Friday, July 31, 2015

Dave Rodgers - Nothing Changed

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Sharing of Eurobeat lyrics again...

Dave Rodgers - Nothing Changed

You and I, thinking of all the times we spent together.
Everyday seemed to me like an awakened dream, a picture of perfection
But gradually, as time goes by, seems your love lost its lustre.
With your eyes full of doubt, your suspicions aroused, your voice so full of tension.
Recently you're been pouting, accusing me of unkindness.
Tell me, how could you believe I would ever hurt you so please listen to what I say

I will protect you, don't you forget it, your love means the world to me girl.
You are my angel, nothing will change that, your love is what keeps me strong girl.
Love is forever, time is a healer, let's welcome the joy to come, girl.
Deeper & deeper, sweeter & sweeter, together we'll build a future that lasts.

Losing sight of the precious things that made us special.
Pretty quarrels all day, see our temper are frayed, rejection & depression.
Clever words and conversation won't save us from this heartache.
There's a far better way of expressing ourselves, I'll hold you oh so tightly.
We're both been playing games, let's give this fighting a rest now.
Turn our backs on the past, we'll forget all the pain, the good times are here to stay.

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