Friday, April 29, 2005

Jus random blogging...wait, it's FRIDAY!

[CuRRent MooD:] Trying-not-to-snake mood

[CuRRent Song:] Brothers - The Moon (Club Mix)

Like the current song. =)

Listening it again =)

My pay's not out yet =(

Nothing much today I guess, jus trying to find something to write for my limited readers. Today's Friday, well although it isn't the best expected of programmes, but at least something's on today - going out wif Sharon, Hikki, Andy and Desmond (again). It's da same as last wk, onli that today I'm not going to stay for too long cos...

...coming back home to play SG.


Yea, but old massive online games still rock so long there are still pple playing =) which there still is. Hehe. Good thing I made a revisit back into the game. Maybe if possible I might consider the $10 bucks reg thingie. Maybe. Well good games are worth the support as I said, and much of the time I never give myself the plunge to a good game so long I feel it's worth it.

It's jus much like how I want to lead my life - dun mind how others think, so long I like it. I have my plus n minus of comments wif regards to my Nokia 7270, but nevertheless I still love it. So far the comments still stay at a + though =) and I'm glad that pple are ok wif my choice of phones...although if I've been patient for months ahead, I'll grab the new Nokia 8800 which is way so cool and stylish - albeit not me (hahaha).

People can dream, people dream to motivate and so do I. Dare to dream and live your dreams - so long you can differentiate fact from fiction.

I'm still holding on my gaming dream, and not giving up without a fight.

Where's VS.NET 2003...*ponders*

I guess if I can get my hands on the new VS.NET 2005, it's about time I make serious consideration to boost my RAM. I believe VS.NET 2005 gonna need a lot of computing power once I go up the level of DirectX3D (which is God knows when) or jus simple lotsa pure coding. RAM's impt but so is processor. As I've promised myself, my next logical upgrade will probably be a P4 3.0Ghz HT processor...and 1GB RAM. The rest can compromise (which there is nothing much to compromise really). Jus those 2 requirements should get me up to the $500 range. How about my notebook? Well it has to depend which comes first =) in any case I doubt I can lay my hands on VS.NET 2005 since "friendly shops" don't even sell VS.NET 2003 on a regular basis - the last I tried being defective.

LOL...oh well I guess better stop soon. =) Is it time for me to consider 4.0? The simple scheme wif red is making me bored...sometimes I tink my 2.0 beats my 3.0...or even 1.0 beats everything else so far. What do you think?


Wednesday, April 27, 2005

S.H.E. - 我爱你

[CuRRent MooD:] Touched

[CuRRent Song:] S.H.E. - 我爱你

Pple...follow this link to S.H.E.'s 我爱你 MV...

Didn't know I'll be back so fast, but here I am talking about this video.

It talks about love that last a lifetime, and many lifetimes promised by the guy. The man made his promise, and kept it.

This is a very thoughtful video, and contradiction remains.

After watching the video, do you think the woman should have left her husband to go back to her lover during her young times?

Of what value of love does the man hold when he held on to the dear promise of waiting for her, being with her for the lifetime, and many lifetimes more?

Of what value of love does the man hold when he decided to let his wife go to pursue her wish, only to have himself suffer in silence for the love they shared during the years?

Of what value of love does the children feel when they saw such a circumstance?

We can't say the woman is unfaithful. As what Ella said, during those turbulent times...a woman can't afford to not be married, for it is hard to survive on their own. It might be under family pressure to be married. Can we say she's faithful when she got back to the promise she gave her lover? What kind of reason can she offer to her husband?

Is the man stupid to have upheld the promise, not knowing how much things would have got him killed during those times? Was the love worthwhile? Is the promise worth keeping? By keeping his promise, he could not foretell he had indirectly broke a family when the woman he loved decides to leave her own family to come back to him. However, we must applaud him for his steadfast love, unswayed in shaky times, only to have his promise properly kept for this lifetime.

Was the husband right to have let her go to pursue her own dreams? He knew she won't be happy if he continues to keep her by his side. It is of unconditional love he allowed her back to her lover of her young days. He even bought a house for them as dowry. The family is broken by allowing her back to the man...but he has no choice. Of what degree of love does he hold for her? How much silence will he endure?

When the children saw this happen to their parents, how would they feel? Will they feel that their mother is childish for keeping such a promise, hence being unfaithful to their father? Or will they feel that their mother is right to keep to the promise, because it is a love that will stay for a lifetime? Which man will dare to make a promise of a lifetime? They can't deprive a man of steadfast love to keep his promise actually...but it's a contradiction.

Life's a contradiction. Do you think the woman and the man who held on to his promise are selfish? If so, isn't Love selfish? The husband gave his wife up to hold on her dear promise to the other man. Now isn't this a display of selfless Love?

Selfishness and selflessness is only a thin line of difference. Readers, you make the decision.

The discussion thread that I created in LifeStyleX (click to go the thread) is exactly the same as what I've blogged. If you have any comments and yet feel that my tagboard is too small, or comments being unnoticed, you can proceed there. Remember to register for free if you're not a member there. =)


Today's Wednesday, what to do in the weekend?

[CuRRent MooD:] Still awake

[CuRRent Song:] Ayumi Hamasaki - My Name's WOMEN

Suddenly I spotted "Edit HTML" here and I realised I had a reason to be angry with Friendster. How does Friendster wanna compete wif the likes of Blogger if they only wanna earn money thru all the so-called "advanced features", even a simple HTML manipulation is called advanced, I really have nothing to say. Even if they wanna keep HTML manipulation to themselves, at least they should allow external images to come into the blog? Well, Friendster is a community webbie by nature and not a blogging one, so I can try to understand. Meanwhile it's Blogger for me for my limited creativity and ranting.

And the current song is...Fantasy Project's "Fall In Love"...

Today has been peaceful so far, but I guess there will be a vendor coming down in the noon to do some stuff. Will update Friendster Blog wif more information if I'm free later.

Supposed to help Sunshine wif computer repairing in the evening today, but its not her comp but her student's dad's PC instead. -.- oh well...and the mother mistaken me for being her bf cos I charge for free...maybe she thinks there are zero good souls around...hey, when did I ever charge for my repairs? Come to tink, if I did charge...I'll probably be living a better life now but my relationships might not be that stronger instead. It's a tradeoff really.

Current song - Rimini Project's "Sometimes When We Touch"...

Oh yea, Madmad, I have a word of advice for you. I know you like Allan a lot, but you should learn how to relax in a relationship. I know how it feels to have him as your world, but sometimes you should take things literally as what it is, when he says he's tired, just let him be. Guys normally do not want to be disturbed when they are really tired, even though perhaps you can take care of him, in usual circumstances they jus wanna be left alone resting at home...unless he does mention dat you be accompanying him.

Relationships are hard to grasp, just the same of how men and women are different (hence the difficulty to grasp it). Some guys are more sensitive compared to others, and you should adjust yourself according. Guys can be as unpredictable as well, so do take note. Notice the notes. Of course, do fight it out when necessary when you think he's getting unreasonable - I do not condone guys being unreasonable no matter what they have - esp. on issues of "small promises". Seriously speaking, no promise is a small promise, no matter how small it seems, it is always a big thing to girls. I've remembered an occasion whereby the guy is too tired and wanted to rest, hence sorta breaking a promise to the gal abt meeting up. I understand as the girl, she wun wan the guy to be overly exhausted and tries to understand...but I know such things are tough. Often the relationship strains becos of such "simple" issues. Guys, remember your promises and treat your gf better in such cases where u have to forgo a "small" promise. Gals, jus try to understand how guys' tiredness can make them brainless - and accomodate a little. If you can't, express your concerns amiably.

Ok it's my 2 cents worth for the morning, if there's more to update I'll do so. Take care pple =)


Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Hmmmx...guess I have to blog?

[CuRRent MooD:] Awake, but can doze off anytime? Haha~

[CuRRent Song:] Groove Coverage - Little June

Hmmm late for 10 mins today. I better try to wake up earlier, else I don't think I can survive till my AWS (which is in end Dec) and I'll not be able to fulfill my promises if that happens.

I've just posted articles on losing weight through exercising in my Friendster Blog. Go check it out if you're free to do so.

Chocobits (Jeannie) wanted me to blog more, so here I am...haha I know I've been a little lazy on blogging, but hey when things are so filled on weekends, sometimes you do need some rest time before you can organise what went on, isn't it? Here it is...well keeping some views in mind though...

Friday night:

This is a funny one to say the least, right from the beginning. On the evening I've asked Hikki out, only to have her changed location to Bugis. Asked her why and she said Sharon's coming along. I was like thinking "yea if I didn't ask you'll probably not make a mention" and she was saying "no jus happened you are online when I wanted to tell you!" - hmmm, benefit of doubt. Never mind =) so I went to meet them (I reached punctually at 7) but seems they were not ard yet, so I msged Hikki to tell me when they arrived while I went VirtualLand to have a game of Puzzle Fighter. 7:30pm, hmmm...I went to the meeting place but no I called up Hikki and she is still on the train! Then she said Sharon had arrived, so I called Sharon and she arranged to meet at Watson's, noting me that she had brought along a friend. A guy I suppose.

Haha and I'm right of cos, a guy by the name of Andy. She was at the ladies when I called her, and when I met her she went the ladies again -.- well jus make a good guess and you'll know why. Made small chat wif Andy, and waited for Hikki to arrive which she eventually did of course. Everyone's hungry except for Sharon so we went to LJS to makan...then they mentioned yet another guy will be coming. -.- oh man this gonna turned into an ORGY or something??

That's jus a joke anyway. That guy came (Desmond's his name) and he looked real lethagic to say the least. What a first impression, never mind. Jus made lots of crap talk, went walking ard looking for Sharon's footwear in vain, then we went over to Esplanade for chillout and chat. Stopped at Suntec's Andersons Ice-Cream for a milkshake (which really sucked by the way, the worst I've tasted from them), then Coffee Bean of Suntec, then to Esplanade. It was pretty funny and lame to see how the two guys vie for attention over Sharon, while Hikki and I were at the background watching the show.

Went over to Esplanade and I dozed a short while before becoming the star feature - being a clown or something to perk up the conversations and situation somehow. After chatting till like past 1am or so we went over to the "wateva by the park" building (the former Informatics HQ I tink) and into the Kopitiam. A lot of stunts here and there, quite funny. After that proceeded to Sharon's place to stay up the night play cards.

I tell you, that has to be the luckiest day I ever had for Daidee - I did not even get a chance to distribute cards! Well I did once - under their request cos they have been doing the distributing and were pretty amused that I didn't do that a single time so I did. Hikki was pretty tired, and I have to say a tired Hikki is a scary Hikki - you have to see it for yourself to catch what I meant. Midway to the end, Hikki's parents contacted her and she had to go back, so I escorted her downstairs, and after that came back and continued playing.


The morning soon came and we left, Desmond following me back to my house. Helped him burn CD, and I had to accompany my mom to the market as well. He left at 11am and I went to bed till abt 6+ I guess? Woke up and chatted wif Sunshine, and later found out she was free for the night so I brought her to Promenade to walk walk and ease her anger for a particular issue. Quite a nice night I should say? Oh yea, the first time I had a dumb cockroach going into my pants (grrr, whew my jeans are tight so it can't get in much) and a stupid millipede on my jeans too, I'm pretty surprised Sunshine wasn't too terrified by such crawlies - applause!!! Her response - "Not on me what!" -.-;;;


Woke up at 3+, met up with neighbours to play badminton by 4:30pm and ended up the free court is being played, and the paying courts are only free at 8pm (they had to watch Ru Hua by that time) so we ended up eating at a foodcourt at Holland Village (the previous Windmill, I dunno what the building name is now) and proceeded back my area when we noticed the free court is unoccupied! We played badminton for over an hour and it was quite fun to say the least. Went back home and done my stuff, just about it.


Work. Work. Work. Haha. And Eleen. Yea. Sometimes also wonder how to help and advise her...done the best I could already...I'm already getting out of way to help le, so sometimes I wonder I be so good for what, as per previous posts about this kind of kindness issues. Oh well, that's me - Luke.

Is this enough, Jeannie? Haha...I think if Mad's gonna read this, she gonna complain again...hahaha~....


Monday, April 25, 2005

Blue Day?

[CuRRent MooD:] Tired...but still fine

[CuRRent Song:] Fragrace - Don't Break My Heart

While walking up, I was thinking of blogging...but now that I sat down, suddenly I dun feel like blogging. DUH so lame. Well I'll really try to write abt Friday, Saturday and Sunday when I really have the mood to. Maybe I'm jus too tired for now.


- Another Friendster Horoscope -

[CuRRent MooD:] Still tired?

[CuRRent Song:] Mako - Lovebreaker

- - - - -

The Bottom Line

These waters may look calm, but don't hang out here forever. It's time to move.

In Detail

Every now and then, you need to get emotionally intense, experience a tender exchange of sentiments or just sit down and have a heart-to-heart with someone. This is definitely one of those times. You won't settle for anything that even remotely smacks of a surface encounter. You want depth, intensity and passion -- and if you don't get them, you'll take your toys and go home.

- - - - -

Hmmmz. Haha.


Sunday, April 24, 2005

*Yawnz* It's a monday soon.

[CuRRent MooD:] Tired...

[CuRRent Song:] Lolita - Dreamin' of You

Hmmm. The weekend has been ehm, rather filled I guess.

Friday went out wif Sharon, Sat out wif Sunshine and Sun played badminton.

Actually dun feel like talking too much. Jus ask me personally if you wanna noe. =)

Goodnite pple =) sorry for lack of updates, maybe I'll feel better and blog morrow?


Thursday, April 21, 2005


[CuRRent MooD:] Neutralised

[CuRRent Song:] 杜德伟 - 钟爱一生

Hmmm. A flashback.

Not bad Chris, you know the situation well. =) impressed.


Wow, it's already Thursday.

[CuRRent MooD:] Tired, fine

[CuRRent Song:] Twins - 星光游乐园

This song reminds me of someone I should not be reminded now, but oh well memories, events and stuff are associated in our mind by other similar things so it's inevitable that our memories can be stirred way too easily in our lives. You may realise that though you suffer a bout of reminiscence, you too will notice jus how much you care about the past that had happened to you, how you kept the happiness and sadness in yourself. By now, once you know all these, should you start planning on how you should organise those memories?

Seriously said, my long term linkage to my memories come from Shan, and that is hardly surprising. As what someone had mentioned (shalln't mention her name in case she doesn't wan anyone to know), she often had memories of her ex and that even wif her current bf she still talks about the other guy, and she wants to forget those memories, or at least to stop mentioning about it. Well memories are here to stay, it jus depends on how we can filter to make sure it does not affect our daily life. Ain't you glad you got an understanding bf to listen to you, to be happy and sad wif you when you talk about your life? It's way better than those 醋坛子 (issit spelt this way??) who turns green wif every mention of the opposite sex - irritating!!

I jus know one thing, and that is to resume normality. I might be on a defensive front - watch out, Berlinda has got a taste of my ultimate crapness ytd nite while I went her place to do up her comp. Turned out one of her PCI slot is faulty, and I swapped her modem to another slot. *shrugs* and a trip down to Bedok. Ouch.

Glad that Sunshine passed her stuff =)

There is only a few, or maybe none, who understands me from inside out. I know myself, and that's sufficient.


It's about time to move on, Mr Luke

[CuRRent MooD:] Tired. Disappointed. Thinking. Pondering. Stable.

[CuRRent Song:] Lasgo - Surrender (Extended Mix)

I know this is the second time this song has been featured as current song, but as you might not know, I often do skipping till a song that I a current song might not really be that "current"...

Really surrendered this time round...but I'll be back sooner than anyone expected. Things are just how it is, if a person does not believe me, let it be.

Non-belief does not mean it doesn't exist.

Wish Eleen all the best in everything of hers. Haven't got to know whom she had in her heart now, so must fill me the details when you see this ok? - msg to Eleen =)

Time to disappear =)


Wednesday, April 20, 2005



[CuRRent Song:] DJ Jason - EQ Dance Club Non-Stop Mix (The Love You Promised)

Bloody fucking Starhub disabled my SMS. THEY BLOODY HELL DISABLED IT!

No wonder I send out no response, and pple send me I didn't receive! I am now so bloody pissed off.

I already no one to turn to le. Now really comes the point I start thinking "Now I need help for myself, got no one turn to le cos I've turned to everyone for help to help other people ard me who needed help. Now I myself need help I can't find any le..."

See la? F la Luke go help so much pple for wat? Now U need help who help u? Ghost ah?


Friendster Horoscope - Again

[CuRRent MooD:] Unhappy, but not frustrated

[CuRRent Song:] DJ Manian - Love Song

Once again, Friendster Horoscope

- - - - -

The Bottom Line

Act as an invisible hand; help someone out without needing acknowledgment.

In Detail

You want to spend time with someone, but not just anyone. You've never had a problem with your own company, after all. Does that mean you'll be choosy about who you're with for the next couple of days -- and for the rest of your life? It sure does. So whether this current interest knows it or not, if you've chosen to spend even an hour or two with them, they should be highly complimented.

- - - - -

Cool. =) so pple, if I choose to spend time wif u, u should be honoured!!! WAHAHA!!!!


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Empty. Emptied. Emptiness.

[CuRRent MooD:] Blank. Pain.

[CuRRent Song:] Fantasy Project - Crazy Baby

My headache came back. Had dis bloody headache since last night, was ok when I woke up but went on and off.

Last night was a lousy night, though today isn't any better. My brain's too much to take though. I foresee I may be relieved of a duty or two soon.

Till then, I'm still tired now. Another time.


Sianz 1/2...Life sucks for now

[CuRRent MooD:] Sucked

[CuRRent Song:] Cascada - Miracle (The Usual Suspects vs EXR Remix)

I need a miracle. Things suck now.

Wat I want, I can't get. What I expect, I can't get. What I hope, I doubt I can get. I can only WISH.

Damnit. What a life.

Time to see through life...but when? Again? Everything's coming back soon. Please don't...

Don't come back to me.


Sunday, April 17, 2005

Jogging later? OMG gonna slp soon...

[CuRRent MooD:] Tired but quite an ok mood =)

[CuRRent Song:] Bazooka Girls - Velfarre 2000

Let's be quick - I'm tired.

Today went out wif neighbours and had lotsa madness. Met n out wif their fren Wenyan, and met up wif a 1/2 mad ger by the name, how to spell dat name...pronouced as "deflin" or issit Daphne? They certainly did not seem to pronounce like the latter but it could have been my ears of something; however my eyes can't fail me. That girl certainly spells trouble. Scary.

Huijing and Vanessa bought Samsung mp3 players, 1GB in memory model name I forgotten. Who cares -.- well gonna guide them to using it though.

Siew Fong certainly has changed the first time I knew her till now.

And for this group of gals, Vanessa is queen of zilian-ness - not only she uses her own Samsung phone to take pics of herself, she took mine as well! Oh man not that I minded but it really is kinda funny looking at her happily snapping away.

This week has been stunt-filling perhaps. When I reached home, someone asked me for monetary help and said it's urgent. I was scratching my head, asked my mom for help but failed...then I had no choice but to call...

Benjamin. Last person I wanna call, but I tried. He did help me though, so I owe him one. That someone owed me one as well, how abt considering me? =P haha!! Joking =) I'm not that much of a 'wanted' guy anyway.

Sunshine lent me her DKU-2 cable for file transfer from my phone to PC. Thanks =)

KKx gonna go slp. The system's lagging. Strange.


Friday, April 15, 2005

Wahahaha! Friday~~

[CuRRent MooD:] Tired, but ok ok mood

[CuRRent Song:] 周杰伦- 星晴

I noticed on normally small posts (which turn out big the end) I'll start with "actually nothing to write"...hmmm guess I better not say dat else I will end up another long post...

Tired right now, but glad it's Friday. Gonna rush the software inv later.

I'm glad I have an HODIT in Mrs Tan as she tries to see what I'm going through and am defensive of her TA, though maybe sometimes she does have her quirky times but hey, who doesn't? Jus hope peaceful things will come along much more instead of lousy ones? ;)

I had an email from Sunshine telling me how she felt about me and stuff. Well I guess it's a good thing as I got a clearer picture from her point of what Friendster Horoscope said, the fog's obscuring my view but it is clearing up right now - and hope I can look better from now on.

I've just created a Friendster Blog and Album over at my links side. The new blog is meant for insightful and informational purposes, while the album will keep track of pictures that I took with people. Yesterday also had me adding an mp3 music over at the background of this bloggie, so if you can't hear it, either the bandwidth has exceeded (which by calculations will only happen when there are > 75 unique computers coming in, provided they don't do a force refresh or clearing of internet files before they leave) or that you don't have speakers and soundcard, or that your browser is terribly outdated.

Wif regards to some rants I made, I noticed perhaps in the quest for reciprocal I've been much more demanding than ever. I'm sorry about all those things I've said in a spur of moment, somehow Mic managed to wake me up a lil.

Something I told myself last time : "Do not ask what others can do for you; Instead ask what you can do for others." I'm still using it now, only that I hope for an appreciation...but I do agree that perhaps I'm a ted demanding on that. Sorry pple =)

Jus wanna feel appreciated and loved =) hehe


Thursday, April 14, 2005

Oh Oh Oh! :P

[CuRRent MooD:] Hahaha mood

[CuRRent Song:] Cascada - Bad Boy (Original Mix)

Switched on your speakers? Heard it?




[CuRRent MooD:] ANGRY!!!

[CuRRent Song:] Dave Rodgers & Kiko Loureiro - Fevernova




It's only a matter of time that I will surrender...

[CuRRent MooD:] Clueless, not feeling good

[CuRRent Song:] Lasgo - Surrender (Extended Mix)

Nothing to say find something to say.

Recently there has been many things to get myself confused. School stuff is half done I guess. My love life sucks actually, to think the least. Do I need to wait till November AGAIN?

Liked this gal, but too much confusion to date. Really irritating.

Ytd went to Orchard supposedly for some exhibition thingie - ended up the person didn't tell me the precise location and I couldn't find it -.- so I went down Lucky Plaza to help Eleen check out the prices for her phone stuff. Den walked down and look at phones, den to PS. Played 2 games of Puzzle Fighter, then went LJS makan, then played DDR MAX 2 and went home after that.

End of day? Nope.

I stepped foot into the house, hadn't had 10 mins to rest before Desy msged and asked if I can go meet her. OMG I just reached home...and I needed to work, but nevertheless I still made my way down TB to meet her and had a chat with her. Quite rare I can be out wif her that late (or is it never?). Then sent her home, walked back home from Great World cos wanna save on cab fair - as a result now I'm aching at little places (good thing I'm used to walking).

Once again, Sunshine reminded me as to why I need to be so 'mai ming'; my mom did too. She asked why I need to be so 'mai ming' (sell life - meaning to dedicate my efforts for a cause) for such things - den she bombed me the same question that Sunshine did as well "when they need you, you go and help them, den when you need them who help you? they will be ard anot?"

I ignored her and went to meet Desy.

I cannot understand myself at times. I do not understand why I do such things. Reciprocal is not guaranteed, but I do it nevertheless. Can I say I'm selfless? I can't - cos I still hope for something in return, that is, a feeling of appreciation.

I too need someone to care for me. Either the person cares, but is covered in a state of illusion, or that the person doesn't care much abt me at all, only wanting me to listen and help out. I need not be THAT good isn't it? Can I be more selfish???

I guess there's only those 2 persons who really gave a feeling of reciprocal to me. They are my mom and dad.

Eleen doesn't even say goodbye to me -.- duhx...

Hey what did I do to deserve all these? Jus becos I'm trying to be a good guy doesn't mean I need not be appreciated, or take for granted!

There are still some stuff I can't uncover in this blog of mine. Oh well, those are kept in mind.

And yea, thanks Christina for listening out though you didn't offer any of much advice at all. Oh well, I'm an advisor by myself - just need that moments of silence and brillance to see through everything.

And thx Sunshine for wanting to call me but eventually got intercepted by Eleen's distress call.

Thanks mom n dad for being by my side.

"Do not be a Dreamer in Love - for you do not know what Reality has in store."


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Midweek Wednesday

[CuRRent MooD:] Relaxed, ted hungry

[CuRRent Song:] Klubbingman - Highway to the Sky

- - - - -

The Bottom Line

Once, everything was crystal clear. But now, the fog has obscured your view.

In Detail

As nostalgic as you're feeling at the moment, it would be easy to let yourself get down in the dumps. But what purpose would that serve? We all think there's something we'd do differently if we had the chance, but why dwell on changing the past? Everything you've ever done has made you the person you are today. Be glad for everything that's happened, good and bad, and look to the future.

- - - - -

Friendster horoscope. I would say that it is pretty interesting to say the least.

Jus helped someone did her blog stuff. Lousy coding the original owner has - I can do better than that. Hehe gonna start doing some bo liao stuff like creating themes for my Series 40 phone, and if I'm done, den over to Series 60 phone. It sounds easy, but I don't think so.

I jussss loveeee customizing stuff.

Ok school does have stuff to do. Better be gone. Will be back for updates.


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Time and Tide 3.0 is Up!

[CuRRent MooD:] Happy, satisfied but not really contented

[CuRRent Song:] Virginia Toy - Harmony

Yes, all of you have probably noticed 3.04 is complete. Haha noticed it's 3.04 even before it's 3.0, what's up? Actually it should be like 3.22 or 3.31 if in accordance to my standard version tagging but well...since it has never been up, any "major changes" invisible to public are actually "new changes" when visible, isn't it?

Nothing much happens nowadays. Ytd out wif Sunshine to Clementi Bookstore to see some computer books...den been chatting wif Eleen now and then...oh yea, she said she wanted me to mention her. What can I mention her about? She has a cute face to say the least...Eleen, do you want your pic to be up? =P

In any case I do have a lil lame pics in my computer waiting to be seen, but I'll jus relax and see how it is. I guess this blogskin is nothing special apart that the tagboard is probably easier to use right now since it's more legible and visible.

Gonna do a minor change to the tagboard. =) It's time to plan 4.0! -.-


Monday, April 11, 2005

Lyrics again

[CuRRent MooD:] Ok lor

[CuRRent Song:] Hard In Tango - This Is My DJ (Fisa Club Mix)

Another lyrics ...

This is My DJ

I feel the rhythm
I can feel it in your heart
I feel the rhythm
Just one touch

The rhythm...
In your heart...
The rhythm...
Just one touch

I feel the rhythm
I can feel it in your heart
I feel the rhythm
Just one touch (x2)

My love is true, music and you
Easy to see, listen to me.
Moving along, singing this song
Playing for me, a smile’s what you need

Crowd starts to move (It’s clear)
Seeing them groove (I hear)
You start to play
And the night is ours forever

Lost in this room (I Know)
Speakers go boom (And grow)
Pounding the floor
All the people join together

This is my dj, please
Everybody hear the music
This is my dj,please
Everybody love the music (x2)

I feel the rhythm
I can feel it in your heart
I feel the rhythm
Just one touch (x2)

Spirits are high ,music is loud
You are my man, that's make me proud
Begging for more, total control
This is your throne, the dj consol

Crowd starts to move (It’s clear)
Seeing them groove (I hear)
You start to play
And the night is ours forever

Lost in this room (I Know)
Speakers go boom (And grow)
Pounding the floor
All the people join together

This is my dj, please
Everybody hear the music
This is my dj, please
Everybody love the music (x2)

I can feel the rhythm in your heart
Just one touch,I hear it’s beating
And no one else can see
Our loving kisses meeting


My First Love

[CuRRent MooD:] Normal

[CuRRent Song:] Grenada - My First Love

Here's the lyrics for the "Current Song"

My First Love

I can't get it right
I'm searching every night
All over the world
For the perfect girl
I can't find a way
To make it everyday
I can't get enough
Do you believe in love?

I can't get it right
I'm searching every night
All over the world
For the perfect girl
I can't find a way
To make it everyday
I can't get enough
Do you believe in love?

I can't get it right
I can't get it right
I can't get it right
I can't get it right

You are the
You are the
You are the
You are the

You are the love of my life
You're the angel of heart
You're the queen
You're my First Love

Heaven is here in our heart
And we'll never be apart
You're my queen
You're my First Love

Regular post below.


Sunday, April 10, 2005

Smoked out

[CuRRent MooD:] Still tired

[CuRRent Song:] Groove Coverage - Last Unicorn

Today went "area cleaning" at Chinese Cemetery and Guang Ming Shan...haha~...

Smoked out practically and had some suntan too.

Slpt in the car for God knows how much time, and I am still tired.

Came back home, slp, still tired a lil, but I can still be here typing, I guess it's not too bad.

Had some catching up wif my relatives, jus find that after being into the workforce and being an adult really made all the difference - I really started thinking that such relations is somehowwhat important.

Chatted wif my 3rd Uncle's youngest daughter today as she is the youngest ard, I am the next person closest her age so I had to make small talk so she will not get too bored by the whole occasion. I guess she's really kinda trying to make time pass, and I'm impressed she doesn't look bored. She doesn't even have an HP to play with!

A pity Joanna's not there, else I can take a pic wif her :)

Today's mood is kinda, a lil -.- n =.= n down. Dun ask me why though I know why. I jus dun wish to say too much here.

Over and out.


Saturday, April 09, 2005

Hmmmx...Horoscope anyone?

[CuRRent MooD:] Neutral, smiling a lil

[CuRRent Song:] Super Eurobeat presents Euromach 11 Non-Stop Megamix

Read this - my Pisces horoscope of the day from Friendster:

The Bottom Line

How will anyone know you need help if you don't work up the nerve to ask?

In Detail

If there's anything you're astrologically equipped for, it's listening. You're a born counselor, and your sympathy and wisdom know no bounds. You'll be putting those traits to good use over the weekend, and helping a lot of loved ones with them, too. Of course, this isn't a first -- you've been the person that others turn to for a long time. Just don't get so good at counseling that you forget about your own needs.

VERY TRUE!!! Haha!!!


Friday, April 08, 2005

It's Friday again!

[CuRRent MooD:] Not very tired, neutral mood

[CuRRent Song:] DJ Jason - EQ Dance Club Non-Stop Mix (song: Funny Day)

Hey pple, it's Friday! How's the week so far?

For me, it has been a week of thoughts I guess. The happiness of the week so far has to come from the finding of Jiawen, but I've not chatted with her yet but instead chatted with her younger sis, Jiaru.

The warmest thing abt the matter so far is that though she can't remember who I am (naturally, since I knew her since she was, ehm 3?), the sight of my name rang a bell in her deep memories and she added me naturally. I guess there is jus this little part of her memory that registered me. I would say though that she still looked bits close to how she looked like when she was she's already sweet 16! Time just flies...the last time I saw her was when she was 8...and that makes it 8 years already? I do not recall seeing her when she was 9 and older, so it makes time pretty much flown by.

Anything going on these few days? Well nothing too much, just that I was chatting with Eleen for those days. I guess for now she's indirectly proving me wrong, but what will happen after time, that we shall see. The bf of hers...sigh, I have nothing to say. Jus what is meant to be, will be.

Today is Sports Day for my school. I'll still try to keep myself occupied though - it's a Friday, so I shall work hard!


Wednesday, April 06, 2005


[CuRRent MooD:] Blank. Shocked.

[CuRRent Song:] Evanescence - Bring Me To Life

I found HER friendster.

I didn't know it was so simple.

All along linked to that guy who betrayed me.

Why didn't I tink of that?

But he prohibited non-1st degree from looking at his contacts.

I was lucky - I searched for her using her chinese name. I used to do so with others, but with zero results.

I didn't know on first search a few mins ago, I saw her pic. I saw her age.

I looked closer at her pic wif who I believe to be her loving bf. It was dark cos of the sunset behind them. No way can I misjudge her.

It must be her.

Running Process_WalkingDownMemoryLane()

I didn't expect it.

Look, I'm only surprised and shocked I found her finally. I only wanted a friendship back, is that too hard to have? Believe me, shit may just happen way more often. Will she tell KE, and let KE have a chance to whack me at my butt again?

This time, no chances. If I get wind of it, I will fight it out with him. Just because I'm soft with emotions doesn't mean I will wait here to be bullied once more.

I may not be a revengeful person, but this time round...if he makes the attacking move...that's it.

Shutting down Process_WalkingDownMemoryLane()...


- Access Denied. -

Wednesday afternoon, looks as though it's raining

[CuRRent MooD:] Ranting mood, although not a bad mood

[CuRRent Song:] DJ Jason - Euro-Beat WarmUp Non-Stop Mix (current song is Forever)

Accessing Mood Modules...

Mood.Ranting Module loaded.

haha~ I'm laming ard, well I'm pretty bored and trying to make myself laugh a lil. Let me briefly say something abt yesterday night.

I was online when a friend of mine (I dun wanna mention his name) came in and asked if I wanna go Sentosa coming saturday.

me: sorry dude, i no money le
him: i thought u jus got your money? onli a few days..
me: oh i made a major purchase by buying my Nokia 7270

(I grinned a lil everytime I mention my N7270)

him: i thought u paying installment
me: no la..the online guy can't get the cheap one, i bought at 670
him: so expensive? i tell u hor your phone has no value lor
him: doesn't look nice at all, and common features

(my grin turned into -.-)

him: till now you're the first person i knoe who has this phone
me: yea la, dat's y gd ma, so few pple have den can stand out, unique ma
him: yea lor, the phone so ugly of cos few pple use la, den ugly stand out lor

(I was getting pissed)

me: ok lor, it's my preference wat, I have a choice and you have yours
him: u spent so much money on a useless phone, i see you change 3 colour phones already
him: i now still holding onto my first colour phone lor


me: well it's wat I like, so that's abt it.

(*end of conversation*)

I can't believe what he said. Yes, everyone is entitled to his/her own opinions but I'm his friend and I didn't believe that he can be so ruthless on his words. I must say he must've had a bad hair day.

The thing is, I love my Nokia 7270. No matter how "common" the features are, how "expensive" it is, how "ugly" it looks...I still love it. I sound like I talking abt my gf...since I no gf now, so I hereby declare my Nokia 7270... GF!!! WOO~~~ *whistles*

DuH. :P I already vent much of my frustrations at Sher and Sunshine so it's only left wif 50% here (thx Sher, and Sunshine) and he doesn't know why I had my N3120 in the first place. That time my dad lost his new phone and thus I signed a line to get a phone for me so he can use mine. And my old phone is N6610, a phone still retaining part of its value. This phone (N7270) is my first OWN phone. A phone I used my OWN money to buy.

That's the significance - the ability to buy something you like wif your own money is something very fulfilling, a sense of accomplishment. I think Sunshine noes how I feel wif regards to this. I'm sure if he has the money he'll buy another phone for himself lor.

Unloading Module Mood.Ranting...

Module unloaded from Memory.

Ok, dat's all for now. =)


Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Today is a Tuesday

[CuRRent MooD:] Tired (as usual), thinking, bothered

[CuRRent Song:] Dave Rodgers - Stay the Night

Actually I don't think I have a lot to say, come to think. Jus wanna come back here to blog a lil, probably planning 3.0 for my blog. I might think 3.0 will need a lot of thinking to get it to look nice, since I might not be using any background pic as backdrop this time. That leaves pple wondering what I'll do with the background - well, I'll jus leave it plain then, since it's jus the best way for how I gonna do it. It's jus the colours I suppose.

Back to the same old me, I had myself thinking yet again as I was tokin to Sunshine last night. Before that I was talking to Eleen, and she was pretty upset and quite shaken by events, and really getting coherent and I was very worried abt her. Jus hope she's really onli ranting and not wanting to do those things as she mentioned...but if she really wanna do it, there's nothing much that I can say apart the fact I felt sorry for her parents who worked so hard to provide her with a life she does not have to worry too much abt expenses.

Anyway, my thoughts went back to the same old reciprocal theory - any returns? I find myself helping out, listening to her, trying to cheer her up by popping by near her place to give her something (and got myself a surprise as in the end I was not able to pass to her)...but what am I to have in the end? I might just turn out to be a passing phase of her life.

"After this relationship, I'm not going to have another stead for 2 years. I have enough of guys. I will not go and contact guys already, I'll just let them do it. I'm tired of it, I hate guys who hurt me deeply."

I don't really care abt what she said on the first part, but upon listening I was like "What? If you gonna say it this way, I'm going to be just a passing phase of your life." - why I said it dis way is cos of how I handle matters - I take a frontseat by settling it at one go, den take a backseat to see if the other party is willing to continue the friendship by maintaining contact wif me...if what she claims is going to commence, then I can only say I'm in for a wasted effort.

A friendship is enough, but I'm not getting it. Absurd? Yeah. Are people taking me for granted? I do help people, I try my best to help - the condition being reciprocal. I jus need a basic return of friendship and appreciation. Convince me I'll be getting it this time.

In this life I had quite a lot of disappointment from this issue as I'm not getting what I duly deserve. I admit I might not be the best guy ard to handle situations, but I certainly believe I tried a lot to help pple out from the abyss that they dig for themselves. Come to think, it has been ongoing in my life.

Accessing memory module... ... ...

In Nanhua times (sec sch), I had Shuyan. I helped her a lot, I helped copied notes in class (which I do not do much at all) and brought it up her house, helped her wif her schoolwork and chemistry stuff and had lots of pple wondering my motive behind it. I admit in sec 3 I liked her - but after clarification I jus wanted to treat her jus like someone close, something like a sister. I tried so hard, I made sure things go fine in her life and what?

I had her disappointing me at my low times. I will NOT forget it. Books Alive '97 changed it. Alice and her co. really had me toasted, and till now I am still bitter abt it - they caused me directly to lose her as a good friend...however they are only part of the episode. They are the direct catalyst, but the chemicals generated are - as per not guessed, Shuyan herself. If she placed enough trust in me, things would not have gone to such a degree things never went the same. Her so-called good friends only added oil to the fire, never objective to the matter, seeing only a side of the story and completely on Shuyan's side of being biased against me on the matter.

"I don't need friends. Friends are meant to be betrayed." - I'll remember this, Shuyan.

I too, helped Kai-En a lot in his stuff, making sure people will not find it easy to touch him, improving the armour that he created for himself against unknown and known aggression. I made sure his reputation stays up high, making sure things from his sec1 days won't get to him. Post-sec sch, I tried maintaining the high profile and contacts, offering an insight to his matters in his ACJC and AJC days.

And? He betrayed me.

I have Mic, Lyd, MH, Ting, Pat. Where are they now? Mic, yea. To be fair, she still tries to maintain contact with me. I appreciate it to a certain extend...and that's really only to be fair to her since she does make small talk wif me and not always looking for me jus becos she needs help. Lyd? Disappeared. MH? Don't talk abt it - last week's incident got me terribly pissed off. Ting? Her poly life got her super busy she simply disappeared, and hard to get a hold of. Pat? Too busy wif her worklife, even getting a reply from her thru my sms would be a miracle.

What am I left with? I traced my current contacts these days, and left a few.

Sunshine - thx...
Eleen - (I just typed her name and she called, chatting wif me for 1:00:46) ehm...
Carnage - occasional
DW - eh...when bored?
Ben - in SCDF. Dun wanna see him too much
Kaiwei - working way too hard, but still c her ard now n den
Bunch of neighbours (Yuling, Yuting, Huijing, Mad, Vanessa, Siew Fong) - rather possibly since they are my neighbours

It's useless expanding my circle - I'll end up with more contacts, but still the same old thing.

Just now I mentioned abt pple taking me for granted when I was chatting wif Eleen - I wonder if she caught what I meant? Haha...

Oh well tink I'm off soon. Having some kinda interview later. Thx Eleen for making my morning a non-boring one. =)


Monday, April 04, 2005

Where is life going?

[CuRRent MooD:] Tired. -.- slpy

[CuRRent Song:] Virginelle - Fantasy

Cool, nice weather to slp. But cannot slp!!! Humph why this rain not ytd rain...but if so I also can't enjoy cos Eleen woke me up 10 in the morning -.-

Been trying to give advice and stuff to Eleen these few days and also doing my best to cheer her up in relevance to her current r/s and hopes everything to turn out fine. I guess her bf's really a disappointment (I tink I can certainly do better than that) but what to do, she's the one who likes him more in the r/s.

Really tired...slpt at 3:30am jus 2 pei her get over sadness. Sometimes I wonder why am I doing all these things for, as per mentioned in my post jus a while ago. I'm not getting anythin in return I guess. Seeing her like this, really felt envious of her bf. If only I can find a gal that I like and yet do the same to me =) I'll never make the same mistake as I did years back ever again...

Jus now went to read Jeannie's life story dated in Jan, the one which many have spoken abt and had since written comments abt it. I have to admit, that is certainly a liable reason to why she would wanna give up on love and wanna jus hang out wif her current circle of friends. For Eleen's case, she mentioned if she failed in this current r/s, she might jus not want another guy for the next 2 yrs. Wow...wouldn't that make more guys have one less chance of a good gf? Wasted, but bo bian. Life is never fair, it is only balanced. I guess guys nowadays really fell short of maturity till things really get to them, hitting them real hard - jus like me.

I noe I bhb say I mature, but I tink I've certainly matured over the years since Shan's incident. In this case Shan got over it certainly better than I did - after all, I was the one letting her down and regretting it, and she's the one knowing she did her best in the r/s and had no regrets abt it. What abt life that makes guys be the bad pple and hurt their nice gfs all the time? I guess all these boils down to the learning of Appreciation.

I really learnt my lesson. Can I resume my duties soon? Can I really make it?

Tired. *yawnz* what is happening? I wonder why I am doing the things I'm doing right now. Is it all worth it in the end?


Saturday, April 02, 2005

Take care, Jeannie...

[CuRRent MooD:] A bit saddened

[CuRRent Song:] Alizee - Moi Lolita

Jeannie, please take care. I know your grandpa's death certainly came as a total distressing event to you. I hope everything will be ok by your side, and may you resume normality soon. If you need anything, you can come to me.



Friday, April 01, 2005

It is Friday! No one ask me out...=P

[CuRRent MooD:] A bit tired, but glad

[CuRRent Song:] Dave Rodgers - My Dream Team is Verdy

"My dream team is birdy~"

LOLx. A famous mis-hearing when you listen to the song I'm listening to right now. I've just finished up the stuff, however my software inventory has not been completely settled yet.

Jus read a joke and laughed out loud. Anyway there hasn't been a lot happening, I went down to Chinatown ytd to purchase my (finally!) NOKIA 7270!!!'s nice on my hand although pple might disagree cos it seems big for a clamshell. Well I'm a guy and I don't need small clamshells to misplace or drop them on the ground. No phone is perfect, but this phone is good enough for me. =)

Today is April Fool's Day. When I read it out, I wondered something.

Is it April Fools' Day, a day for fools?
April's Fool Day, a fool day for someone the name of April?
April fools day, where a person named April actually fools a day?

Ok I'm bored.

15 mins away from knocking off~

Anything on this weekend? Hmm. I can't spend much money already..the phone made me incur quite an's $670...ouch...

But ok, never mind, it's something to motivate myself by anyway. Keke after 2 months!

Probably later will be SOP again - town, PS, play game, home. UNLESS something happens.