for Jo, Dan and Weiming - all not free!!! The end I knew why Jo's not free but that's another story...=)

So after work went to Sujun's place to fix her ZoneAlarm...I have to say ZA sucks a little, after uninstalling I couldn't install it back! Good thing my quick thinking earlier made sure I downloaded another firewall and I installed for her. Okay, her system is working fine now.

By the time I'm done I had both Orange and Jo contacting me, the latter telling me about her unavailability. After fixing some timing and stuff, Orange decided we should have Persian food. What?? PERSIAN FOOD??? Oh man that's EXOTIC! Ok she gave herself like an hour or two to prepare, so I got back home and slacked a little while she took her time "doing wallpaint". Looking at the time and I msged her, said she was "halfway done"...so I went downstairs to have a walk. She then told me she was done and so I gave her specific instructions NOT to come my area since it's quite redundant that I should walk back my place.

I can't believe the cabbie took like 15 mins to drive from her place to mine -.- it's like nearly 10pm for goodness sake. Did manage to spot her, and she briefed me her plan - we moved to Dbl O instead (which to my opinion is a good choice) but we had bad timing issues - we had free entry SMS for first 200 up to 10:30pm, while the Persian Restaurant (which happens to be alongside MS) has its last order at 10:30pm. We tried the impossible...so guess what happened?

Stopped at Dbl O, rushed inwards and found that WE MADE IT! YAY!!! *Hooo~~~*

Orange did her silly big-like-a-penguin-running style while I'm resisting my snickering and literally "arm-chio-ing" (laughing silently) and we moved rather quickly and located the place (forgot the name, something like Buroo or Baroo or what) and had our last order! WOW!

That's like 2 of 2 done, and made Orange's night better despite her half-dead lappie. I had some chicken thingie wif spices, she had lamb and we shared the beef portion. We order this drink known as "Dough" which is actually some interesting Yogurt drink (frankly speaking, "interesting" is an understatement) which was WOW! SOUR!!! Ok, that can kill any normal person without sour resistance. After finishing the food we went off to Dbl O.

Got to know 2 of her friends, Matthew and Ben (latter which happens to know Celena as well) and spent the night drinking (in order: Brandy Coke, Gin Tonic, Beer - which we reckon is Carlsberg), 猜拳 (this was quite funny as Orange had a bout of bad luck at the beginning), dancing (she's freaked out by the lousy music which Dbl O plays - she is pure RnB party animal) and chilling out. As little dancing was done on my side, by the time I sent her back home and back to mine the alcohol effect was still on me, I ran back home, took a bath and slept.

Woke up ard 8-9am, had the hangover feeling - slept again. Woke up ard 11am, ok I'm okay. =) after checking out some stuff, I decided to help Orange buy her DVD-burner first (to save us the trip to Sim Lim on sunday - gonna fix her half-dead lappie) and after doing stuff here and there, I brought my Mobo down to Albert Complex.

This is stupid, nothing is wrong with the board. I got a bad feeling. Anyway I went to Sim Lim and to Dave's place (Dave is someone who helped me with my PC some years back and often gave me advice) and guess what, I bumped onto a GSK staff! He told me about his son's lappie problems and I've agreed to help him with it. Anyway, I bought the LG DVD-Burner for Orange while I had myself a 3.5" HDD enclosure.

Reached home, set up my Mobo back...DARN, it worked -.- but throughout all these, I got to know that the dongle I bought for the other PC is faulty -.- but okay...fiddled with my HDD enclosure (this happens to be one of the backup plans for Orange's lappie in case our original plan fails) and making sure everything is ready for Orange's lappie. Time-checked, went to prepare myself for Ting's bday chalet.

Watched TV...and Ting told me cake-cutting is 8pm -.- oh man I took my pace and I did manage to reach the chalet by 8...only to realise I'm early! In the end we had it at 10pm...anyway, pics time? =)

Seeing Ting turning 21 made me realised how time flies...and yeah, finally I have a pic with Ting...babelicious eh? =) I'm sooo proud of her.

As per mentioned, these days had been tiring for me. Haha...after typing so much, I realised my heart will stop me from writing what I wanna say again. So then, next time...



Thursday, January 18, 2007

Think and think...

[CuRRent MooD:] Tired

[CuRRent Song:] Cascada - A Neverending Dream

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Rice + Lotus Root Soup / Yakult

Nothing too much these days, just slight thoughts gone past me.

Mood of the dimension must be "sian" cos a lot of pple ard me are "sian"...

...including me...

Haiz...wan go clubbing also tio reject...so sian...how many times do I jio pple club lor...never mind lah...asking others...but I don't think I'll make anything out of it...

Even though coming Saturday will be rather tight (morning go Sim Lim to settle my motherboard, afternoon-late afternoon prepare to go Ting's birthday chalet)...somehow in my life still missing something...

...yeah I know what is it, but there's nothing I can do about it.

Life decreed ba.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A diary is good...

[CuRRent MooD:] Inspired?

[CuRRent Song:] Mysterio - Show Me The Light

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Rice + Hot Dog + Egg / Pokka Green Tea

After reading back my past entries, it brought back quite some memories and relations.

I felt a renewed sense of vigour.

Tell me I'm the Owner of my WORLD!!!


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I wanna have this!!!

[CuRRent MooD:] Dreaming mood...

[CuRRent Song:] Lilu - Little Girl (Eiffel 65 Remix)

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] KFC / Coffee

This will be the most ideal present for my birthday...(dream)

It's an O2 Mars, looks cool eh? Features are good too....but O2 has a fair share of lousy comments so let's see how it goes...

On a side note, I'm on my old PC right now. Seems that memory module is not the issue, could be the motherboard. Damnit convince me to buy Abit again and I'll kill anyone.

I'll blog if I have the mood.


Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday sucks because...

[CuRRent MooD:] Irritated

[CuRRent Song:] DJ Fumetti - Where Is The Love

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Rice + Fish + Egg / Water

...my PC is unable to start. Either a memory module issue or motherboard. Well hope Dave's around tomorrow so I can ask him to "ton-bang" help me check :P

Come to think, I've been quite some places yesterday. First to GSK Jurong, then to GSK Quality Road, Jurong Entertainment Centre, Celly's place, West Mall, Causeway Point, Lot 1...then finally home. Wow, what a way to go.

Suddenly I felt emotional. Freaking I hate this feelings of mine.


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Who is lost, Pink or Purple?

[CuRRent MooD:] Lil tired, clear-headed, slight headache

[CuRRent Song:] Prezioso Feat. Marvin - Survival (Tune Up Remix Edit)

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Chicken Kimchi Myon / Almond Milk Tea

Yesterday was quite a boring day, upon thinking of what had happened in the family, things couldn't have been better. Parents are parents...and I do know somehow what they are thinking...maybe I should've known things wouldn't have turned extremely ugly but it's just me to think on the bad side whenever such things happen in my family.

My bro asked me to pass him his phone charger, so I met up with him, his gf and Linda over at PS. I wasn't particularly happy to see him, but seeing that Linda is around (actually I also dun really give his gf a lot of face - still young) I decided to just put that matter aside somehow. After makaning @ Yoshinoya (they did, not me), we went to the toilet. We knew Linda would drag matters, so there was this conversation between my bro and I.

Me: I hope Linda don't get stuck in the toilet again...that time she still got Emiko, but today no Emiko liao.
Bro: If she's inside for long, I dunno what she's doing. Hey did you see the 2 ladies that went in just now?
Me: No...
Bro: They were wearing those racing queen kinda clothes, you didn't see?
Me: No...(ponders)...hey, you never know, maybe Linda actually knows them then she'll chat with them in the toilet!
Bro: Oh yeah maybe hor! (gives the not-so-believing-but-consentual-look)

We both laughed....till we saw Linda.

Me: Hmm she's out.

The 2 ladies were by the side, and guess what - Linda approached them and chatted!!!

Bro and I: OMG!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We began our hysterical laughter. The end Linda don't know them - she just found them to be nice looking and wearing nice clothes so she went up and chatted with them. Wow what a way to go, Linda!

After that we walked over to Plasma (bumped onto WeiTeck before we reached) den I left them for my own journey back to PS. Bumped onto Ivan, then Andy (??? Thought he was court-martial or something???)...den went PS to makan BK...den hang ard a bit...den went home.

Saw the red lights gone, and I was thinking "yeah maybe the next bus is 111"...guess what, I looked afar - OH SHIT it sure is! Upon seeing slow-moving vehicles. I dashed across the road and hopped on the bus.

Noticed someone boarded the bus on my right while I boarded the left.*sniff sniff*...the scent is SOOOOO familiar...it's Chanel's Allure. The lady walked into the inside of the bus...how come her size so familar...I looked closer...Erin -.-!!! The end I had a companion back home =) hehe...

Went home to pia Maple and finally my Bandit is Lvl 61! LOL! Then used the PC till 3am and rested for the night.

Today woke up and had Kamisah to drive to work so she drove me there as well. PM is unusually ok, timing is ok, everything seems fine apart from small little things we did not expect but was okay. Left JU @ 12+pm but we went to QR and accompanied Daniel and Malcolm till 1+...we dropped Daniel at a bus stop while we went to Jurong East and makan Korean food. Makan finished...den accompanied Malcolm walked a bit to look for his CDROM cleaner (Kamisah went back by then), den we took train down to CCK and for me, went to look for Celly.

Wow...waited and waited again. 等了又等...seems that my life is about waiting...which is not good. After waiting for her for quite a while, I admit I was a little off-tempered cos of the waiting...but I guess it went off pretty quick (oh well I'm not usually heavy-tempered) and we went West Mall. Found 1 of 2 items (Bubble Tea), and we went Causeway Point...halfway got to know I have to disappear cos she is meeting another friend of hers. She knew I wanted to talk about some stuff so we stopped @ Woodlands and chatted at the platform...

...let's just say what I wanted to know, I knew. The situation has come to a stop, but how it will go in the future...only the future can tell. Whatever the direction my heart will go...only the future knows. It's a temporal peace for now, and I'm glad we had such a chat.

In a relationship...there are just so many factors that will influence and also make it go up or down, meaningful or not, crushed or constructing. Personally...I'll think these are rather important: Trust and Communication.

Of course there are many others....but I place both of these above...these are the building blocks of any relationship. There are things like Care, Concern, Commitment, Thoughtfulness, Forgiveness...many many others...and different relationships have varying degrees of such factors.

Anyway Pink...I won't disappear...because once you're in my heart, you will be there.

Just saw something random from the papers - having a GOLD facial costs you $252.

Till then...thank you for all who've been concerned about me...really a big thanks and *HUGS*...


Saturday, January 13, 2007


[CuRRent MooD:] Tired, irritated, disappointed

[CuRRent Song:] None

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Vege + Rice + Egg / Yakult

Just simply pissed. Really waiting to see what happens to the family. He just wishes to make this family split before he can learn.

Well, just gonna live with the fact you can't have anyone you wish to be with you when you need them. Then again, I should just thank those that tried. Thanks Orange and Virneige. And Michelle.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tomorrow is Wednesday...

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine

[CuRRent Song:] 周杰伦 & 费玉清 - 千里之外

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Laksa / Teh Peng

For some unknown reason, this song got my attention when I first heard it - probably because of the unlikely combo of Jay Chou and Fei YuQing - different generation but nevertheless this song made the transition possible. I preferred YuQing's part though - his voice is really good...darn, I think I'm getting old to be appreciating such voices...LOL

Nothing much these days, just that after quite some time both Virneige and I realised something - we were primary school CLASSMATES, not just SCHOOLMATES! HAHAHAHA!!! Last night while chatting wif her we began to list names until Tilong, which she said is her classmate.

Me: What? He's your classmate? He's also my classmate leh!
Her: Is it?
Me: Yah! Means we same class is it? You that time is C class ah?
Her: (forgot what she said)

Starting naming more people, and after her confirmation with Tilong today we confirmed we were classmates. Singapore is TOO small...hahaa!

Things are going through my mind...tomorrow...what will it be? Hmmmz...

I've updated the steamboat pics.


Monday, January 08, 2007

Early part of Monday, second week of Jan 2007

[CuRRent MooD:] Disturbed but still can manage

[CuRRent Song:] Barcera - Secret of Love (Central Seven Club Remix)

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Vege + Fishball + Egg soup + Rice / Not that I can remember

I have a lousy memory - I need to flip back my blog to find out where I stopped. Haha...

Lemme see...on saturday as usual woke up in the morning to accompany my mum to the market...den not really much, reached home and rested a while. Contacted Janet and she agreed to help me out with finding Serene's (Ting²) present...so we met up @ PS (with my bro around), ate lunch and off we went. I shalln't disclose the present since IN CASE SOMEHOW Ting actually popped by.

After buying the gift....we went up Star Factory. Madness - I damnit spent $20 on stupid gift-giving machine (didn't win anything - sad), while she got a Mickey Mouse and also 2 pooh plushie n wateva-that-is. After that went down to Zone-X to find my bro...hang ard a bit, played DDR wif "Xiaohei Eddy"...den off I went to Marina Bay.

Reached there and met up with armymates, den went to the usual steamboat area but not on bus - on minibus! That restaurant got own transport, very smart move...den we eat and chat, after that took the same minibus back to the mrt, went City Hall and to Esplanade, then to Marina Square McCafe to chill out till 11+pm...den I came home.

For 'today' (it's typically early Monday now)...mum woke me up to go market again, den after that came home to rest a bit. Wanted to go out for a walk but I started mapling and bumped onto my maple sister...ended up we chatted quite a bit and she shared her stuff wif me...we exchanged numbers after like 2 hours of chat (I think) and off I went to town.

Wasted time there as I was waiting for Orange to finish her work, ended up her inbox was full and couldn't receive my smses -.- so I called, then she said some other day for coffee...oh well, bad luck today. Went down Zone-X to find my bro, den went to LJS and met up wif Linda and Emiko...den chill a bit lor...walk a bit lor...den Linda wanna go Bukit Panjang Plaza so I sent her there and after that I went home...

Yeah just like that.

May it be a good week ahead........

Tough life. I gonna survive.


Friday, January 05, 2007

It's Friday once more, the first Friday of 2007

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine

[CuRRent Song:] M2M - Pretty Boy

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Si Chuan Vege + Rice / Yakult

Haha...exactly the same food last night while I was blogging. Actually this week has been ok, the workload has been normal to say the least, not too stressed but Malcolm was saying I have too little cases to my name...well ok, I'll have to start thinking who I've helped isn't it? I hate logging cases but no choice.

Well currently my only plans for the weekend is in the evening - supposed to be out eating steamboat with my armymates...hope it'll be an interesting evening.

In this new year...many things are decided, and lots of hope has been placed. I do not know how much hope I have for this new year, but I really wanna do something about my life...now whenever I talk about doing something about my life, I thought of the "easier said than done" thing...and I thought of someone who just spoke so much about this just to get my life on track and to stop myself lazing and wasting my time on MapleStory, arcades and nightlife...and I'm still rather hurt till now. I wonder when I can just get over this words and thought...

I know the current situation might hurt, but I found that the past hurts deeper than I thought. The hurt comes when trying to get over the past, and people (and myself) said that once the past is over, the future will be better...and I should just give it up (the past). I didn't expect my recent past to hurt so much. I need to tell myself to be able to do it and get over it.

My current situation isn't any better, it gets confusing and uncertain by the minute, I wonder just how long do I really need to wait to see any changes at all, if any. Well...just see how it is ba. I dunno how long I can hold on, or I should hold on. Maybe she should just tell me straight in the face to wait or not...and to tell me her true feelings for me. Oh well...is that too much to ask?

Let's not think so much and go waste my time mapling to Level 60 Bandit...

[Update - 0220 Hours next day]

Ok, level 60 Bandit! Off to another place to train.


Thursday, January 04, 2007

What? Weekend coming?

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine, a bit tired, a bit feeling uncomfortable

[CuRRent Song:] Masterboy - I Got To Give It Up

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Si Chuan Vege & Rice / Yakult

I can't help it - I really hate the feeling of making anyone irritated for no apparent reason. I was only trying to listen and help, ended up it seems like me being at fault for not knowing that I should agree with her. Okay I apologise for that, so unless you are asking for some opinion I'll better not do anything else. *scary*

I've almost forgotten what I did on Tuesday - I met up with Isabelle to buy her luggage bag for her upcoming trip to Taiwan. We started with Lucky Plaza and ended up in Chinatown buying the luggage bag and of cos her stuff. We were like walking around places for a few hours before finally deciding not one but two bags for $70, quite cheap? Yeah. Took cab back her place and helped her brought up the luggage bags only to realise her parents were at home. Greeted them and left for home. Isabelle's getting me to go Hong Kong with her in May - I'll see how it goes...by then, Sujun's 小猪 should be preparing to come into this world...time flies isn't it?

Went to meet up with Celena for the first time in the new year after work yesterday. She looked better but nevertheless still feeling sick - I hope she will recover soon and that she will get the job she wants =)

It's Friday tomorrow!


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Welcome, 2007!

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine

[CuRRent Song:] Above & Beyond - Alone Tonight

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Curry Chicken Pizza / Pokka Green Tea

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!

Lemme think...so on New Year's eve, hang out for super long before finalizing my countdown to be @ Esplanade watching fireworks. Was with my bro, his gf, Patricia, Weiming and Jordan...was very packed and noisy...the fireworks was ok, time shorter than NDP fireworks but oh well wat gives. =)

I think this eve is better than Xmas, since we went over to Swenson to makan supper...den we bumped onto Jason, another Polymate! LOL...den we just laze and chat till abt 3am den go home...reach home still chat wif Virneige lor...lol...so ended up slpt at ard 5+...haha...

Today leh...woke up 1+pm...die lah supposed to meet up wif Pat and Weiming...so hurry a bit den go out, onli for Pat tell me 230pm...den ok, i walk slowly to MRT...den I board MRT she say cancelled -.- but I told her we meet @ Bugis for lunch lor...so I reached there, hang in arcade a bit den came out to meet Weiming...den Pat came along, told us it's on -.- but @ East Coast.

East Coast Steamboat???

Okay...den we walked to the car, her mum sent us dere to setup the Steamboat. Very family feeling lor...hehe...first time I had steamboat @ East Coast on a cool afternoon =) very special and warm feeling =) haven't had that a long time...

[Update 090107 - Pics ]

Hang out @ PS after the steamboat, den came home.

Anyway pple...

Carrefour sucks at delivery. I still need draft complaint letter somemore. Sian.

I hope it will be a good year ahead. By the way, I bought Ayumi Hamasaki's "Secret". Also bought a new dance compilation. Yeah. =)