Thursday, December 22, 2011


[CuRRent MooD:] Fine but flu-ey

[CuRRent Song:] None, but last music I heard was some trance mix from Kenny (my Para days friend)

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Yong Tau Foo Soup

Nearing end of year, may I repeat myself? Actually nothing much to say, just the usual work is busy, wedding planning busy, but we have seen our wedding pics with edits and they look SOOOO FABULOUS!!!!!!! Can't wait to show them to the world!

Only last thing I wonder at this part of the I getting bonuses?


Friday, December 02, 2011

It's the end of 2011...

[CuRRent MooD:] Tired

[CuRRent Song:] None

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Popeye's Chicken / Pokka Green Tea

The months seemed to have passed by quickly, and it's the end of the year. Many things are coming up as I have to prepare the wedding dinner and traditional wedding stuff. Did I mention I will be holding it on my birthday? eh? It's just us being lazy and not wanting to remember too many dates :P haha...but of course we can't be that choosy when it comes to when our kids will be born...

No no kids yet. LOL, not so soon at least. The coming year is the year of the Dragon, where many Chinese will target to give birth. I will skip that and plan for the year after, which is the Snake. I heard some people say it's not that nice in that year, but to me it's fun - Serene is in the year of the Rat, and as the chinese saying goes, 蛇鼠一窝...

Health has been ups and downs, and tiredness here and there. Work has been very busy, and our biggest client is throwing what has to be the biggest projects in the company. Much work needs to be done, and my Project Manager is certainly gearing us up in the thick of the action, not to mention I will most certainly be helping out Diana, who is the most experienced Techie in the company.

Lots of times I can't help but think that I am blessed in the most silent and hidden ways. I must always remind myself not to be conceited and strive upwards, and not take too much shortcuts...for I know anything is frail in life, and a moment (or many) of mistake could cost aplenty. Many said that 2012 will be a challenging year to the economy and global market (hardly surprising), and I guess I do really have to make sure I am valuable to the company and also to learn as much as I can along the way. John (Project Manager) has a wealth of experience in him and I would love to learn so much regarding project management - and that will certainly be my target in life.

Target in life? I tell myself I shall earn enough to support Serene and afford her not having a full time job. I know that sounds difficult in the high life of Singapore, but a target is important in life, and a target it shall be.

Come along now 2012, I shall wait for you.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Mr and Mrs Chan

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine

[CuRRent Song:] None

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Fish, Mao Gua, Rice / Water

Welcome to my family Mrs Chan :) we shall live together and ever :)

Love you dear :) :)


Saturday, August 20, 2011

12 - 13 hours later...

[CuRRent MooD:] Smiling

[CuRRent Song:] None

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Fish & Co / Cola Soda

A chapter is ending, and another beginning. Life is about such, and life moves. I shall walk this route together with my dearest Serene till the end of time.

I love you, Serene aka Mrs. Chan Chan :)


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wooo, it's end June. Time flies.

[CuRRent MooD:] Fine

[CuRRent Song:] 周华健 - 花旦

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Longan dessert / Water

Before I start, let us go thru my current song's lyrics...

假假真真 付出岁月青春

浮浮沉沉 爱恨回荡歌声

也许 千帆过了还在等
也许 笑眼泪光盼到那个人
也许 动了我的情 乱了你的心
蓦然回首 是谁的人生

也许 抖落了一身风尘
也许 不到白头热情不会冷
也许 幻化了乾坤 赢来了掌声
歌声悠悠 流过梦一样人生

(也许 唱落你的泪 唱开你的笑
为你歌唱 就是我要的人生)

Life's like a show, isn't it?

Almost 3 months into the job, it has been super busy. My boss has converted me to perm as of the beginning of this month, and though I'm glad I knew I have to work even harder to pay off the confidence he had in me when he first interviewed me. This company, though small, is a tightly knitted body that communication can get through relatively fast. What is interesting is that my boss is a technology person - most of my colleagues (including myself) and himself are using iPhones for some of the operations, and some of us even has a mobile battery charger provided by the company! Cool eh?

I do look forward to providing more value for the company and not disappoint him.

On a personal note, wedding bells are ringing just near the corner. My ROM is on 20-Aug while my traditional wedding will be on my birthday next year (hope the ang baos will be bigger :P). Lots of prep work needed, and really we had a lot to go through together...but I guess that's what it is about eh?

Looking forward to my future, but let's look at tomorrow - Kylie Minogue's Aphrodite concert!!!


Friday, April 08, 2011

I got a job!

[CuRRent MooD:] :)

[CuRRent Song:] None

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Chicken Meatball Spaghetti / Gong Cha Calpis Lemon

Just to update I've got a job in a software company...more on that in the next post! :)


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why I have not blogged for 2 months plus

[CuRRent MooD:] Not sleepy

[CuRRent Song:] None

[Last FooD/BeveRage:] Mui Chai + Rice

2 months seemed like an awfully long time to have not blogged, but I believed I have had longer bouts which I didn't. What set the difference this time was not that I didn't have time, but more of the fact I didn't want to blog a low time of my life.

Fact is, I have been jobless since December last year, which is to say I have been over 3 months without a job. I have found it hard that I could survive for so long, let alone be convinced of the fact I can actually be without a job for so long. Interviews I went, waited and ended in naught come and go with so much emotions accompanied, of course including hope and despair. I found it hard to understand ppl with qualifications and without a job, but now I understand and have learned from it.

Truth is, I have tried and trying, but maybe I have not tried enough. There is no avenue left for me to give up on trying as many have pinned hopes on me getting a job, especially Serene who have been encouraging me no matter how much despair I display. I do not need a second reminder to cherish such a woman though :)

This is just an entry to let the oh-so-less people who are following this blog to know that I'm still around, just that life is at a point I can't seem to motivate myself too much to blog about it. I am awaiting for a time I can finally start to talk about my life in an upbeat manner, and till then...thanks everyone.

And of course, with work I can tag my calendar for the Wakin concert in May...